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  1. Reilly2

    Sisters of Silence

    Oh well. Do one thing if a girl wants to play a Space Marine not being a "true" male character (I know it might sound crazy or little off, but what the heck, it suits the fluff): Let each player think she's playing a Space Marine. Yes, a male one. BUT actually, she will be a Callidus Assassin who changed form into a Space Marine (Temple Assassins are at least on par with Space Marines as far as body conditions are concerned) upon the moment of infiltration of Deathwatch (for the reason to come up with) and stays in that form all the time (her memory may trigger some hidden agenda, like the class Infil-traitor in RH, like searching Deathwatch database or the like - well, anything, that if detected, may arouse fellow Brothers' suspicions). I know it's crazy, but it doesn't violate the fluff, and might work well, if the GM and the player can play it accordingly.
  2. Reilly2

    Black Fanged Skull on a Red Pauldron...

    ZillaPrime said: I would sooner empty my boltgun into a so-called "13th Company" mongrel. Ten thousand years inside the Eye makes them exactly two things: Tainted and traitors! They bear the clear and undeniable mark of filthy Chaos beastmen upon their warped and twisted bodies. What wanton mockery of the Holy human form! Best to wipe them all out and burn the remains to ash, lest any corrupted Geneseed escape your righteous purification! PURGE THE UNCLEAN! Be so kind and kill Abaddon on the way.
  3. It works exactly how you described it. Just remember about rolling for the affected one to resist this power, as severity of this test may vary depending on situation - battle frenzied mutant or badly wounded one should get bonuses to the test, especially when it's a matter of life and death for the antagonist. Don't be afraid to give +20 or even +30 to the WP test of the antagonist if you deem the situation demands it. But if the WP test is failed, then your players can do as they did. One thing - I guess it affects the antagonist in its turn, so a PC, unless disengaging, cannot walk away from the mutant because the mutant would still gain the extra attack (I'll repeat - unless he disengaged). And there is one more thing - remember that the antagonist still makes a swing or shoots, which can have unpleasant conequences for anybody in proximity. Keep that in mind. An accidental bullet finding their way to one of the players (or an axe swing which is so broad that it touches a PC) will keep them careful with using the power.
  4. Reilly2

    Thy Name I Keep

    You may do something like this: Daemon let the character know part of its name, but with time it may turn out that the Daemon actually has its own sceme and such an Adept only helps him fulfill it. (It's somehow similar to Eisenhorn's relation with Cherubael.)
  5. Reilly2

    Step Aside

    I says it gives you a second reaction that may only be used to dodge. So yes. You can use your Reaction to parry, and Step Aside to Dodge against another attack in the round. You can even spend reaction to parry/dodge, then dodge with step aside and then parry with wall of steel, I guess. But that one needs support from the others.
  6. Ech, ok. No way to nerf that Power with logic. <surrender>
  7. Reilly2

    Thy Name I Keep

    I guess it's up to you to decide. I'd say he only starts with this beneficial side of the Pact, but with time it may turn out that he is more and more affected by whatever power he deals with. Of course Corruption points should apply normally.
  8. With strange physiology I meant no actual vital spots in their bodies. It's very difficult to harm a Horror or Flamer of Tzeentch. Only that. But I agree with you. My only concern was that Force Barrage was jack of all trades - players having such a weapon won't think of more inventive solutions to use with telekinesis.
  9. Reilly2

    Reference Sheet?

    Really? Thank you. It made me feel much better.
  10. Maybe that was a trial to logic it out. It seems just plain stupid that a Greater Daemon of Tzeentch takes to the face just like a minor Plaguebearer as it is clearly 10 times tougher than lesser Daemons, because psychic powers negate big guy's toughness. As for the Bio-lightning - where the electricity comes from? From the life energy of the body amplified by the Warp. It's not a normal electric energy. But we may argue endlessly of how to perceive the telekinetics and affecting the real world. I'm trying to solve the situation in a different way than was already proposed. And concerning the fact, that Force Barrage is so effective that any other offensive power is pretty useless, it's another issue that it would be good to look into. There is nothing wrong in proposing different solutions - that's what the forum is about, isn't it? And if you have better idea how to fix it, Unusualsuspect, then I'll be glad to read it.
  11. But I doubt that Force Barrage directly affects your lungs - it rather breaks your ribs. It's very speculative. There is Crush Power but still - it affects the target from the outside. Even precision telekinesis must see its target like Grenade's pin. All Telekinetics powers affect target from the outside by means of physical reality. That is why I touch upon this topic. Daemon's body is protected against such attacks, not even mentioning Nurgle or Tzeentch Daemons whose bodies rather lack normal physiology. The question is: would telekinesis work in the Warp? If yes, it negates Daemon's Toughness as it is from the same source as the Daemon. If no, then the case is still open.
  12. Reilly2

    Reference Sheet?

    LeBlanc13 said: I'm pretty sure permission is only granted to photocopy the character sheet from the back of the book. FFG prefers if everyone owns their own copy of the book. I'm pretty sure what you are suggesting is considered illegal. Why not just suggest this player download the book as a torrent file? I didn't say "Photocopy the whole book and give it to them" (This is Torrent) but I just recommended photocopying some pages for the sake of a session. As far as it is your own book and you give it to the players you trust it's just photocopying the book for home use. It's the same as making a second copy not to get the original destroyed. You are allowed that, as far as you don't distibute it. Moreover, I stressed photocopying just for the use of the players, not sending it to the internet or giving it for free on the street (that means you can give it to them at the beginning of the session and collect it in the end). For the sake of not ruining own book, for endless looking at skills and talents and so on, or holding it at the front of the players at all times. What would you suggest? Writing the rules onto the piece of paper? It would be the same case. But I guess FFG's opinion in that matter would be pretty the same as yours. **** the world. <went to destroy the copies and hope his rulebook won't fall apart soon> Edit: I'd like to stress that every DH book I possess is an original from FFG, not a printed torrent or photocopied book of my friend. Every month I make myself strictly collect money to buy an original copy (because in my country it costs plenty of money especially for a student). Why? Because I love DH and I respect FFG too much not to pay for their products. I hope I made that clear. All (now gone) copies of the book were mine own and they helped me run the session - they were only for the HOME USE.
  13. Developing the discussion about Force Barrage against the Lord of Change: I'd just say, that since Telekinetics is transforming mental energy into physical force, it IS A PURE PHYSICAL FORCE, only generated differently. Ok, this is a psychic power so according to RAW it ignores Daemonic Toughness, but according to logic it's purely like a Force in Star Wars. You don't push something through the Warp (because Warp is anti-physical) but only use Warp to gather and amplify the physical energy to your push on reality. But still this is a normal physics-driven push. The same is with Force Barrage. I don't see why Daemonic Toughness should be negated since Telekinetics is a physical force against which Daemon is protected. For those that would argue that Pyrokinesis is also a physical flame - no, it's not. It's a flame generated purely via Warp, and although it can flame up objects, it comes directly from the Warp. It is not amplyfying or gathering a real flame through the Warp, but it's creating the Flame out of the Warp. The same case is with other powers like Bio-lightning. It is created specifically via Warp but only conducted through the body. So they normally affect Daemon's body, since they are of the same Warp matter as Daemon's manifestation. I'd like to ask what is your opinion on that matter. C&C welcome. It'd be good to settle this matter once a for all.
  14. Reilly2

    Reference Sheet?

    You may photocopy pages from the rulebook just for use of your players. Page 189 - Combat Actions Page 185 - Fate Points Page 130-130 - typical Ballistic Weapons Page 139 - Melee Weapons Page 145 - typical Armour Page 146-147 - typical Gear Page 148-149 - typical Drugs and Consumables Page 150-151 - typical Tools For the Psyker: Page 165-168 - Minor Psychic Powers Page 169-180 Disicpline Psychic Powers (but I'd photocopy just one Dyscipline - the one Psyker has chosen) For my players I have also photocopied their Class Advance Schemes, as well as the whole Skill and Talent sections so that they could come up with advances for their characters on their own. In short - photocopy anything a particular player may need to play and develop his/her character without much of your attention (because planning advances at the beginning of the session or at the end of it can prove to be quite time consuming). Hope that helps.
  15. Reilly2

    How to start a Dark Heresy RPG group

    It's not so hard to get players into DH. When we begun, none of my players really knew anything about the setting (well, actually two of them played Dawn of War, but still that's far away from DH) and after a few sessions they have the picture of the setting that is expanding form session to session. It's good to make players watch, for example, Blade Runner or Alien(s) to get the glimpse of what kind of dark s-f the setting covers. And then proceed. As far as the beginning adventure is concerned, everyone would recommend Edge of Darkness (to download from the Support section one the home page of DH). Hope that helps. Edit: I'd say it's rather for people about 17+ years old, as some things can be pretty rough (not only massacre scenes, but also complex and complicated politics).