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  1. I agree, It's the best way: apply the surges after all targets defence roll in same way to all of them.
  2. Hello all! Can anybody tell me, what is the order of applying surges during blast attack? For example, Leoric has 3 hearts and 2 surges on his attack blast roll against a dracon and a couple of zombies. 1) Does he need to decide how to use surges right after attack roll or he can do it after all defend rolls? 2) If he can does it after all defend rolls, can he use surges in different ways for each of blasted monsters or he should use the same order of applying surge for all targets?
  3. We want Roose! And battles for Harenhall! Additionally it will be interesting is FFG going to include John Snow (Stark) to one of expansions)?
  4. Thank you for answer. It is clear for me now. Sorry for my English grammar . Wait for answer about Maege ability.
  5. Dear all, Hi! 1) How we can see rules said us that when the fire limit is equal the fire's token number - we have to place devastation token. Ok, but there is a question - Do we need remove fire's token instead deastation? Or the both tokens are on the hex and fire is limit's number again and again (untill extinguish by unit)? 2) The fire of level 4 spread on what direction? How I can see the direction of fire spreading? 3) The rules said us: the counter-atacking does not disengage unit. But if the counter-atack force unit to retreat - what is happen? As we played - engage token was removed and unit retreated, but may be it is more correct to read it as - while counter-atacking unit roll dices the flag is ignored? And one discussion question in this way: The retreat is lucky for unit if it is engaged often, therefore may be atacker may choose - aplly the flag roll or not? 4) The Lady Meage Mormont Comander card consist the description of commity ability that alows atack dwice. But it is written: twice a round - can I read it as twice a turn? Exmle: My Maege contolles unit (fresh) in the turn, I have flip Comander card and activate the unit (eitherway - order or command) to atack twice?
  6. I have found some answers, so I understand now how token's limit works. but I have still the question: How many Leaderchip Cards can I use during my turn (1 of 3 possibilities to choose)? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all! I have some simple questions before my first game on BoW: 1) How many Comander's Cards I can use during my turn (when I have choosen "play Leadership Card" instead "order token" and "pass"? 2) How many times I can use the Comands from Comander's Card? Examples: Jamie Lannister Card has limit of 3 comand tokens but I do not understand well - his Commity Ability does cost the command token? can I do it 3 times? If I can complete the commity ability once a battle, so why there is 3 tokens limit on card? 3) Simple Command Cards (without hero portrait) have not Command Limit - so, can I use it just once on turn and discard (but all commnads from card if I wish)?
  8. We have played some scenarios and saw disbalance in using of Leadership carts and stack of Defense Order to Hero defense ability. So, it is clear now. Thanks.
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