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    bobh got a reaction from Lynata in Starship Construction Utility RTSU v1.41 Published   
    RTSU is a utility spreadsheet Compatible with Excel and Open Office.
    You can download the new version at the bottom of the following page: Rogue Trader Ship Utilities
    You select the ship hull, components and weapons and it spits out a complete Character Sheet for the ship that you can print or use on the fly (assuming you have a computer handy). 
    The utility is fully functional. On the Player Info Input Sheet Morale, Disposition and Population can be entered & tracked in real time. All Morale and Crew effects are built into the Character Sheet and tabulated automatically. All Achievement Bonuses and Skill test bonuses/penalties are built into the sheet and appear on the Character Sheet automatically. You can now add multiple components for Barracks, luxury Quarters, Augmented Retros, and Reinforced Bulkheads.  Also Main Cargo Holds for Transports (max 5) and multiples of Compartmentalized and Cargo Hold&Lighter Bay Components, up to FIVE each. Custom Hull support added.  Now you can add a custom hull of your own and the Character Sheet will integrate it automatically. Custom Component: Stowage Bays Custom Component: Colonist Quarters by Jenk, On the fly conversion of Barracks to Colonist Quarters. Implemented IRONCLAD Ship Subtype & System Ship / Monitor Class Ship Subtype Conjectural Plasma Drive Types from Ships of the Imperial navy by BuckX to support >Cruiser Class/Hulls in CUSTOM Hull slot Dragon's Breath Lance Weapon (from LotE), Excess Void Armour & (conjectural) Excess Void Armour >Cruiser Sized Class/Hulls, Gilded Hull & (conjectural) Gilded Hull for >Cruiser sized hulls, Starcannon Cluster Battery (5/3/3, note no SP$ was given in LotE so I assigned 3 SP$ per battery, this is conjecture), Custom Components: Podded Components (Barracks and Cargo Holds) by Argus Van het and The Mimic Engine by BaronIveagh v1-41 is PUBLISHED!
    Many bug fixes and omissions from BFK added. v1-40r73 is FINISHED!
    All components, hulls and weapons added.  Craftsmanship is not yet included.  Please help me error check.  There is a NOTES page to give you an idea of how some things were done and why.  v1-40r09 is finished.
    This version adds everything for ships from the Into the Storm Supplement, some fixes and cleanup of the sheets.
    New Hulls: LOKI, ORION, COBRA, FIRESTORM (cleared up my guesses), SECUTOR, LATHE, TYRANT. Background Packages: Thulian Explorator Vessel, Reaver of the Unbeholden Reaches, Veteran of the Angevin Crusade, Vessel of the Fleet, Planet-bound for Millennia. Essential Components:  Plasma Drives: Jovian Pattern, 'Warcruiser' Drive,  Jovian Pattern, 'Warcruiser' Drive, Lathe Pattern, 2a Drive, Lathe Pattern, 2b 'Escort' Drive.  Warp Engines: Markov 1 and Markov 2.  Gellar Fields: Emergency Field.  Void Shields: Repulsor Shield, Repulsor Shield Array.  Ship's Bridge: Exploration Bridge.  Crew Quarters: Clan-Kin Quarters, Cold Quarters.  Supplemental Components: Macrobatteries: Jovian Pattern Missile Battery, Lathe Pattern Grav-Culverin Broadside, Mezoa Pattern Macrocannons, Pyros Melta-Cannons, Sunsear Las-Broadside.  Lances: Sunhammer Lance, Sunhammer Lance Battery.  Cargo & Passenger Compartments: Shadowblind Bays, Xenos Habitats, Augments & Enhancements:  Auxiliary Plasma Banks, "Storm" Drop Pod Launch Bays, Empyrean Mantle, Reinforced Prow, Additional Facilities: Arboretum, Asteroid Mining Facility, Astropathic Choir Chambers, Broadband Hymn-Casters. Archeotech Components: Castellan Shield, Castellan Shield Array, Cogitator Interlink, Energistic Conversion Matrix, Gyro-Stabilization Matrix, Staravar Laser Macrobattery, Star-Flare Lance. Ship Upgrades:  Atomics, Cherubim Aerie, Crew Improvements, Ostentatious Displays of Wealth, Servitor Crew, Starchart Collection, Stormtrooper Detachment, Turbo Weapon Batteries, Vaulted Ceilings. Reworked the sheet to allow for more drives in the future, included the four in ItS  Added conjectural Castellan Triple (BC+) and Quad (BB+) Void Shield Arrays  Added conjectural Repulsor Triple (BC+) and Quad (BB+) Void Shield Arrays  Consolidated Bridge of Antiquity under Ships Bridge Drop down on BUILD page.  Removed Check Box under Archeotech for Bridge of Antiquity.  Completely reworked the logic and BUILD sheet down for bridge selection.  Conjectural Clan-Kin Quarters for BC+ and BB+ vessels added.  Conjectural Cold Quarters for BC+ and BB+ vessels added. Added Logic to Change Title from Machine Spirit Oddity/Past History to Background Package on Character Sheet depending on which type is chosen. If a BP is chosen only Background Package title will appear on the Character Sheet. If a Background Package and MSO/PH are chosen only the BP should appear on the Character Sheet. Added KEEL Mounts for weapons and on the fly display on character sheet when chosen. Removed many home brew weapons to make room for canon weapons (you can still use the custom weapon slot to add a favored weapon of choice). Regarding Servitor Crew:  I set it up to where Morale always ='s 100 if Servitor Crew is chosen so components that would raise or lower morale simply don't work to that end.  Crew quality numbers change and are maxed depending on what the servitor quality is as well as if there are cogitator interlinks installed. Regarding "Storm" Drop Pod Launch bays: Added ability to have multiple STORM Drop pod Launch Bays.  Character sheet now automatically calculates pod total and strategic turn launch total of multiple Drop Pod Launch Bays.
      v1-38 adds:
    FIRESTORM Hull Base Stats updated. Added all weapons from Ships of the Imperium version 1.2 (Battleship Grade Weapons, Torpedoes, Nova Cannon and Launch Bays) Added THREE weapon slots for a total of EIGHT. This will accommodate nearly all large ships including Imperial Battleships. Several Bug Fixes  v1-39 adds:
    RTSU Version 1-39 is up and ready for use at MakeWarNotLove
    Update June 4 to 6 - version 1-39 is up
    Added: Forbidden Lore (Xenos) modifiers appear on character sheet when Xeno tech chosen for ship Fixed Augmented Retro Thrusters Calculations for Custom Ship Hull Added a CUSTOM weapon slot as requested in the 2nd RTSU Custom Component Thread on FFG Added fluff about each CUSTOM Component to ENTER PLAYER INFO page Added FIVE Custom Components from the 2nd RTSU Component Contest. Thanks again to all the contributors in the Component Contest for the following custom Components now integrated into the RTSU:
    Drop Pod Bays by Alasseo Manufactorium by Quicksilver (Archeotech) Fission Genarium by Konrad von Richtmark Kass Immaterium Navigation Cogitator or Kass INC by Jenk (Xenotech) Apothecarium by Konrad von Richtmark Coming soon: The THIRD COMPONENT CONTEST.  Enter and maybe you can have your home brew component entered into the RTSU's next version!
    Comments and criticism wanted
     Example of Character Sheet Output:

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