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  1. So I have a player who selected an Acuitor Assassin. He has used Cogs within Cogs several times but I am very uncertain about its use. He claims that any device that he can link with ( so anything electronic). This even includes having the ability to essentially radio control it even when it strickly does not have a remote link. ( I have been very strict so far on this ) I just want the communities opinion on the whole thing
  2. Is it possible to add the alternate career paths for Seraphim or is it all ready in the sheet and I am just doing something wrong to get it
  3. just some questions, when you select the Dictator class hull should I select the Jovian pattern Landing bays and will the sheet not remove the space for the landing bays? and how do I change the craftsmanship of macrobatteries or lances so there is a reduction in space and power used by them?
  4. Oh just wondering, if you took a space marine out of his armour what size is he, I know in armour they are hulking but honestly I can't ever imagine a space marine fitting into the "Normal " category so would you still give them the hulking trait outside of armour?
  5. yes I think your adjustment fits well
  6. As far as I remember from reading lore on Scouts, scouts are not fully enhanced until the last few years of their training, so at the end of their training where they are about to transition to power armoured space marine they are essentially a space marine. I would imagine that no chapter would risk all the effort they have put into training and enchancing a scout by sending them to the Deathwatch without their full suite of enhancements, that just does not make sense. I would take it that if you are a space Marine who decided to stay a scout you are a FULL space marine just operating as a scout. I would say that after fully qualifying instead of taking power armour you decided to stay a scout, I always imagined that scout squads were made of not fully enhanced or fully enhanced but not fully graduated OR fully enhanced fully graduated tough nuts who decided their skills as a scout was best for the chapter. Veteran scout Seargents like Ultramarine Scout Sgt Telion or even Scout Sergents are fully enhanced scouts fully qualified for the fully armoured line infantry but again they chose to train the next wave and use their unique skill set for the benefit of the chapter. So in short I would say that any scout character is a fully enhanced space marine just in scout armour
  7. Okay so what happens when you have an opposed strength test between a space marine and a ork. So the space marine has 40 strength with unnatural strength so his strength bonus is 8 but the orks strength is 30 with the unnatural bringing it to 6 in the strength bonus so if they roll against each other you get say the marine rolls 35 the Ork 10 so does that mean they are equal in success. Also how does un natural toughness work in regards to resistance, do you add the un natural bonus to the number of successes? My question also extends to the other nu natural traits, do you add the nun natural bonus to the result of every roll? So say a assasin with un natural agility wants to dodge his agility is 50 with un natural agility. he is going to be hit with a full auto burst of stubber fire, 6 hits, he rolls a 45 so succeeds to dodge one hit do the other five get removed because of the un natural trait and if so, if he failed by say by 51 does he still dodge 5 hits?
  8. One of my players is making a Templar Calixis Psyker who has ascended into an interogator, now I just wanted to ask people's opinions on weather he should be allowed to purchase Ascended powers and more importantly use his psychic abilities in Unfetterd Fetterd and Pushed like Primaris psyker. I am torn on this because it seems that the Ascended powers are meant purly for Primaris Psykers I guess giving him the option to get powers from the ascended psychic powers and the interrogator advancement is a little much?
  9. Oh I found that yoru shop is missing the Mk VII Aquila armour for space marines
  10. In terms of identifying a ship I run it like how a submarine can identify another submarine. Submarines identify one another by analysing the engine noise of the other submarine against a library of known engine sounds; this can even be done to pick out specific submarines and not just its class. That is how I approach how ships in the expanses of space read each other at long range, all ships have as data library of registered engine harmonics to go with the vox transponders so even with a vox transponder off your unique resonance will give you away. Now I do not mean sound when I talk about engine noise or resonance but the energy signature from the plasma drives, all ships are so unique that even if you took two cobra destroyers from the same ship yard, where they were laid down and finished at the same time you would get a unique signature from each ship. When I have my crew pick up a ship I use a sliding scale to see how much they can get from their sensors. 1. Distance, further away it is the less info they could get on a normal success with sensors 2. Is the ship large or small, bigger the engines the less of an impact range will have 3. Is the ship imperial and if it is would it have a registered vow transponder or has the crew gone out of their way to change the vox signal 4. Has the crew changed the energy signature as well to say appear like a smaller ship by powering the engines down like running silent etc It has really worked well for my group and they have enjoyed situations where they play cat and mouse in a star system hunting another ship each one trying to get into a good position to attack the other running silent listening for engine noise.
  11. I think to get around the Long las problem of it revealing the position of the shooter, you should say that it has a type of suppresser or silencer that acts not only on the sound but on flash of the weapon. As for the beam itself I have always taken it is part of the pro and con of a long las. Basically what I do is this, I bump the penetration and damage of the long las and say 1. the Long las weighs less and needs less amo then a solid projectile sniper rifle 2. You can suppress the initial weapon report and flash but you cannot deal with the actual beam that’s a con (usually a -00 perception test for the people being shot at though this gets modified depending on weather they are shot from behind distance and environmental circumstances) 3. A +2 to the Damage and +3 to the pen for the long las, I have taken the approach that las weapons are totally nerfed and I have universally added +2 to damage as well as Penetration for all las weapons as well as added a low/med/high setting for the weapon making it more flexible and more comparable to the auto rifles. I mean why take a lasgun when you can take an auto rifle which can fire on full auto with special ammo etc
  12. I think this is a really interesting topic. I think there are two main issues, one what does it mean to have faith and two the warp. Now first I think faith has to be understood, this is total and utter belief in the divinity of the emperor, In terms of the warhammer universe this really is total and utter devotion, I mean it has been said before in this thread, Sisters of battle utterly devoted, mind body and soul to the Emperor. I mean I can't even imagine that sort of commitment but yeah I admire it really. Now as I was saying the Warp, well now as I remember it the warp is a realm of psychic and spiritual energy that is influenced by the real universe and in terms influences it. I mean Daemons are supposed to be the result of the collective nightmares and essentially dark thoughts of humanity. Humans like every race bar some (tau) have a presence in the warp; this is our souls in essence. When we believe in something, really believe in it with our souls and minds it manifests in the warp. So if you take a person who has forged their mind and soul so utterly in the belief in the emperor and his miracles I think yeah they would manifest in moments of like “everything or nothing” you know those moments where you are on the knife edge on whether you will survive. I think the whole thing with what makes them different from psychic powers is really down to the guys who write the lore putting faith powers in a different vain these are powers of the soul while psychic powers to me are really a psyker using power drawn from warp. The faith powers are perhaps from the person’s soul but still in its own way magnified by the warp. Nulls/Pariahs/Blanks are not affected by either power I think simply because again if I remember from the lore they simply do not have a presence in the warp and are in essence soulless. That’s my two cents!
  13. Hi I have been running a very military heavy DH game, I was wondering if anyone could help me put together stats for the Tauros that ForgeWorld released for the Elysians. I have been thinking about the Veneator variant as well. Do you think it is feasable?
  14. Okay I am running a very military heavy Imperial guard centred campaign, though there is a lot of investigation in it. What i am wondering is I would love to send the group to fight some Orks but I don't know what would be to many in a fight. They are all rank 4 moving into Penal Legionnaire, they just have guard flak armor and lasgun as the moment though one has a heavy stubber as the heavy weapons trooper. Now before they get there they will be allowed to get some other support weapons like grenades, auxilary grenade launcher, flamer and maybe some more powerful las weapons (though I have added the power setting rules someone put up on Dark Reign as well as just increasing the base damage and penetration of las weapons by 1 anyway) or solid projectile stuff. You get the idea, I am just wondering how many orks from the Rogue Trader books would be to many as honestly I want to give them a challenge not murderise them in a TPK moment......that comes later
  15. I can't find where sharp is from I know I saw it somewhere, perhaps it is in one of the Harlock's legacy books?
  16. Hi everyone, I am just wondering if anyone knows about a sound effect program for rpgs. I have seen Apps for iPhones that basically play weapon sounds and are good fun for adding some richness to a scene. I am hoping that someone could point to something with stuff like weapon sounds, vehicles and creatures. I am hoping that someone will have something like this. thanks everyone
  17. For sometime I have been thinking about letting my group get a new ship specifically a cruiser. I have had the continueous feeling that cruisers are really the best ship type for a rogue trader providing fire power and speed. But which out of the myriad hulls would be the best? I intend to make the next session (( we have been on hiatus because of college)) an adventure into acquiring a new ship. But I am not sure of weather the ship should be just hull and engines or fully kitted out. I just worry I will give them a poisoned chalice by giving them something that will bankrupt them. What collective advice can the community give me on this?
  18. Hi I have a quite complex request for help. I have run a full Dark Hersey, Rogue Trader and Death Watch games so I feel very comfortable running the game so far. Now there are several requests I have that need answering, the most pressing is. I want to run a Dirty Dozen style Dark Hersey Game. Now I have the Radical's Hand book to create Penal Legionnaires. I am going to start everyone at rank 3 so they have a little bite(( where they are around half way to rank 4)), the thing is I want to have some more variance between the characters. I want to create perhaps some more back ground packages to give the players a greater diversity of abilities. I hope to make it feel that they really are veterans from a whole load of very different backgrounds. I am looking for some help in creating background stuff for • stealth expert • Demolitions/siege expert • tech specialist(( more than just forge world background I think)) • Heavy Weapons expert • Maybe a survivalist with some marksmanship or a separate marksmanship background I hope that I can find some help in making a background package for some origins • Death Worlder • Tech guard Skitarii • Death Korp of Krieg • Rough rider • Cadian My second query is Orks, the Orks in Rogue trader are quite strong so I was wondering at what ratio should I use them against my team. The world they are on has a separatist movement as well as an Ork presence Finally are there any rules for using Las-Weapons at like different strengths, High-normal-low settings? Thanks for your help in this
  19. I have taken several fluff things in mind. There are two sizes of bolter rounds one for human and one space marine. I put it like this human bolter shells for pistols, bolters and storm bolters are all .50ae caliber. The space marine bolt shell is .75 caliber but heavy bolters are actually the further size of 1.caliber similar to a 30mm cannon shell. The quality or the potency of space marine grade weapons are of course much better though it is also the simple fact they are bigger as well that give them that extra damage. Now in regards to supplies I took it that in the vast stores houses on imperial worlds there is always a supply of space marine grade ammunition, see I imagine that the space marines like any good mobile force carries everything it needs normally. A space marine squad generally should have some sort of support such as a thunderhawk along with whatever ship brought them to the world they are on and that should be able to resupply them. But going back to what I was saying, I think it would be well within the realm of thought that the Departmento Munitorum would ensure that every world has a cash of basic Space Marine ammunition in one of its armored magazines.
  20. I have found that Feared and Loathed and Labyrinth Conditioning, for the Chaliced Commissariat come up as uninteligible dots, also I can't see the alternate carrer chunk in the talent or skill section for the commissariat advancement. Though I am jus tpointing these out this is an amaesing piece of work in general.
  21. Actually I think Void armour would be armoured to a degree, void suits are 1) made by the imperium where the bloody well armour everything 2) its a suit made to work in space I imagine they are armoured to a degree to resist mini meteors and if they are made for say a warship I think even more so. I mean in the battlefleet gothic books they talk about repairing the ship right after a battle, well with all the flotsam around the place they would be cut to ribbons without some armour. Now I imagine they would have at the limit to having say carapace level armour.
  22. when you create a death watch character and in the down menu for starting skills it has : Air Combat, Armoured tactics, Assault Doctrine, Defensive Doctrine. Orbital procedures, Recon and stealth and void combat, these are what I can't find in the book
  23. GregorM1980 said: It`s the squad mode abilities iirc. I still can not find them, this is really frustrating, is it in a table or something?
  24. Surak said: Nuada_Obliage said: I was wondering what are the tactics and why are they in the character sheet for Deeathwatch characters, are they a custom thing that were added or are they in the actual FFG rules and what do they do when you them? The tactics in DW are a squad specific set of abilities that the group can call on during a mission at the expense of coheasion (the measure of squad moral). They have varied effects in-game but are only applicable to DW games. Hope this helps. Memetix Just downloaded the newest version of the sheet from dark reign and i'm getting circular formular errors when I try and change the characters experience level. the character is dh-cleric-confessor at rank 1. Once again great work on this. Surak my Confusion is I have no idea where the tactics are taken from, I mean I don't know where they are in the core rule book so I have no idea what they do.
  25. I was wondering what are the tactics and why are they in the character sheet for Deeathwatch characters, are they a custom thing that were added or are they in the actual FFG rules and what do they do when you them?
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