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  1. And Yeah, see totally missed that. Glad I asked thanking you!
  2. I might've missed the official rule somewhere, and I get the feeling what we're doing is correct but wanted to check just in case. When the Mythos targets the "Investigator with the lowest x" and you both have the same, we just choose. In most cases we'll say "well the last Mythos targeted you so I'll take this one". Just wanted to make sure there wasn't something official I missed.
  3. I wasn't shocked at the miniature quality, but then I own first edition so... I knew what I was getting into. The way I see it, CMON are knocking it out of the park with miniature quality at the moment, and FFG were never "that" good. I mean... let's be honest, the Descent miniatures aren't brilliant. In fact I'm going through re-basing my Descent hero miniatures onto 25mm Renedra bases and clipping off the old bases is a nightmare. They're too soft! But at least the MoM miniatures can be re-based without first cutting away the old base. So... I re-based my MoM miniatures. As it stands (no pun intended) I used the following, taking into account the 1e stuff too: 60mm Renedra (round) for Star Spawn and Shoggoths. 40mm Renedra (round) for Cthonians, Deep Ones, Riots and Hunting Horrors. 25mm Renedra for everything else. I simply clipped the pegs and trimmed excess, then super glued them on. Now here is where I went against my GW history and used super glue. FFG plastics are soft. They do not work very well with standard plastic glue, so try using a tiny dab of super glue instead. The smaller bases fixed the old issue of taking up too much space on the board, and super glue fixed the issue of falling apart. FFG haven't quite got their miniatures down yet, but I'm sure they will one day, and let's be honest... there's worse out there!! More and more board game companies seem to be going with a harder plastic these days, and that's good. I mean, compare CMON's original Zombicide miniatures to the Black Plague stuff... the original minis were soft, warped, and didn't hold the detail. FFG will follow suit someday, but also keep in mind that softer plastics withstand more abuse. MoM miniatures will fall out of their bases from time to time (use super glue and they won't) but if you dropped a Deep One he would bounce, not snap apart. I'd rather have the MoM quality of miniatures over something like Shadows of Brimstone. Gorgeous miniatures, but hot **** they are brittle!!
  4. Whilst I share your love for TD season one, I doubt very much this will happen. Would be cool though!!
  5. Yes, it's treated like any other encounter, therefore all monsters must be defeated first.
  6. I have fixed a tiny bit that matters. It was an answer to the question "can I" - so the can is meant to be there, not implying that he has a choice, but that he is allowed
  7. Ahh yes of course. See the completely wrong remark made me question improvement tokens, and I guess I thought of things like the glamour spells to be an improvement token (seeing as you don't cast them, they just give you a +1 to all skills).
  8. Unless the monster says otherwise, failing the horror test simply reduces your sanity and you can go on to the strength test.
  9. This is completely wrong. Okay, would you care to explain how? Not saying I'm right, but how are people supposed to learn if they're only told "you're wrong"
  10. You gain the best bonus from one item. So if a card gives you +1 strength and +1 observation, and another gives you +2 strength, you'd gain +2 strength and +1 observation. Also, to the best of my knowledge, you can only gain the bonus from a single card type. So if you have a +1 strength item, a +1 strength glamour and a +1 strength improvement token you'd gain +3 strength.
  11. Technically you shuffle them back into the deck, as Roger mentioned above, however at this point we have so many of each type I tend to have a discard pile. If the card I need isn't in the active deck, I shuffle the discard pile and then draw from that.
  12. I guess it depends on what you'll be doing in Arkham, or Innsmouth, or Kingsport, or any specific city really. I get what you're saying and doubt it'll come soon, if city specific expansions come at all. It all comes down to scale of time. Let's say (without magic) that a single turn represents what, 2 days? Maybe 3. City expansion boards could allow for more things to happen during a turn whilst on them, so for example: May perform a rest action or aquire asset action for free whilst in Arkham. But then time in EH is very vague as it is, just look at Encounter cards. One card will have you convince someone to do something, whilst another will have you plunder an ancient tomb, and then another represents a week's worth of investigation. Taking into account that constellations change, maybe a week per turn is about right. Taking into account that a game typically lasts no longer than 16-20 turns (Mythos cards) that's 4-5 months. Bringing it back on topic therefore, is it so strange that an investigator might spend a week or two in Arkham? I don't know, I just think that (from a business point of view) FFG wouldn't ignore another 3 years worth of expansion content that's already written. Minimal effort (artwork already done and paid for, cards already outlined, just a little tweaking needed) for pure profit.
  13. Just to clarify, I don't agree that AH is too hard or long etc. I'm just saying I've seen more players be negative about the AH experience than positive, even those players who love it.
  14. The impression I get is that eventually EH will replace AH. From a gamer's point of view it makes sense, after all at this stage anyone who hasn't bought AH isn't likely to. You have the majority player base to thank for that, in much the same way Dark Souls players scare off would-be gamers by banging on about how hard the game is. I cannot count how many AH forums I've visited and been met with "AH is a hardcore game, it's long and hard and complex and you probably won't like it". And from a business point of view it makes sense, FFG has all the content they need, and with a few tweaks they have a good 4 or 5 expansions for EH pretty much waiting for them. Why wouldn't they "re-release" content for the newer more popular game, let's all be honest with ourselves... it's money in the bank. That said I can also imagine FFG releasing a new board at some point, maybe not anytime soon but in the near future we might see a revised board with more locations, maybe a little smaller to allow for multiple sideboards etc. etc. Not to mention, I don't know about the rest of you, but mine is starting to see ware on the folds. I get the impression EH has a long life cycle in FFG's eyes, longer than AH, and with that in mind it would be insane for them to ignore some pretty big and obvious expansions.
  15. I would love an Innsmouth expansion. Travel there from Arkham (via bus, of course), Dagon epic monster (or I suppose they could make him a GOO event), lots of Deep Ones, Hybrid Cultists, ohhhhhh now you've got me all excited.
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