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  1. Canada, Québec, Gatineau, November 19th, https://www.facebook.com/events/1175577265868960/
  2. They responded to me on Facebook with this statement A plan is already in motion. If you received any tokens from an X-Wing Regional Championship that has already taken place, please keep your eyes on our Facebook page and/or Twitter (@FFGOP) for instructions. We will be posting instructions through our social media accounts soon.
  3. A-Wing crack swarm is certainly an expensive squad to run! You need Rebel Aces X 2 A-Wing x 3 Starviper x 3 Kirahz x 5
  4. It's 2016, we have a lot of new toys to play with! Let's have a tournament! Where : Boutique FDB When : January 23rd, 2016. Registration starts at 10:00AM, tournament at 11:00AM Format : Standard FFG 100pts, 75 min rounds Entry Fee : 10$ Prizes : Winter Kit (Vader, Ammo Tokens, Gunners, Bags). Stretch Goal : If we have 10 players, Gozanti Imperial Assault Carrier as a very special door prize! As usual, Great Location, Great Prizes, Great Players!
  5. Lol yeah we suffer a little bit currently!
  6. That's sort of the point. FFG doesn't want to bring in the prize obsessed, money players. Which is why cash will never be a prize. And the prizes are never going to be OMG great. Brings out only those that actually want to play. Well I don't agree with you. Did you ever organize a tournament without prize support? Shouldn't the prize support reflects the entry fee? Spring, Summer and Winter kits are fine, for 25$, you get a decent kit. What I don't understand is the amount of money asked for Store Championships (80$+) and if you are lucky enough to host one, regionals (200$+!!). The concept to pay to support FFG games is quite weird. I am not saying they should give it for free, but at least have content that reflects the asking price.
  7. Here's what you get for a 75$ store championship kit, because FFG doesn't give them out right? 1 bland looking plate 4 metal coins 8 acrylic range rulers 32 cards (c3p0) They are not giving out a 30$ card. Alt Art C3PO is worth, drum roll, 5$ max on ebay. There's barely 10$ worth of content in the kit. FFG is making a lot of money out of it. I organized a Splendor tournament using the asmoplay tournament kit. For 60$, the kit included : 2 retail copies of Splendor 16 set of nobles tiles 20 stack of 7 translucent poker chips tokens 2 stacks of 4 gold poker chip tokens 2 large playmat to play the game So yes, FFG prizes are crap. Heck, I was at Gen Con, for 180+ players, they gave out a copy of Luke Skywalkers (woohoo...), Bad looking crit tokens to top 16, and templates to top 8, bags to finalist...Then you walk back and see 10 000$ Legendary Tournament...shake your head...
  8. With the release of the raider, we decided it would be a lot more fun to play Team Epic instead
  9. I attended Nationals last year, and while it had it's own issues, especially time available, it was well run. I was planning to attend this year but as soon as it was announced it was tied up with FanExpo, that was a no go for me. Meanwhile, I got offered the opportunity to organize a tournament at CGO, Canadian Gaming Open, which is a miniature event here in ottawa mainly focused on Warmahordes. I would have preferred a date that was not the same as Nationals, but since nobody want to suffer FanExpo, I won't see any loss in attendance. At CGO, no entry fee, just tournament fee, which are a very low 15$.
  10. On September 5th 2015, at the Salaberry Armoury in Gatineau, QC, Canada, you are invited to the first National Capital X-Wing Open. For this first Edition, to celebrate the release of the Imperial Raider, we will have a Team Epic Tournament! Here are the details: Format : 400pts Team Epic (200pts per player). Each team needs to be of the same faction and have at least 2 epic points. Scum Faction can steal a Corvette or Transport from the Rebels. They can't play rebel only cards (Unique titles and crew). Entry Fee : 15$ Prizes : Wave 7 ships, FFG Tournament Kit Promos, and if we reach 10 teams, an Imperial Raider! Don’t waste time and pre-register over at : https://www.picatic.com/xwingopen2015 Facebook Event
  11. Nationals are in a month, are you going to attend? I don't expect to be as lucky as two years ago, but would be nice to see you again! I am still flying a firespray, I just learned how to use Engine Upgrade (Well I think I have)! Yeah, I am slow
  12. This February, come test your skills against the best players in the region! Multizone is proud to host their second store championship! Where : Multizone, 140, Boul. Gréber, Gatineau, Quebec j8t 6g3 When: February 21st, 2014. Registration starts at 10am, tournament starts at 11am. How Much : 10$, everyone get a free Soontir Fel alt Art Prizes : Dice bags, Trophy plate, Focus Token sets! Format : 100pts dogfight, standard FFG Rules. Wave 6 allowed if officially released. 4 rounds of 75 min followed by a Top 4 X-Wing Store Championship
  13. The Kessel Run Cards, Comics and Games2803 St. Joseph Blvd, Ottawa, Ontario K1C 1G6 Registration: Starts at 1030, Championship starts at 12noon! PRE REGISTER HERE: http://www.kesselrungames.com/catalog/events_and_preorders/xwing_store_championship_entry/628043 5 Rounds of 75 min, 10$ entry fee Prize packs: Champion: The winner receives a Store Championship plaque and a card granting one first-round bye at a Regional Championship of the player’s choice. Top Four: The top four players each receive one set of acrylic tokens. Top Eight: The top eight players each receive one dice bag. Top Thirty-Two: The top thirty-two players each receive one alternate art card. Kessel Run Store Championship!
  14. That's the way to beat Han, kill the escorts and win on points or make him engage you. However, the rules changes in the final. It's untimed. That's something I don't understand, why change the rules for the last match? Suddenly your perfectly viable strategy to beat fat Han goes down the drain. Han will just continue to evade you while taking shots that eventually will bring you down. Oh, and please ban the protocol droid!
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