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  1. Noticed that the size was off but if you scale to 90% then they match the originals. Also if you scale to 70% they match the alternate art Capitol boards off of WINVASION. PS: Thank you very much for sharing, these are an awesome addition to my set.
  2. Could not get out of work that day. Trying to secure days off for the Regionals.
  3. They had server issues. If you follow them on Facebook they put out alerts.
  4. It is rather poor taste to try and take away a victory by talking about house rules. Hats off to the new Champ and thank you for sharing your deck and thought process behind it.
  5. PvP Used to play Decipher and would love an updated version where Luke wasn't ultra rare
  6. I had a question along the same line. I play Chillwind on Grimgor and my opponent responds with D'ez Bigger. Unlike other cards (Iron Discipline and High Elf Disdain) D'ez Bigger doesn't cancel the action so does Chillwind trigger Plague Monks?
  7. Stahlek or however you spell it, has come and gone. How did the Empire do?
  8. You would think but they put in the FAQ section 4 that only the original damage is doubled. So you can't double the double. If you do 2 damage and have 2 Bloodletters, the first one doubles 2 and the second doubles 2 so the final total is original damage + the double + the double. 2+2+2=6. Hope this helps.
  9. They can target any support card in play yours or theirs. . Also they target attachments. Check out the FAQ under Support, it gives a good example of this.
  10. That`s right new cards new cards!
  11. Empire is about movement, yours and the opponents units. Read your cards and remember that target can mean any unit on the board for example. I believe empire used to be called jumping jack with Pistoliers and Johann(Hero) moving all over.
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