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  1. See, we're not assuming it won't happen, we're complaining that it isn't happening now. Instant Gratification, Rarr!!! See, the difference? Now, that being said, I'm just hoping the abhumans are in the IG book. Who wouldn't want to play an A-Team style Ogryn squad? Bonehead squad leader = Hannibal, sounds good, right?
  2. It looks like you're referring to setting in a geographical sense. I'm not talking Jericho reach, etc. Perhaps I'm using the wrong word for it, but I'm referring to the socio-political setting. (i.e. the Imperium.) So yes, I do know what that setting is. Did you even read the rest of my post, or did you just decide, "ah ha, another ignorant hater, I shall shout him down with my brilliant rhetoric!" From the product announcement: "players take on the roles of soldiers in the Imperial Guard, the galaxy-spanning armies of the God-Emperor. Fully compatible with FFG’s other Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay titles, this comprehensive game system explores a previously unseen side of life in the Imperium of Man." As I pointed out in the paragraph following the one you quoted, I'm getting tired of the imperium-centric 40k systems. I'd like to see something from the xenos view, wherein the humans are in the monstrous creatures book. To answer your number 2 point, THAT is the difference I am seeking. Less Imperium, more rest of the galaxy. Hell, gimme a game with the demiurg or the hrud as the primary focus, I just don't want to see the humans at center stage in this, the fifth offering from the 40k IP. A rich and varied IP full of numerous races, not just humans. I posted, not to piss and moan about the game. Hell, I own the core book for each of the others and will most likely pick this one up as well. In a thread of people with complaints regarding the game, I wanted to voice mine as I hadn't seen it in the vain hopes that someone at FFG reads these forums and maybe somewhere Ork: The RPG is being discussed as having at least one or two people interested in playing it. the tl;dr version of all of that: If this was a Star Trek RPG and FFG had put out a book for the original series, one for Next Gen, one for Voyager and one for Deep Space 9, and were just announcing the upcoming Enterprise system, I'd be the guy asking, "When do I get the Klingon Empire game?"
  3. I see some folks saying "Don't like it, Don't buy it." That's a valid point. To the cost concerns, I see some folks countering (Radwraith above me even) with the cost of video games. "I'm buying the same rules over and over" has been responded to by pointing out that in each subsequent setting, those rules have been revised and improved upon. All interesting points and counterpoints. The part that grinds my gears, (To borrow a segment from Peter Griffin) is that this setting/offering doesn't appear to be significantly different enough from previous offerings to warrant the attention it is receiving. To clarify further, (or muddle things up with another analogy even) what I'm saying is that this book seems like a bit more of the same, painting over the fence in a new color, or reskinning the game as opposed to building more fence or growing the brand as it were. I'd like to have seen the writers, developers, playtesters, etc… focus their energies/monies/time on bringing to life more of the galaxy at large and less of the Imperium, re-hashed. Does that mean I want to see a tyranid or necron book, no I think they make better bad guys. However, the Orks and the Tau (and yes, maybe even the eldar to you pointy-eared space-elf freaks out there) could be fleshed out and expanded upon more. I think an all ork system would be huge amounts of fun. Replace Infamy with TEEF and everyone's ballistic skill is crap, but, you could have weird boys and minders and grots and herders and meks and if beggars were horses, something about wishes. I understand that the Only War system is a separate entity from DH, RT, DW and BC. I understand that it is where FFG and GW chose to spend that R&D money. Does that mean I have to be happy about it? Of course not, and this being the internet, I'm here to tell all of you guys how sad it makes me and Eeyore to be offered another Imperium-centric game. =( There, I said it. To the folks who're looking forward to this game, grats, I hope you like it. To FFG, here's hoping this game's a success for you and that sometime in the future you'll be writing the "Greater Good", or "Bashin' Fings" books I'd like to see.
  4. Bummer. Ah well, Now that we have mutiple Old Ones, I'm changing my scoring names to indicate w/L and which old one, so I can keep track of who each game was against.
  5. I haven't seen that graphic novel, but I have read a couple of the Black Library's others (the sister and the titan ones) and they aren't bad at all. Good art and good story to them. Would be cool to see if anyone's drawn something up like them. There's that Lord Inquisitor fan film in the works and there's a webcomic on a space wolf blog that are both fairly interesting. Google helps in finding both. (Lord inquisitor short film and Wolf and sister comic are the 2 search phrases I used.)
  6. Sounds great. Many thanks for the info. I'll be checking those out as I have a buddy with all the DH books handy.
  7. Very cool. Our game could use more visuals.
  8. Hygric said: ...and I have learnt the hard way to pretty much ignore anything that says "see page xxx". How true, and sad, that statement is.
  9. I haven't really looked at it yet, but I was wondering about the benefits of taking a minion with the demonic trait and whether or not that would help with making a Demon weapon or how those 2 would interact.
  10. I've own the core book from each of the 40k systems (DH, RT, DW and BC) but I've never looked at any of the adventure modules. Black Crusade is easily my favorite of the systems, however, and I was wondering if there were any adventure modules from the other systems that would make good chaos adventures. I'm looking for ones that could be easily adapted to star the chaos party instead of their respective game system's heroes. -or- Adventures that were great for the imperials and it would be fun to play a chaos group performing the prequel events, thereby setting up the adventure in the book. -or- Adventures where the Chaos players could take on the role of the NPCs in the adventure and what would have been an imperial party can be the NPCs hounding their steps. Thanks,
  11. I see it like this: The whole galaxy's against these guys. The Imperium hates them. Xenos races don't like them because they're either: A.) Humans and therefore part of the Imperium (from the xenos perspective) which screams Kill the Xenos as it wades in to destroy. -or- B.) Servants of the Great Enemy (this would usually be an Eldar perspective) bent on the destruction of everything. And it's not like there's any unity in chaos: "Let's team up against the Imperium, mm'kay?" "No, you wear green on thursday! I sore an oath to Tzeentch to kill you! RAHHHH!" Something like that. So, with everyone against them, they need some potent tools to assist in survival, otherwise they'd be back on the side of some intergalactic lane of travel gasping out their last breath after having been shoved out an airlock, or something. Hence the above average starting gear and the 2 auto-includes of the -10 acquisition roll pieces of gear. "Ok, so once those are sorted out, how do we get more stuff?" Infamy. A stat that starts out with unaltered rolls failing three fourths of the time. Even looking for a single common item, you'll only find it barely more than half the time you attempt it. I guess, to make a long story shorter, what I'm saying is, "I don't really see the bump in quality of starting gear all that imbalanced as that gear's gotta last a good while in most cases." -My $.02
  12. @deepstriker In the Tabletop at least, Every close combat weapon wielded by the Grey Knights is a Nemesis Force Weapon. From the paired sabers that give extra attacks to the Great Sword the Termies Carry to the Dreadknight's ginormous Hammer/Sword. So yes, there are large Nemesis weapons, but there are small ones too.
  13. It definitely illustrates the volatile nature of the weapon on the tabletop. I dig it. With great power comes great... ouchies?
  14. No problem. That's basically what our champion does for us. He runs around with the feral humans we obtained in Broken Chains, charging our enemies and making a ton of noise while we accomplish the mission goals.
  15. Ancient warrior states that "Long war weaponry is also easier for him to obtain" and "all weapons with the word "Legion" in the title". It doesn't actually mention armor. However, if your GM is okay with it... The math then would be: Legion Terminator armor is Near-Unique, which imposes a -50 penalty. Ancient Warrior bonus would take it to Extremely Rare which is a -30 Penalty. As it's a single item, there's a +10 and Poor Quality adds a further +10 making it -10 total and therefore obtainable. Should your GM not allow it, check into the Wealth pride. It allows an extra acquisition test with a +20 bonus prior to beginning play. As an aside, our game/s champion has found that Terminator armor comes with its own inherent penalties. He's a huge target. He draws fire from just about everything which is fine with the rest of us. Takes the heat off a bit. He can do nothing agility related. Terminator armor restricts you from running and dodging and imposes a -20 penalty to agility. So, he becomes hulking which adds 1 to his speed for movement purposes, but the 2 point loss to ag bonus puts him at a net loss of 1 so he's charging slower and taking longer to get places, not to mention acting slower since he's 2 points down on initiative as well. Poor quality armor imposes a -10 penalty to all agility tests so he's now at a -30 to any of the agility skills (Acrobatics, Operate, Stealth). As well as the talents that are impacted directly by this like Assassin Strike, Catfall and Rapid Reaction. And any of the talents that allow for additional movement, bonus charge, etc are indirectly impacted due to the reduction in movement.
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