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  1. FFG owns cardgamedb and provides all the spoilers that you see there.
  2. you can view and search all the cards at cardgamedb
  3. Most of the ones I've seen that do well actually have a very shallow cost curve
  4. Sorry guys, looks like there was some kind of bug (it worked for me but apparently no one else ) It should be fixed now.
  5. I've added the ability to see the quantity in your collection in the search results and deck sections. It doesn't stop you from adding in cards you don't own or adding more copies than you own but it will let you see at a glance your current quantities. You can turn this information on or off in either the search results or deck section of the deckbuilder just like the set, die face, and thumbnails.
  6. The CardGameDB collection tool now is more printer friendly and it has a new button that will generate a text dump of your full collection. I also added a filter for cards you own.
  7. What type of export are you looking for, something to print or something to copy/paste somewhere? Either would be GREAT. BBCode or TxT Options would be awesome. For me, i just want a printed list, even if its just out of notepad. The fact that you cannot see your collection WHILE building decks from within the Cdb is a little annoying. On my test version I've got a printable version going pretty good now I"ll work on getting a text export also. I'm working on the details on showing your collection information in the search results when building a deck. It is working on my test version but I"m still tweaking.
  8. What type of export are you looking for, something to print or something to copy/paste somewhere?
  9. 18 packs, 0 Legendary Pretty sure I"m only buying by the box from now on.
  10. This. Totally This. There is a filter that will only show cards in your collection (the last filter in the list) but it doesn't show the quantity in your collection so you could add 2 copies when you only have one. I'll see what I can come up with to display the number of copies you own when using the filter by collection field, that way you can see the number you have and make the choice to add an extra. Thanks for the heads up, I see the error and will fix it tonight.
  11. You can currently generate a report by clicking on the collection in the menu bar (by the export button) to see your currently built deck with your collection information showing it would look something like: 2x Ace in the Hole (Awakenings) (10 copies in Collection) 1x Award Ceremony (Awakenings) (0 copies in Collection) Support: (3) 1x First Order TIE Fighter (Awakenings) (1 copy in Collection) 2x Power of the Dark Side (Awakenings) (2 copies in Collection) Upgrade: (5) 1x F-11D Rifle (Awakenings) (0 copies in Collection) 1x Immobilize (Awakenings) (1 copy in Collection) 1x Infantry Grenades (Awakenings) (1 copy in Collection) Are you looking for something different than that? Something like showing the number in your collection in the search results maybe?
  12. Hello everyone For those of you that don't know, CardGameDB is FFG's website that has focused on their various customizable card games and the communities that grow up around them. Up until now the focus has been the LCG line of games but we have just added in support for Destiny today. Below is a copy/paste of what I wrote introducing Destiny and the services made for the game on the forums at CardGameDB. I look forward to seeing some of you over there! /Darksbane The Star Wars Destiny Deckbuilder allows you to craft your own custom Destiny decks, Using multiple filters you can search for the exact cards you want and add them to your deck. You can then save that deck to your local machine or online, you can export it to multiple formats (text, bbcode, markdown) and if you have saved your collection on CardGameDB you can compare the deck to what you own. The deckbuilder also allows for many customization options, letting you choose from between 5 themes. Below shows the minimalist flat theme and one with a little more flair You can also choose between 5 layouts. If you have a widescreen monitor then the above layout with a double wide search area and deck with a static center image might be your thing. Or you might prefer something a little more compact, like the below layout which removes the static center image and shows the card images when you hover over them. You can access all of these options in the settings menu at the top left of the deckbuilder When adding cards to your deck you can easily add them by the card name. Type in the name and press enter to have it added directly to your deck You can also use the various filters to search for cards, and when the search area is wide like the below image the results are filtered in real time You can also customize how you see the cards in the search results and deck. You can add or remove the thumbnails, die faces, and set to see as much or as little information as you need. Once you start building your deck some helpful graphs will give you more detailed information. And once you are done you can save your deck online or offline, look at your saved decks, submit them to cardgamedb to be displayed in the public decks database, share them privately with friends, compare it to your saved collection, export it in a variety of formats (text, bbcode, markdown) and import text deck lists. Speaking of collection, you can track your collection in the Collection Manager. You can then use the saved collection information in the deckbuilder to only show cards you own and compare a deck you have built to what you have in your collection so you can see what you need to get to build that killer deck. Outside of the deckbuilder you can view all the cards from the set in the card database. On the main Star Wars Destiny card database page you can see recent comments on cards and search for cards using advanced filters. On each individual card page you can comment on the card, rate them on a 1 to 5 star scale and follow a card. Any decks that are submitted are placed in the decks section. On the main page you can filter by the users chosen tag or by Hero/Villain. You can also see a quick glance on the contents of the deck and see the character cards chosen. When looking at a specific deck you can rate it on a 1 to 5 star scale, comment on the deck, like it, or share it on your preferred social network. We want to welcome everyone to this great new game and hope you join us on CardGameDB to build some awesome Destiny decks.
  13. I don't know anything about the csi item but you can get 22mm blank white dice from amazon pretty cheap https://www.amazon.com/Tarquin-Large-Blank-White-Dice/dp/B018GPT632
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