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  1. I haven't read the book. As for an animal that nulifies magic that did remind me of the Lion of Frostagate from Runebound 2nd edition: Although not Descent, it is still Terrinoth. So it exists in some fashion in Terrinoth.
  2. Civilization: A New Dawn got an expansion, so I guess there is hope Heroes of Terrinoth can still get one. I don't know if there is a Q&A section for this years In-Flight report. Maybe if we all spam the Twitch live stream with questions or requests they will notice.
  3. I agree, I played the app plenty solo and I expected a solo variant in the box. The app was fun enough. Not sure about a board game of it. I will say they seem to have hit the nail on the head with the art, which is a must for sure. Also weird there wasn't a forum set up to coincide with the article.
  4. HoT is such a great game, highly underrated, and built for expansions. I wish they believed in this game more. Personally I love the dice aspect, but I like it enough that I would most likely go for a LCG version of HoT. But, it seems Asmodee wants to develop other people's IPs rather than developing their own. You are right, GenCon isn't over yet.
  5. I am very interested to hear what the play mats will be made of and if they will be offered after release.
  6. Well, if they don’t support Realms of Terrinoth with products like a Beginner Game, more source books, adventures, etc., I may have to pass on it. It all exists for the Star Wars line, so why not here? I was hoping they would finally explore their own setting now that the licensing for Warhammer has left. From what I have researched I think I would like the Genesys system well enough. I don’t have the time for a scratch build or heavy conversion of other products into this world. Maybe once the big push for L5R is done they will devote more resources to Terrinoth. Thanks for the replies.
  7. After a long absence from RPGs I finally started looking into the Genesys system, Realms of Terrinoth specifically. I am wondering if there is any word or expectations if FFG will make a Beginner Game set like they have done with their Star Wars line? I hope so as it looks like those are the perfect place to start with pre-gen characters, dice, tokens, maps, some of the rules, etc. I know I can download some pre-gen characters and an adventure, but I want the whole package. Thanks!
  8. Very glad to see this coming out. I really liked the Warhammer version.
  9. I get production priorities, but I would have preferred this and an outdoor version were available at launch.
  10. Yeah, I see no reason why WQ:ACG can't some day become RuneQuest ACG! (Though they probably couldn't even get away with the Quest part here...) The mechanisms are wholly FFG's (mostly borrowed from Space Hulk: Death Angel and the LotR LCG). Just swap in some Terrinoth art, and things should be good! I could even see two such games being compatible, if FFG didn't retweak the rules too much... ...here's hoping! I am hoping that they go this way. While I do enjoy the Warhammer universe, this would be a good way to expand more with the characters from Descent / Runebound. Maybe they can flesh out some of the generic villains from Runebound. If it is compatible or substantially similar to what this was, then I would pick it up for sure.
  11. I haven't been able to find clarification on these, I apologize if these have been answered and I have just been unable to find the answers. If I have the Trapmaster card out and I play: 1) Scything Blades, after the initial damage and the blades are on the board and a hero tries to move across it, do the blades do 2 wounds or 4 wounds? 2) Drugged Darts, since it is placed in empty space after a door is opened there is no immediate damage, is there a damage bonus for having Trapmaster out? Once placed and the Heroes must move through it - do the darts do more damage? Going from doing 1 wound to 3 wounds per space travelled? With both Scything Blades and Drugged Darts they are trap cards, but once they are placed they become props, correct? Certainly with pits things like Poison Spikes and Spiked Pit the poison and spikes go away and they become just pits. Just not sure with these two. Thank you in advance for your response.
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