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  1. A problem that arose in our last gaming session; just how do you work out righteous fury with a flamer? You don't roll to hit, so if you roll a 10 on your damage die, do you automatically get another D10 worth of damage, or is it impossible to get righteous fury when using a flamer? Thanks in advance
  2. "Last survivor" states that you get a free fate point at the start of each mission (which you lose again at the end of the mission so you don't get +10 fate points after 10 missions if you save them). Can you burn this fate point and still get a new one one the next mission when you have to burn one to stay alive, or am I reading this wrong and do you have to burn one of "your own" fate points? So what I'm asking is: can you in effect die once each mission for free? Thanks in advance
  3. Just a quick question; When behind cover, do you: 1) use the cover's AP instead of your armour's AP if it's better? or 2) first work out the attack against the cover's AP, and any excess is applied to the target, reduced by his armour's AP and TB?
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