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  1. All of the above good advice. I think we'll just go with the core and whatever the FLGS has in stock. I think we can wait for reprints while we get a feel for the game. Thanks!
  2. So, should I order a second or third core, or just make due with Asylum Packs?
  3. Hello all! After falling in love with Warhammer: Invasion, we (mostly me) decided to go full-bore into both Invasion and Call of Cthulhu. I've been reading the forums for a few days trying to parse what I should and shouldn't buy considering the January announcement about the way expansions will be released. We want to be able to build decks and have some fun with CoC. Q: What should I buy right now, what should I wait to purchase? Multiple copies of the core is fine. We just want to avoid the game slow downs that came with having very few multiples in our decks. It is sometimes fun to play that way, but it would be nice to be more strategic in the deck construction. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info, Wytefang. Maybe we can wait until summer to make the purchases it seems the Battle Packs are ~$10.00 at the FLGS, so it would cost us twice as much to get the three copies of the cards if they even had multiple sets. Also, played with the Orcs and Dwarves for the first time over the weekend. I am pleasantly surprised at how different each faction plays. Good times. On a sad note, I have lost EVERY game to my girlfriend. (edited to fix spelling)
  5. Gotcha three core sets. What about the Battle Packs? Do those require doubles or triples? Fortunately my partner is as hooked as I am she is the one hounding me to start ordering multiple sets! OK, off to the rules discussion. I am sure all of the problems we have are already there and answered. Thanks again! ETA: Somewhat off topic -- is the CoC card game as enjoyable?
  6. Thanks for the welcoming words. The problem is that I love the game so much after just a few plays... we haven't even broke out the Orcs or Dwarf factions yet! Our next big move is to buy all of the Battle Packs and expansions as soon as the March releases are out. Does everyone recommend buying an additional Core Set, too?
  7. Thank you for saving me some embarrassment I was about to post a question about any available card databases. You are the best. Thanks!
  8. Have you ever needed a bit of retail therapy? I was having a rough day and just wanted to get out, so I headed to the FLGS and decided the box art for Invasion was too good to pass up. I assumed the cards would be at least as cool and took it home. I have to say this was the best purchase I've made in ages. I mostly play games with my girlfriend and this has been the BEST two player game we've purchased. My assumption was correct -- the art is fantastic, the mechanics fun and evocative, and the "feel" of the game is just right. We are now both Invasion converts. I'm looking forward to interacting here with the community. Now to start deck building...
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