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  1. I found the Macharian Handbook: Tools of the Trade! The link I found said it's version 1.0, but it doesn't say the version, so he could have merged the other one into this link. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B37Q13-186-bSTFKQWx2Xy02Tms/edit Odd, I apparently didn't set the v1.2 as sharable with the link. It's been fixed now!
  2. Ever tried to use a Garrote in combat? Imagine trying to fight with a string between your two hands, basically tying them together. I haven't tried it yet, but I can guarantee that it wouldn't be easy. Using a Garrote outside of combat is doing what you describe - using a length of wire to strangle someone. That's be a Sleight of Hand, Move Silently, Concealment or Grapple Check with a big bonus from the Garrote, not an actual attack action, I'd say. What this guy said. Strangling someone with a garrotte isn't rocket science, but doing it when they're aware of your threat, or worse, actually armed and capable of defending themselves, is nigh impossible. Being able to snare and strangle someone with a garrotte in a combat situation would be a spectacular feat, this why it requires a special talent *and* is **** hard to pull off unless you have a high Weapon Skill, *or* the target is unaware of your presence and you get the regular huge bonus to offset the penalty you take.
  3. Aren't novice psykers sort of supposed to explode if they **** around with the HOLE TO THE WARP in their head? I've ran a campaign well into Ascension now and I'll say this much, in normal circumstances a psyker who manages to acquire enough talents to control his psychic abilities and enough Psy Ratings to manifest his powers reliably on "Fettered" strength doesn't face nearly these kinds of problems. Taking the long view, I figured this was by design - if you survive long enough to control your powers, it pays off dividends in the end.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only person who was rankled by this. For my purposes, I just decided to use the one in Ascension and call it square. There were probably "better" ways to do this, but for my compilation works I usually erred on the side of least resistance.
  5. Bah. When you work on such an expansive piece without having another person serving as an editor to check for that sort of thing all sorts of embarrassing little bits like that tend to show up later... ...you want to house-rule my house-rules?
  6. Here ya go. https://mega.co.nz/#!X4Y0FDBC!cssKmkIU50xfPMi_Yg9Jgkg3za0ncovIUpF7Uw8xJMQ Evidently you weren't kidding, a cursory Google searching all points to the same Rapidshare links. Does anyone even use Rapidshare anymore...?
  7. The main text font is Minion Pro Medium, which you can get with Adobe Creative Suites of any recent vintage. The text header is Heretica Inquisitor, which - as you might assume - is designed to ape the fonts that Black Industries created when Dark Heresy was first drafted.
  8. I was trying to dig through my massively incongruous notes to discover where that came from and I actually couldn't find anything on that particular note. Most of the Macharian Handbook is rules-as-written but I have made constructive edits here and there so that could be one of those. You may wish to consider that a "house rule" if the specifics are of a great importance to your gaming group.
  9. Basically, power armor is massive, clunky, temperamental, takes a while to get into and out of, and also sends a pretty sharp statement about who you are and what you do. It's the perfect gear for charging into a mob of daemons or on a pitched battlefield, but most types are basically useless for investigative work since it's near impossible to disguise. As a GM, you should fully work with these values to make sure that power armor is very useful during intense combats and a social (and possibly logistical) hassle elsewhere. Finally, a salient point. Power armor grants you a bonus to Strength, which is nice for hand-to-hand fighters, and 2+ armor points over carapace armor, which is also nice. Versus really heavy weapons, though, such as meltaguns or power swords, the extra armor is almost irrelevant, which is something I've observed with interesting clarity. At the time in which your Throne Agents can get their hands on power armor, some heavier adversaries will likely have weapons to counter them with. Statistically speaking you shouldn't have to do anything about it - let the high Throne, logistical, and social costs do their thing and things should flatten out.
  10. Gustav said: I've fount that heavy plate is lighter than plate armour Also in the decription of Whisper Bolt should be stated that it works only for las weapons and not for "Any non primitive ranged weapon". Blame Black Industries for the first one, they're the ones who made the Inquisitor's Handbook. As for the second thing, if that's true then I'll have a v2.11 out soon.
  11. Gustav said: Malik do you plan to expand your compilations even more in the future? Using content from Only War for example? Here's my angle on those. In my assessment, there are three pen-and-paper games that FFG makes for WH40k. Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Deathwatch are basically variants on the same game. It uses the same rules and has a very similar play style, just with vastly different thematic and stylistic parts that I think speak for themselves. Black Crusade, meanwhile, isn't entirely the same game. Many traits and talents work differently, it has new skills and has removed old ones, and so forth. The way Unnatural Characteristics work, for example, is a fairly obvious point, as are the fact that multiple melee attacks are worked off by Degrees of Success (as in a full-auto gun attack) than being entirely separate Tests. Parry attempts are Skill Tests rather than a Weapon Skill Test. I could go on. Only War is an even larger departure. When I set out to put this compilation together, it was with the stated intention of simply amalgamating available stuff to Dark Heresy players, which necessary meant cribbing from Rogue Trader in some ways since there's nothing stopping some of that weird stuff - and entirely not-so-weird stuff - from falling into the hands of Acolytes during an investigation or purge of bad guys. Of course, Rogue Trader characters could use it too since we're simply now looking at Availability only rather than a cost in Thrones. Space Marines probably can't even use most weapons intended for mere humans due to their giant muscular hands, but it can be helpful to know what's shooting at you. When future Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader content appears I will start looking at another expansion, but I'm not planning on doing anything with Black Crusade and Only War simply because I feel stuff from those games are designed to work in them.
  12. If I ever make a dedicated print version I plan on doing this, along with reversing the background as well so that the one corner missing a wing motif flips also. This will require some messing around with the page construction, however. EDIT: Attn Gustav: Weird, it seems to still be linking to v1 even though I deleted that file from my Google drive. IT'S TRUE, GOOGLE RETAINS EVERYTHING FOREVER, AAAAAAA Anyway it seems to be fixed now, try it again.
  13. Unfortunately I didn't really keep a changelog as I went (upon retrospect this would have been a good idea). Anyway, all told the Handbook grew by about 30 pages, with the biggest additions being new Exotic weapons from The Lathe Worlds and Hostile Acquisitions as well as a bunch of new ammo types and Solid Projectile weapons. Bolters and meltas didn't really get much out of it at all, I'm afraid, and there's a couple new armours but not much there either. The biggest piece of original content is the expanded Availability tables, which were largely cooked up by me. With Availability extending to Ubiquitous and Unique (Dark Heresy only goes from Plentiful to Very Rare), I had considered porting the Rogue Trader Availability table, but that one is done literally backwards compared to Dark Heresy - Availability Tests take *less time* on larger worlds, but the fastest you can make an Inquiry Test for a piece of gear is one day. Presumably this refers to a Rogue Trader sending his minions down to a planet to find a piece of swag he wants; either way, I think an Acolyte could do better if he was looking for a cheap gun or a stab-light than one day worth of shopping at the bargain bins! So, the expanded Availability tables are mostly an original product of mine. New rules and weapon qualities, along with better bookmarks and sidebars got put in too. Also, as usual, I have filled in spaces with more pretty non-GW/FFG illustrations (thank you assorted Deviantart contributors, please don't sue me).
  14. Oh, just navigate to the front of the topic, I've deleted the previous version and replaced it with the new one. (that should stop any jerks linking to it on Dark Reign at least for the moment anyway >.>)
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