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  1. Is this possibly more of a Hyperspace than Extended issue? Certainly looking at the recent Space Jam events, there seems to be a real mix of list archetypes around, and (Separatists aside) just spamming generics doesn't seem to be particularly dominant. There's not been much in the way of Hyperspace events recently, so it's harder to get a clear idea of what's going on there. (I'm not suggesting that Extended is the one true way either, Hyperspace is definitely my preferred way to play X-Wing.)
  2. Boba is very firmly at the top of Extended as well. The recent Space Jam online event had two Boba/Dengar lists in the top 4 (including the overall winner), and four Boba Fetts in the top 16. He seems to be able to go toe to toe with the best Extended has to offer.
  3. Tucker with Proton Rockets is a decent 36 points, and thanks to his pilot ability very easily feeding him the focus he needs, you can either improve his survivability by taking an Evade or really push the threat of the Prockets with a Lock. It's not the most efficient way of spending points, but having tried it in a couple of games he's enough of a threat to not be easily ignored.
  4. Got to be the classic Cartel Marauder Kihraxz, it's a bargain points-wise, and probably the best looking ship in the game. Plus, five of them with Contraband Cybernetics is a neat 200 points!
  5. Pretty much every Store Championship I've seen in the UK has been a single day event, so certainly here one day seems to be the norm. Agreed that 8 rounds of X-Wing is too much to fit into a single day, but people just aren't keen on splitting events over two days unless it's Regional/Prime level or above. The Store Championship closest to me was only 18 players, which gave us 4 rounds of Swiss (reasonable) but still a top 8 cut (which seemed a little odd).
  6. It's a Grand Championship, so it's using the Extended format.
  7. I've played against a lot of Vulture swarms, but haven't actually played one myself (only having four Vultures being a big part of that). As a result, I can offer some vaguely sensible advice on how to attack them (or at least what's worked for me to date), but not how to pilot them.
  8. He does, but Fenn makes those I6s worry a great deal. Against most lists, the plan is generally to make your opponent have to deal with Fenn, and by the time Fenn is dead Boba should be in a strong enough position to close out the match. Against other I6s, Fenn can herd them away from Boba or into bad spots, as even the most durable of aces worries about a range 1 shot from Fenn.
  9. This is a moderately tooled up version of the list - you'll often see Fearless trimmed off Boba for a bigger bid, or some other tweaks in terms of upgrades, but this is a good core to have in mind. Drop Fearless and swap Protons for Seismics, and you're looking at a 21 point bid. Fenn Rau (68) Fearless (3) Boba Fett (85) Fearless (3) Maul (12) Proton Bombs (5) Contraband Cybernetics (2) Hull Upgrade (5) Slave I (1) Total: 184 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  10. There's a few Hyperspace variants of the Vulture swarm kicking around. The one I've seen most frequently, and probably the closest to the Sear swarm uses O-66 as the relay carrier. 0-66 (51) General Grievous (3) Hull Upgrade (3) TA-175 (9) Trade Federation Drone (19) Trade Federation Drone (19) Trade Federation Drone (19) Trade Federation Drone (19) Trade Federation Drone (19) Trade Federation Drone (19) Trade Federation Drone (19) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Grievous crew plus the Hull Upgrade means that it takes at least a couple of turns of dedicated shooting to kill O-66, and the fact that he's a droid ups the benefits of TA-175 into the bargain. I've also seen a version of this squad that swaps out Grievous and the Hull Upgrade on the Vultures for Grappling Struts on all of the Vultures.
  11. I've been playing around with a couple of lists using Mag-Pulse Warheads recently, which are an upgrade I'm surprised we're not seeing more of. Mag-Pulse Quickdraw and friends “Quickdraw” (45) Mag-Pulse Warheads (6) Special Forces Gunner (10) Fire-Control System (2) Major Vonreg (57) Kylo Ren (76) Total: 196 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 This is a list with a very strong game against lists with four or fewer ships from my experience with it. The Mag-Pulse Warheads mean that Quickdraw can really heavily reduce the damage output of one ship, notably improving the chances of triggering her ability more than once. Kylo is Kylo, and absolutely needs to be dealt with, which means Vonreg gets to take advantage of the fact that your opponent is probably prioritising the other two ships in the list. Mag-Pulse Warheads also have some synergy with Kylo's I'll Show You The Dark Side condition, giving you a really reliable way of pushing a crit through if used at the right moment. Leia, Luke, and Jake Leia Organa (79) Instinctive Aim (1) Mag-Pulse Warheads (6) Luke Skywalker (62) Proton Torpedoes (13) R3 Astromech (3) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Jake Farrell (36) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 A very slightly modified version of a list @Oli_186th featured on his stream, this is a list that feels like it had a lot of potential, although I've only put it on the table once so far. Jake's a great bit of action efficiency, Proton Torpedoe Luke is pretty scary (with R3 giving him an extra lock for later), and the Mag-Pulse on Leia means that you can largely just set her mobile arcs to the side and not have to move them for the rest of the game. Mag-Pulse is once again being used as something of a defensive upgrade here, reducing the amount of damage Leia is likely to take thanks to Jam and Deplete. You don't really want to have to use Instinctive Aim, but it does give you some options against lists with the bid or I6 pilots.
  12. Triple Silencer lists are amazingly fun to play. Deeply unforgiving if you make a mistake and lose one early, but they can do so much. Plus there's a lot to love in the combo of Fanatical and Optics.
  13. Following up on my post about the Avenger swarm above (Fanatical Avenger, Lt. Rivas, two Zeta Squadron Surviors, two Epsilon Squadron Cadets), I won a 20ish player Store Championship with it over the weekend. I don't have the exact points I scored for each game, but I can give a rough indication of how much I won or lost by. Round 1 - Fearless Fenn Rau plus three Zealous Recruits. I made some mistakes is my opening and lost a TIE/fo for no damage on any of the Fangs, but then managed to progressively wear them down over the remainder of the game. The TIE/sfs were a huge asset here, with their rear arcs denying Concordia Faceoff. Game went to time, but I'd taken out Fenn and one of the Recruits, and halved another without loosing too much in exchange. About a 60 point lead to me at the end of the game. Round 2 - Five CLT Jedi Knights. My only loss of the day - he'd got enough of a bid to be able to move after all of my ships, and I was struggling to put damage through his Force-modified 3 Agility. I took out two Jedi, but I'd lost too much when time was called, and if I'm honest my opponent really was outflying me quite conclusively. I was behind by about 60ish points at the end of the match. Round 3 - Foresight Vader, Duchess, and Rear Admiral Chiraneau with Novice Technician, Dauntless and a Hull Upgrade. Interesting game, with Chiraneau soaking several ships' worth of firepower at range 3 for only the loss of a single shield, but my opponenet was a little over cautious with Duchess and flew her into a corner in such a way that I could get all of my ships covering the places she could be the next turn. Taking out Duchess early took a lot of pressure off the rest of my list, which forced Vader to play hit and run a lot more than he would have liked. Sadly Chiraneau survived on 1 hull remaining (thanks to the Hull Upgrade) when time was called, but I was still ahead by about 50 points. Round 4 - Boba and Koshka with an assortment of upgrades (the list that won the UK System Open, but not the same player). My opponent did a great opening against me and used the obstacles well to screen his ships from my shots, but my green dice cooperated enough to stop him from killing anything in the early game. I got both Firesprays to half for the loss of only one TIE/fo and half points on another and an SF, and then managed to keep the pressure on despite Koshka pulling off a very nice Rigged Cargo Chute plus Proton Bomb combo over two turns. I killed Boba shortly before time, putting me about 80ish points in the lead. Top 8 - Cova, Kaz, and Poe. Poe and Kaz broke wide to flank into my list, and I let them to kill Cova over the course of a couple of turns of fire. Kaz got caught by Rivas (who's a fan of any ship that gets disarm tokens on the regular) and the rear arcs of my SFs, who put enough damage into him to effectively switch off his pilot ability for the rest of the game. 200-60ish to me. Top 4 - Cova, Kaz, Black Squadron Ace, Red Squadron Expert. My opponent jousted into my TIEs, while Avenger feinted to go in with them, then peeled off to the side to tackle Kaz as he came through the clear path through obstacles in the centre of the board. As with the previous game, landing enough damage into Kaz early on meant I could ignore him for a bit while I tackled the rest of his list, with the Black Squadron Ace and Cova dying in rapid succession. The Red Squadron Expert lived notably longer than I wanted, but I mopped up him and Kaz to only minimal losses. 200-50ish to me. Final - O-66 with TA-175, Grievous crew, and a Hull Upgrade plus 7 Trade Federation Drones. My opponent won the roll off for choice of first player (as we were tied for points), and chose to move first, which I knew was going to make my life difficult. I lost Rivas early on for minimal damage into O-66 and leaving a Vulture on 1 hull, then lost an SF and FO in rapid succession for a chunk of damage on O-66 and leaving another Vulture on 1 hull. I managed to trade my last SF for O-66, leaving me in the tough spot of Avenger and a half-pointed FO for all seven Vultures still on the board. Then Avenger and Epsilon Squadron Cadet #2 both powered up. #2 managed to one-shot a Vulture at Range 1 thanks to a lucky crit, and Avenger took out one of the damaged Vultures with a long-range shot. #2 then refused to die for several turns, bumping into Vultures to deny shots while still having arcs on others, and (if I'm honest) getting some pretty lucky green dice into the mix. Avenger broke off and re-engaged while this was going on, and managed to spread a little more damage across the Vultures before #2 finally died. This left Avenger in a not great 5 on 1 situation, but some cautious positioning plus losing his last shield to switch Fanatical on meant he could start to do work and he took out two more Vultures over the course of several turns of frantic arc dodging. We then realised that three Vultures were 57 points, and Fanatical Avenger was 58 point, putting me 1 points (and 1 hull off half points) ahead. This changed the game dynamic a lot... I tucked myself in behind one of the gas clouds my opponent had brought to soak some long range firepower, then used it to screen me from two of the Vultures while I went all in on a range 1 shot on another, which fortunately killed it. With my opponent only having two Vultures left and being down on points, it was pretty straightforward to mop up from there, netting me the win. An absolutely epic game, and one I thought I'd badly lost around turn 3. It's a heck of a list, all told, and Avenger is a really key component of it. I'd wholeheartedly recommend it!
  14. Jarval

    First Orders tool box

    I'm a big fan of Advanced Optics on generic SFs - it makes their two dice attacks remarkably consistent, and the double arcs gives them great time on target and makes them harder to arc dodge than most low Initiative ships. As other people have said above, Optics on mass is really efficient on low Initiative ships. You're only likely to spend your focus defensively on one ship unless your opponent is splitting their fire (which is probably a win for you anyway), which leaves your ships firing last free to spend their focus to maximum effect. In general I like Advanced Optics more than Fanatical on the SF. Don't get me wrong, Fanatical is a fantastic upgrade, but the SF has a poor shield to hull ratio to get the most benefit from it.
  15. @AceDogbert - Nicely done on the 5-1! Agreed that Fangs are very tricky to deal with, although the rear arcs on the SFs help a bit with that. Fangs get quite sad when they realise that Concordia Faceoff doesn't help there... I'm really interested to give the Avenger plus quad Optic Zetas a try, that sounds like a lot of fun, and a huge amount of arc coverage. SFs have fantastic time on target, although I'm always a little slower than I should be when it comes to actually doing that s-loop to turn them around.
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