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  1. You're welcome. I am always happy to answer a Cosmic Encounter question.
  2. I have confirmed that Fire Dancer's power would trigger.
  3. The answer is not as obvious as I previously thought. I have asked Just a Bill at Boardgamegeek.com, who is an authority on Cosmic. My thought is that, because this effect is tied to encounter resolution, Fire Dancer's power would trigger. I can see the opposite view also, that it is only indirectly tied to encounter resolution, and that the identity of a Morph is "Morph", not "Attack Card", so I am not sure. I will let you know when I receive a response. Below is from the updated FAQ, with clarifications from Just a Bill.
  4. I can answer the first question. A Cosmic Zap only zaps parts of a power that follow "may use this power" or "use this power". Some parts of powers are not subject to Cosmic Zap, so it is not possible to zap the last paragraph of Fire Dancer. The token may be activated. There are other powers that have abilities that are not subject to Cosmic Zap. One example that comes to mind is Zombie's ability to free other's tokens from the warp as part of a deal. Note that if a power has been Cosmic Zapped legally earlier in a challenge (e.g. Zombie was Cosmic Zapped after being Plagued so that it loses three tokens), that power cannot be used for the rest of the challenge, even for those parts that cannot be Cosmic Zapped directly, so Zombie would not be able to free other's tokens that same challenge. After some research, I can answer the second question in my next post.
  5. I would put the ships on my alien power card. I believe there are powers that use this mechanic when taking ships.
  6. adomanim, I believe you are responding to a different post. Cosmic Encounter is a board/card game that does not have docks.
  7. I agree with The Warp about the reward deck.
  8. The optional rules we have played with are tech, space stations, the rewards deck, and the alliance dials. We do not play with tech or space stations any more, because we did not think they add to the game.
  9. Is Demon the same as the original Eon version?
  10. Cosmic Encounter has been my favorite game by far for over 35 years. I thought nothing would be better than the Eon version, but I like the Fantasy Flight version more. Unfortunately, one person in my game group does not like it. Fortunately, he shows up three or four hours later than everyone else for our monthly Saturday game days, so I still have a chance to play sometimes.
  11. If you mean that you do not have any colonies, your ships go to the warp. If it is the beginning of your turn, you may put four ships in the cone.
  12. No, you never have to discard your cards at the end of your turn unless there is a power or card that forces you to do so. I was talking about only the situation you asked about: what to do when you start your turn with no encounter cards. I should have made that clear.
  13. You do not have to play them. You have to either play them or discard them. For example, you would not want to play Mobius Tubes if you had no ships in the warp. For each card you have in your hand, you have to decide whether to play it (if it is possible to be played at the beginning of a turn) or discard it. Once you have done that with all of your cards, you get a new eight-card hand, keeping none of the cards you had before your turn started.
  14. I believe that you do not reshuffle the deck until someone needs a card. I will double check when I have my copy of the game handy.
  15. The Force Field card stops any allies the player who played it wants to stop. Force Field takes precedence over powers.
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