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  1. While I do consider the Ally trait to be dangerous, it has never really stopped me from using high-cost Allies. The best example I can think of off the top of my head is LotR Bronn; his ability is just too good for me not to put him in decks. Yea, he can be Stealthed and hit by the little bit of Ally hate thats out there, but he can also just stand there and protect me against challenges then get me an unopposed in whatever challenge type my opponent has no Deadly defenders. As one of only two Deadly tri-cons in the game (that I am aware of, there might be more but I can only think of two) I think he's worth the four gold. Ygritte is a bit different since your opponent gets control of the Character, and even though people will only be running one per deck, I definitely will reconsider my N guys.
  2. We managed just fine on our first attempt to go 10 distance; it looked like a crushing Cylon victory when we had two Humans in the brig in 5-player when the second Cylon revealed right after Sleeper, but even the abundance of Mutiny cards didnt stop us. I dont think we could pull it off again if the same game was replayed, but its certainly possible. We didn't even have Cain to help us.
  3. Yea, its probably way too late for that. There may be a video tutorial out there somewhere that wasnt done by FFG, but the game isnt nearly as complicated as it looks at first glance; each player's turn is actually pretty simple: Draw your skill cards. Move if you choose to. Take an action from your Character sheet, a square on the board, or a card in your hand; Pilots can attack as an action if they are in a Viper. Draw and resolve a Crisis, which will either be: a player chooses something bad to happen or a skill check on something bad happening. Turn ends - if enough jump icons have been accumulated then the fleet jumps and the Admiral looks at 2 Destinations and chooses one to go to. Most of the complications in the game arrise from the fact that the players do not always agree on what the best course of action is, even if all of them are Human. It typically only takes about 15 mins to teach a new player how to play in our group, and after one full round of turns they usually have it down, the problem is experience is necessary to learn what the best course of action is. It's a phenominal game, but you should expect to have Cylons win the first few games until the players get a handle on what they need to be doing. There are also a number of aids out there (check BGG probably) to help new Human teams learn. Best advice is don't waste skill cards on skill checks you cant pass or overspend cards to pass skill checks, don't let anyone sit in the Brig unless you are almost positive they are a Cylon, Executive Order frequently to maximize your actions, and never Executive Order the player to your left if the Cylons aren't revealed.
  4. Curious about other experiences with this... We planned to play a six player game but when two of our players didnt show we played a four player game and tried something new - Allies with Core ending. Instead of giving players tokens at the start, we put all the Trauma tokens in a pool and put three Allies out at the beginning of the game, drawing from the pool whenever anyone went to a location with an Ally and removing the Ally and the used token from the game; since player Trauma didnt factor into the game we also removed any Ally that only had a Trauma effect and substitued "draw Trauma token" effects for "draw Treachery Cards" when we felt it was applicable. We hate the Ionian Nebula ending that removes players from the game before the game ends, so we decided to just kind of wing it with our new idea and see how it went; unfortunately the Humans were very lucky so its hard to judge how it worked. Roslin, Gaeta, Lee and Dee, with Sympathetic Cylon card, playing Sympathetic goes Cylon with Agenda if resources are blue, stays Human but gets brigged if a resource is red, no Daybreak components; I start the game as Cylon Lee. Pretty average first half, I cant help or hurt Human team for most of it, 3 distance on first jump, I reveal just before 2nd jump, send to Sickbay and -5 cards the player after me right before second jump just in case I get Sympathetic card and have to pass my Cylon card to someone else. Fuel goes red at the jump so Sympathetic stays Human and ends up in the Brig; after this the Humans get incredible luck for the rest of the game, their die luck is unbelievable and they consistantly roll everything they need on every single die roll. Every Ally they visit works out for them, they consistently get the positive (blue) token every time they pull from the pool and keep their resources at 3 or higher for most of the game. My SC (Fire All Missles) destroys two good civies (4 resources total) and damages FTL and Armory but I can't get Centurions on board since their ridiculous die luck kills all four Heavy Raiders that are floating around in space areas. Repeated use of Allies with continued luck of always drawing blue Trauma tokens allows them to get resources back out of the 2/1 danger zone and they keep jumping just in time to leave me with no good Cylon action on my turn. Humans won after repairing FTL and jumping at -3 Pop at the end, and we all agreed that had they drawn a negative Trauma token things would have been different; at the end the top six cards of the Crisis deck had no jump icons, so had the game gone for one more turn or if FTL had stayed damaged they probably would have lost since the Engine Room was destroyed along with the rest of Pegasus. After this rambly account of our game, my real question is what have other groups experienced with splashing the Allies in instead of using the Ionian Nebula ending; has anyone tried this idea and what have the results been? We really enjoyed it and have decided we will try it again soon, but does anyone think it unbalances the game in favor of one team or the other?
  5. I assume that if an Event gets cancelled then so does the Prized power?
  6. And actually it looks like the Traitor Attachment probably does just that.
  7. So this is an odd new mechanic. Lanni has a reason to use Infamous now, and I really hope there is no way to give Prized to opponents cards.
  8. You probably need more reducers and Meraxes for draw. Warlocks only work during Summer, so you need Ravens if you expect to use them. I would also add the old Pentos for saves, get rid of Summoning Season and go with some Heralds instead.
  9. Learning all of the cards and possible combos seems like a potential problem to me; even simple things can just blindside a newer player - 4th round at GenCon I pre-plotted M&M into RbD against someone who clearly had no idea that it was coming, and I was doing well, it wasnt like I was up against someone who had lost his previous games. I've seen a lot of new players despair when a duped TRV hits the table and they think its the most broken card ever, and a few weeks back one of our new guys was cursing my Black Cells as too formidable until I showed him Location destruction options that were available to his build. Granted, this can be overcome by metas working with their new players and teaching them, but for players who don't have an existing meta it seems like a bit of a challenge - after all, how many times have we seen a "help me beat my friend's XXXXX deck" on these forums from newer players?
  10. Our meta is called Wardens of the Midwest and it never sees play here, it just restricts deck building too much. I don't really think it is a good card, just wanted to point out that people have been successful in tourney play with it (somehow).
  11. Maybe I'll give him a shot in our next game, I constantly get stuck picking pilots anyway so we'll see what happens. If only his OPG was a little better to make up for the rest of him. Hot Dog doesn't really seem much better to me, so it's Kat or Anders the next time I have to play a pilot.
  12. Didn't Zeiler or someone win an early regional in 2012 with a Stark Knights kill deck that ran BI?
  13. Ok, you're right, I had expected his post to be followed up by something that exceeded the character limit for posts. I apologize mdc, and to the rest of the community as well since we do a good job of keeping troll-free friendly forums and I think we all want to keep it that way.
  14. IC found its way into one of my decks recently, really only as a placeholder until I picked a better card... not sure I want to take it out now after multiple games in which it proved quite useful.
  15. Ignore mdc, who will probably post some long-winded explanation of his interpretation that criticizes the rules of the game for being confusing and vague.
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