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    Skowza got a reaction from Mephisto666 in Favorite Characters - Tatics?   
    If I start the game as anyone who draws Politics then I start with three Politics cards and encourage everyone else to go for three as well, getting a Support the People on the first Crisis gives the Humans a great start.
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    Skowza got a reaction from Koma76 in Question about The Brig.   
    That doesn't sound good, then a brigged Cylon who draws the proper colors to pass the skill check can make the Humans waste all their cards to keep him/her contained. Doesn't that effectively make the brig useless?
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    Skowza got a reaction from tactician93612 in Video Tutorial?   
    Yea, its probably way too late for that.  There may be a video tutorial out there somewhere that wasnt done by FFG, but the game isnt nearly as complicated as it looks at first glance; each player's turn is actually pretty simple:

    Draw your skill cards.
    Move if you choose to.
    Take an action from your Character sheet, a square on the board, or a card in your hand; Pilots can attack as an action if they are in a Viper.
    Draw and resolve a Crisis, which will either be: a player chooses something bad to happen or a skill check on something bad happening.
    Turn ends - if enough jump icons have been accumulated then the fleet jumps and the Admiral looks at 2 Destinations and chooses one to go to. 

    Most of the complications in the game arrise from the fact that the players do not always agree on what the best course of action is, even if all of them are Human.  It typically only takes about 15 mins to teach a new player how to play in our group, and after one full round of turns they usually have it down, the problem is experience is necessary to learn what the best course of action is.  It's a phenominal game, but you should expect to have Cylons win the first few games until the players get a handle on what they need to be doing.  There are also a number of aids out there (check BGG probably) to help new Human teams learn.  Best advice is don't waste skill cards on skill checks you cant pass or overspend cards to pass skill checks, don't let anyone sit in the Brig unless you are almost positive they are a Cylon, Executive Order frequently to maximize your actions, and never Executive Order the player to your left if the Cylons aren't revealed.
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    Skowza got a reaction from groden1h in [Musing on a Second Edition] Streamlining the game a bit...   
    While I appreciate the thought that went into this post, this isn't really a streamlined version for a 2nd Edition, this is radically re-envisioning the game and would require radically redoing the expansions as well; it's pretty much a completely different game. To directly address some of your points:
    I don't really think the skill checks are that confusing for new players. After the third or fourth check even our non-gamer friends have the skill check system down. And I don't really see why you think skill checks involve "administrative roadblocks" since it has always gone pretty smoothly for us.
    Our group has a lot of fun with the Pilots, possibly because players who are hoping to be Cylons can choose them to avoid the other players checking on them. We're quick to check the Pres and Admirals loyalty card when possible, so the Pilots remain relatively unscrutinized and can possibly do a lot of damage with those red cards that never seem to be useful in skill checks.
    I do agree that the CAG role should have been included in the base game and that it would be more convenient to have the Cylon locations on a different board, but they already gave us a new Cylon board and are giving us yet another in Daybreak. And I honestly fail to see how the Cylon ship activations are difficult to remember, there are only four of them, two are shaped like the ships they activate and although the Basestar ones look kind of similar, one is clearly firing something.
    I actually really like the variable distance on the Destination cards. It makes for a more interesting and variable game, forces you to launch scouts with some regularity and puts suspicion on the Admiral when a crappy Destination is pulled, adding tension to the game and changing the playtime, one game it took us six jumps before we even went eight distance!
    So while I do think there are some things that could be changed or improved on, I don't think it needs nearly as much restructuring as you suggest.
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    Skowza got a reaction from danach82 in Card pool   
    Learning all of the cards and possible combos seems like a potential problem to me; even simple things can just blindside a newer player - 4th round at GenCon I pre-plotted M&M into RbD against someone who clearly had no idea that it was coming, and I was doing well, it wasnt like I was up against someone who had lost his previous games.  I've seen a lot of new players despair when a duped TRV hits the table and they think its the most broken card ever, and a few weeks back one of our new guys was cursing my Black Cells as too formidable until I showed him Location destruction options that were available to his build.  Granted, this can be overcome by metas working with their new players and teaching them, but for players who don't have an existing meta it seems like a bit of a challenge - after all, how many times have we seen a "help me beat my friend's XXXXX deck" on these forums from newer players?
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    Skowza got a reaction from Guinness in Understanding the Cylon Leader   
    The CL may not really know which side he/she is on, and that uncertainty may last for most of the game. I played as Leoben a few nights ago, I started the game with one motive for each faction:
    Human: Reveal this card if FTL or Command is damaged.
    Cylon: Reveal this card at the end of the game if you have at least 3 treachery cards in your hand.
    For the first half of the game I mostly helped the Humans, figuring they needed the help more than the Cylons would, and without knowing what my Sleeper motives would be I couldn't really take a side. When I got two Cylon motives at Sleeper I continued to help the Humans some because I needed Pop and Morale to be high and those two resources were hurting the most. You can't treat the CL as a full fledged Cylon even if you think the CL is working against you because the motives force the CL to work with the Humans sometimes. And for the first half of any game you have to assume the CL is playing it pretty balanced because even if both motives at the beginning are for the same faction, who knows what will happen at Sleeper, two motives for the other faction could come out. A CL who has 2 for each side may have to make a last minute decision about which side to favor; although I did end up with 3 Cylon and 1 Human, my strategy changed drastically about 6 turns before the end of the game when Pop dropped too low and I had to figure a last minute way to damage something.
    But yes, the Humans should want to trust the CL - for example, I had all kinds of knowledge about the Destiny deck. As a Human you just have to figure that sometimes they will work with you and sometimes against you; you probably shouldn't trust them on any game-changing decisions, but on the smaller things you can figure they're on your side to some extent.
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    Skowza got a reaction from Amuk in people I've met IRL...   
    No one wants you using your picture as your avatar, Sandy. In fact, I have an app that pastes Fat Bob's face over yours on all your FB pics.
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    Skowza got a reaction from Amuk in people I've met IRL...   
    No one wants you using your picture as your avatar, Sandy. In fact, I have an app that pastes Fat Bob's face over yours on all your FB pics.
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    Skowza got a reaction from Amuk in people I've met IRL...   
    No one wants you using your picture as your avatar, Sandy. In fact, I have an app that pastes Fat Bob's face over yours on all your FB pics.