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  1. Is this group full or looking for more?
  2. Is anyone getting picked up from this thread for games? I hope so! ROLE: Player LOOKING FOR: Deathwatch game/group, any style. TYPE OF GAME: Face to Face, Skype preferred. SESSION SPECIFICS : Voice if possible. AREA: Maryland. Easy Coast USA. TIME AND TIMEZONE: Game times flexible around 7:30 EST Daily. Saturday and Wednesday preferred, not needed. GAME STYLE: Narrative and combat. Any way you slice it. GAME SPECIFICS: Apothecary maybe. Mostly undecided and open to suggestions on class. COMMENTS: Long time 40k player and huge fluff fan. Limited RPG experience. Skype is methoid of choice, willing to give anyone a shot. May have a second if we needed it. For now, count one. Email me! Lost.In.Frost88@Gmail.com
  3. Is this group looking for more? Has anyone dropped or something?
  4. Technically the primarches were created with the DNA, or what not, from the Emperor and the space marine legions were each created from the DNA, or what not, of their respective Primarches. That's why some of the first space marines bore a striking resemblance to their Primarches(Horus rising for citation). Most notable I believe were the little Horus's(sp?) from in the Luna Wolves Legion. I do not believe, however, that sparce marines were ever cloned (Except for the raven guard mess) or vat grown. Any apperance they had came simply from the pure gene-seed from pre-heresy. Now a says, after so many generations they Gene-seed may have mutated to lose that ability to created images of their Primarches. Or, perhaps, they still do look like their primarches but they don't realized it because the true face of their primarches are long forgetten. Examples of Gene-seed mutating the apperance of Space marines are the Blood Angels and the Salamanders, the BA always being somewhat Handsome and the Salamanders for their ebony skin.
  5. I thought Iron Hands would make a great chapter for one of the six, especially if they plan on having Bionics someplace in the rules, plus they would make Awesome tech-marines for the DW.
  6. First post! It's important to remember that the Deathwatch are the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Xenos. In the same way that the Grey Knights are the Chamber militant of the Ordo Malleus and the Sisters of Battle are to the Ordo Hereticus. The Ordo Xenos is focused on the treat of aliens. Most of your missions will be based around the threat of the alien races, so there won't be much fighting of chaos or hunting heretics which would be left to the Sisters and Grey Knights. So, even if Ordo xeno had a rogue inquisitor it would fall to Hereticus to find him. What you could do, however, is have a deathwatch kill team out hunting some xenos tech from whomever and where ever, they run into an Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus who says the Inquisitor they are currently working for is evil. Leading to a bit of a moral situtation some of you are looking for. So you could trust the new inquisitor and go with them back to your old boss, or you can think the Heretic hunter is a heretic himself, only out for the Xeno tech the Kill team is hunting for.
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