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  1. I just had questions for PG: 136 Two-Weapon Combat. Reads: When attacking with two weapons, the character must have either two Ranged (light) weapons or two one-handed melee weapons. Having one of each ensures that the character could use either weapon as the need arises, but not both at once. After reading that, my biggest question is why can't I use both types of weapons at once? One of the greatest parts of Deathwatch was that you could and I don't see why you can't in this instance. I understand that the second attack automatically succeeds based on an activation from the initial roll. I see no reason why it would be out of the realm of possibilities that a person with two-swords can have two-attacks, but if you replace that sword with a light ranged weapon it would be amazingly too difficult for him to achieve at point blank range. My fix would be that when using two weapons of different skill types that you use the same rules as before (no heavy weapons or anything) but you use the lowest stat combination for your initial attack. This makes sure that characters are keeping these skills balanced since they are using them both kind of together. Example would be if you were attempting your attack with a hold out blaster and vibrosword and your character has characteristics that are even, you could use either one.
  2. For the blood knight, I would either use a modified Olaus Stichhelm zombie from the Gathering Storm, or use a Chaos Warrior. Merging the two together would make a pretty solid force and be rather true to the character type. As for a vampire, I would use a tougher version of Lazarus Mourn in the Gathering Storm (The Necromancer) and give him some sort of bite attack. Essentially I would take the undead like chars from the game as it is and use them modified to be stronger and possibly with some items of power.
  3. You don't need 3x every card to compete. As said previous, figure out your strategy first, then buy the components you need to achieve that. Especially with the new cards coming out, you have a ton of possibilities. I would also check the banned list for tournament play, which will also help you decide on what packs to buy. No sense making decks around Aspiring artist if you cant use him right? If you buy like I have, one of everything so far, you can make some seriously competitive decks, and your opponent will most likely not see it coming either. Your opponent is most likely "tournament ready" and has his deck to beat other common tournament decks. Being the odd one that makes a deck many haven't seen will actually give you a leg up in competition. It's like playing Street Fighter 4 online, most people play Ken and Ryu, if you show up with anybody else they really have no idea what to do half the time.
  4. Yes it is similar to WH:Invasion in that way. If you had a card that was Cthulhu 0, you would need a resource of cthluhu to play it, though you wouldn't have to use up a domain in the process. This is more of a problem with cars that cost say 5, but require a certain number of those to have the required symbol. I recall alot of Cthulhu cards being in that fashion. So to recap, whenever you play a card for a faction, it has to have at least one resource match from that domain. If the card has your factions symbols prefacing the name (always more than 1) you would need that many resource matches with the card to play the card. This is independant of actually draining your domains so that if you had a neutral 0 card you could play it with no cards in a domain, while if a faction would need at least one or however many are listed. Hope this helps out.
  5. The investigator is an advanced class for the thief like classes. In my opinion they are the group that ends up needing the most action cards. The class most likely will wear little armor since they want to be sneaky and have more encumberance for looting. With that in mind they will most likely want as many defensive action cards they can get. They also have numerous stealthy combat actions, as well as support cards such as fluster which can help set up the rest of the party for mondo buffs. Thief like classes in Warhammer can play a much bigger roll than in other games like D&D. The thief really becomes a jack of all trades here, and though they arent the best of any one sort, they become oone of the most versatile by giving players the ption to buid them with extra action cards. skills or whatever are needed.
  6. That is a possible scenario but it more has to do with the sentiments of the people involved and directly affected. In WW1 and WW2, they were wars that took multiple years and of course took an enormous tole on everyone. The difference here is that there was a truly oppressive evil that everyone knew had to be stopped. Especially during WW2 when even Germans realized that there side was kind of messed up unless they were indoctrinated. A prolonged war can take its toll, but those involved were a different breed of man that knew that something needed to be done. Contrast this with a a war such as Vietnam or Korea, where those involved were not rallied behind. They were seen as troublemakers and terrorists by their own people. So yes I agree that an extended WW1 would have been hard of those fighting and their loved ones back home, but none of them would stop fighting because it got hard, they would push on because that was the type of people they were. They were heroes in their own right, and they would fight just as hard and for as long a duration as needed just like the characters within Tannhauser.
  7. The diseases actually excite me as a concept.I've had problems in the past of players who didn't much care for a grim reality. Unfortuantely for them, those are the games I love to run. Ravenloft has been a prime example. The adventures are extremely tough and the healing and rezzing are on the very low end. It takes alot of work on the teams end to overcome these obstacles. Personally I have never made a session that couldn't be completed by the players, thus I never feel bad when their characters die in those ways. When characters are dying strictly due to bad luck on dice rolls, I will most like fudge things in their favor. I have however had plenty of characters who just don't think things through, believeing that every fight can be handled by running in a bashing something. I have no remorse for those chars, because the player himself didn't care enough to make a character that cared about itself. Even in reality there are the heroes of our grim reality. Think of WW2 where hundreds of men went running through sprays of bullets, jumping out of planes to the same. They knew that there was an evil in this world that had to be stopped and they put their life on the line. As far as probabilities go, they most likely should have died, but the heroes pushed forward doing what a normal man couldn't. Offering your players the ability to perform beyond themselves is the best thing you can do for them. When a group of players take a seemingly impossible obstacle and overcome it, you can see the pride fare in their eyes. They will talk about it for weeks, and I think GM's should encourage this. I have been running the gathering storm, and even though the lead character had 3 critical wounds, a couple status effects, and two insanties he trudged forward to help his group. He fought the odds, his group through out action cards that would help buff him, they did their best to help patch him up, and trudged onward fighting into the goblin battle in the end. Even with all of things holding him down, he managed to use his blunderbuss to knock out a majority of the goblins in his way and make openings for the rest of his group to attack the shaman. My parties have always started out as groups of individuals, and I have recently made players create their group idea and roles first, making them a party to begin with. This increase in cohesion has actually made my groups run alot smoother and helped them to deal with alot of difficulties I had seen in my previous groups, such as the one player who never gets along with the rest of the party.
  8. The man pokes fun at all sides of the political agenda. Also, if you believe that Republicans or anyone else in government gives 2 cents about anyone but themselves, you are totally misled. Republicans have changed their tune to big government spending and the like, because Obama has been spending and the people are mad about it. So go ahead and vote for a Republican in the next election, watch his office spend just as much if not more than Obama and go oh shoot, I should probably pick my leaders on past judgements and not what they tell me right before they are elected...
  9. If you have the core game, it should have come with a couple Gor standups and one Wargor standup. If you get the GM's toolkit it comes with more Gor standups with a different picture, and actual Ungor standups. Also, henchmen are supposed to be weak, that is the point. They travel in groups that work together to do the same amount as a Villain type character. It is very much paying respects to the Brute squad in 7th Sea, if you have ever played that game. Having these lackeys that can put up a decent fight in a group, but die relatively quickly increases the pacing of the game, keeping players focused on the action rather than dice rolls.
  10. My group as stands: Human Bounty Hunter Human Wizards Apprentice Celestial (This character is thinking of changing careers.) Human Gambler Wood Elf Waywatcher
  11. They can only pack so much into each expansion. I believe they are just trying to flesh out the Empire for the most part, seeing as the core game takes place there. I would appreciate seeing some of the demi-humans getting some love. Though it seems every time they do that, they make a basic career that out performs any others. They have only released what 5 of the careers coming from this expansion are, so there is possible hope for a hedge wizard or something. They at least have a chapter about them in the book. I am personally happy the way things are, High Elf magic is mostly just annoying and imbalancing. Let the Empire have its' day.
  12. Yeah, until they finally do a reprint of the original game, you would have to buy both. Though the revised rulebook contains the revised rules for all rulebooks currently produced. So you not only get the base game revised rulebook, but all of the single figure packs, and board expansions.
  13. I love this game and the way it is made. It is similar to 7th sea in that the authors give you just enough information to make some amazing stories. Just sit down and go over the side quests they include, many of them are good enough to be stretched out into a whole adventure.
  14. Well, it's supposed to be coming out anytime now. Though my best guess is early summer for the release. They have big expansions coming out now for the more popular games, so I figure soon after that.
  15. i've found that Ramirez and hound dog are very effective against him. Though with his combat pack he is a monster from range and close combat. Grenades are very effective as well, those auto wounds do wonders.
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