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  1. For the people talking about Terminator Armour... You can't run in it, and therefore you're unable to charge, which kinda limits your melee range and number of attacks from Swift/Lightning. Which makes it better Range wise... Especially with an Assault Cannon. If the book had something on Terminator Teleport Packs, kinda like the ones in Dawn of War 2... Then we'd be talking business.
  2. MKX said: ak-73 said: Page 305 - the Deathwatch and the Ordo Xenos are equals. Neither party is subject to command of the other. Which in turn it means just what I said: the kill-team will do what their DW superiors orders them to do. And they only have to take orders from an Inquisitor if their superiors have told them explicitly so before. Just to expand on that. They're a lot of different things but mostly a liason/ambassador between O-Xenos & Deathwatch, plus an advisor when it comes to the myriad of weird crap the galaxy has to offer and maintaining a very big political buffer so the Deathwatch can do what they have to. Even my low level Inquisitor has all Forbidden Lore skills at +20, will soon have all Scholastic Lore skills at +20 and on top of that, has +20 all the social-political manipulation, investigation and command skills out the wazoo to make the other mechanisms of the Imperium jump very high, out of the way, into harms way and how often. Basically, she knows all the things that marines go "uh nuh uhuh... derp?" when they can't easily solve it with bolter rounds, high explosives, tactics, intimidation and chainswords. It was made quite clear to my inquisitor by their captain that cant tell them what to do, but I've also made it abundantly clear that if they do something patently stupid that I advise against, I'm not responsible for it! Nothing is stopping a Marine from obtaining the same skills. Back on Topic... Lead by Example is very hard to replace as a Squad Power, as it provides better bonuses than most Squad Maneuvers once you get into the higher ranks.
  3. I'm playing in a campaign on rpol.net... But its pretty slow moving in a play-by-post setting.
  4. KellionBane


    Conquer the planet ala Primarch style...
  5. The shoulders are called "Bitz" or something like that on the Games Workshop website... You can order them, and then mod them onto another space marine mini.
  6. Suijin said: True, but you can stack a lot of things up in both cases also. Dodge (agility, dodge +20, cover/shield, works on every kind of attack) Parry (WS, no skill buy to increase, increase with better equipment buy including craftmanship becomes almost necessary as the only extra available increase to the roll, shield or balanced, hatred talents, only works with melee) If you have a good agility to start with, close to 50, +20 from agility buy, +20 from dodge = ~90 dodge skill If you have good WS to start with, close to 50, +20 from WS buy, +10 from balanced (but you are typically giving up some damage for this (as opposed to ranged characters don't need to give up any damage to have a better dodge), better craftmanship weapon +10 master craftmanship (which is an extra expenditure over what someone needs compared to dodge) = ~90 parry skill So the melee is picking for balanced or defensive quality and master craftmanship, spending signature wargear on it, where the dodge is spending exp for the dodge +20. So fairly equal except the difference in that dodge works on ranged and melee both. You forgot about Hatred... Which would add another +10 WS vs "type".
  7. There's some more info here, on the lost legions... warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/%22Lost%22_Legions_%26_Primarchs
  8. What if... You had... 4 Arm Braces, 2 shoulders, 2 forearms, with bolters, and 2 bolters in your hands.... Could you fire all six at once?
  9. Give the Librarian Terminator armour... Just kidding... I think the players, as adults, should understand that its a game, and if they want to roleplay their characters a certain way, let them. You, as the GM, isn't there to play the game for them. You're there to bring consequences to their actions... And as the others have mentioned, DW revolves around a military organization. I'm sure you can think of some pretty interesting punishments, that isn't "off screen" time.
  10. Lucky_Strike said: Maybe I read it wrong, but the Tactical Marine ability appeared to me to work regardless of if the Tac Marine was squad leader. This would put considerable oomph in bringing along two tac marines from different chapters, adding a squad option for each one if they can make the LD test. Yeah, the squad mode ability doesn't say anything about having to be the leader, it just says whenever the tactical marine uses a squad mode ability, he can share it... That being said, it also requires a command check, which might piss off the squad leader, as I would assume you would have to be in command to command someone?
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