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  1. I would like an answer to these two questions as well (especially the first, do multiple hit dice stack their damage?).
  2. Is it correct to assume that there will not be a Realms of Terrinoth event this year? If there won't, bummer.
  3. Yup. After both my GF and I tried multiple times to unlock her, my GF got the message that she had. Our is still locked too.
  4. Necropost Warning: Anyway, I guess Mayday is possibly going to be releasing sleeves of this size. It would be nice, but sometimes (especially early print runs) their sleeves are less than great...
  5. I am also interested in the new rule set. Soon?
  6. I quite enjoy it myself.
  7. I'm sure it will get released with Gears of War the Boardgame.
  8. olso2635

    New Rules?

    It doesn't seem like it... It took me a long whole to figure out that the "Ducal Jubilee" card was the "Game Over" card... It's posted on the Board Game Geek page though. I really don't understand why they didn't seem to have the updated rules.
  9. Yay! Just picked up a bunch of new sleeves!! Thanks FFG! I am going to pick up even more soon. Lets hope they stay in stock!
  10. Still waiting on my FLGS. (Which is just blocks away from the FFG warehouse, mind you...)
  11. Yay! *Panties Unbunched* Hopefully they can be kept in stock...
  12. olso2635

    Drakon Stinks

    My copies of Doom and the expansion smelled like vile death too. It's gotta be the board or the sealant on it. (It's not just FF games though, as my copy of Reinlander actually smelled worse.)
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