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  1. Yeah, I have the strange. Need to read it again. Hate the system.
  2. Has anyone played a genesys game that actually jumps between different genres/worlds? I'm hoping to play a League of Legends game which also uses its alt universes. I'm looking for a system that can somewhat mirror the actions in the game; attack, special, special, special, ultimate. But also cope with the alt universes. I reckon Genesys can cope with this. I'm more curious how a world hopping game plays out. SO, have you played a world hopping game? how did the world-hopping work? What do the characters do in the different worlds?
  3. I'm looking to see if anyone has done work on certain settings i'm interested in. I've found Overwatch (good job), and i'm sure i saw WOW stuff. Has anyone done Marvel (MCU or comics) or LEague of LEgends? Thanks
  4. This is some great stufff
  5. chriscdoa


    So supers? Specifically MCU...does genesys do it well? Like the magic and base system, except supers section...
  6. This is amazing. Just wanted a summary of talents but this has everything!
  7. chriscdoa

    Terrinoth PDF

    Great looking pdf - can't wait for the book
  8. I would have thought they are just NPCs (or PCs) and statted as such. Since you don't ride them, why have them as a vehichle!?
  9. had given up on this coming out and was going to get book tomorrow! Now i can have both (since i know i will!)
  10. Did you get any further with this? I like the system but having got MC book I'm not really keen on the world.
  11. Will have to check out these newest conversions. Thinking of doing TORG using EOE. Since there are convesions for fantasy, modern, western and more the only thing i need is the reality rules. Anyone got more conversions to post??
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