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  1. Is Demon the same as the original Eon version?
  2. Cosmic Encounter has been my favorite game by far for over 35 years. I thought nothing would be better than the Eon version, but I like the Fantasy Flight version more. Unfortunately, one person in my game does not like it. Fortunately, he shows up three or four hours later than everyone else for our monthly Saturday game days, so I still have a chance to play sometimes.
  3. If you mean that you do not have any colonies, your ships go to the warp. If it is the beginning of your turn, you may put four ships in the cone.
  4. No, you never have to discard your cards at the end of your turn unless there is a power or card that forces you to do so. I was talking about only the situation you asked about: what to do when you start your turn with no encounter cards. I should have made that clear.
  5. You do not have to play them. You have to either play them or discard them. For example, you would not want to play Mobius Tubes if you had no ships in the warp. For each card you have in your hand, you have to decide whether to play it (if it is possible to be played at the beginning of a turn) or discard it. Once you have done that with all of your cards, you get a new eight-card hand, keeping none of the cards you had before your turn started.
  6. I believe that you do not reshuffle the deck until someone needs a card. I will double check when I have my copy of the game handy.
  7. The Force Field card stops any allies the player who played it wants to stop. Force Field takes precedence over powers.
  8. Any time a ship is put on the planet, it is landing. Besides your regroup phase, more examples are putting ships on a colony after they allied with the winning defensive side, ships released by Mobius Tubes, ships placed on a colony after a successful deal, ships being swapped for each other by a flare (I cannot remember which one), and ships being returned after completing a tech card. There might be other examples I have missed.
  9. That is correct. You place your Alien Sheet face down so that knowledge of your alien does not affect other players' decisions about which aliens they will choose. We play a hidden power variant, in which you do not reveal your power until you use it, unless it is a set up power, which would be revealed at the start of the game. Some powers are stronger using this variant than they would be without it, notably powers with alternate winning conditions, like Masochist or Genius.
  10. If you go to boardgamegeek.com, make sure you go to the thread titled "The Cosmodex 2.0". It is thorough, well thought out, should answer most questions you have, and is easy to find. If you Google cosmodex, it is the first site listed.
  11. I thought so. I just wanted to make sure. My post was a case of posting before thinking.
  12. Player C may not ally with player B because player B did not invite allies. The Tripler does not affect his opponent's card. His attack cards above 10 are divided by three, rounding up. As you suspect, that is usually not handy. Tripler's power makes his low cards more valuable, while making his higher cards less valuable. This is actually useful in normal circumstances because there are more cards with a value of 10 or below than with a value of above 10. It is not unusual for powers to have some negative side effects.
  13. I just read the alien power Mouth from the upcoming expansion. Does anyone have any idea if Mouth gets to choose the card that is belched up, or is it random?
  14. Loser cannot play the Loser Wild. Loser can only play the Loser Super. Also, why did Loser call an upset when he had a 40? What was his opponent's power?
  15. The original poster played the Macron flare. Another player, who was the Vulch, played the Filch flare to steal the Macron flare. A third player played a Card Zap to zap the Filch flare. The Vulch player picked up the discarded Card Zap and tried to use it to zap the Macron flare. The original poster seemed to want to know if this violated any timing rules. I did not think it did because Vulch can be used in any phase as soon as an edict artifact card is discarded, but I was not sure, so I did not respond.