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  1. If you want background info and fluff on Terrinoth, I recommend Stephen William's Runiverse documents available at boardgamegeek. The docs contain setting info drawn from Descent, Runebound, Rune Wars and Rune Age. He did stop updating it in 2012, so it doesn't contain anything that was added by BL2. The docs included in the ZIP have background info on races, monsters, locations, etc. Some aspects of the setting are fairly generic, but it's far from the worst I've played in or read.Note; you have to be a boardgamegeek member to download files from their website.
  2. I don't know if anyone here is aware of this, but GMT Games + Richard Borg recently announced Commands & Colors Medieval. I'm an owner of BL 1st Ed. who followed the series through its transition from Days of Wonder to FFG. IIRC, when FFG purchased the rights for the BL series from DoW, it was actually a license for using the C&C system for anything Medieval themed as well as fantasy, as that's what BL was; a medieval/historical fantasy hybrid. That GMT has now collaborated with Borg to do the initial design of C&C:M (it's already cleared the 500 preorder requirement & scheduled for production), leads me to believe that FFG may have allowed the license to lapse a while back. I'm not at all surprised to see BL2 offered at deep discounts in a holiday season sale, as that fits the pattern of BL1 and BoW before they were officialy discontinued. Lots of fans of BL1 also wanted an Elf faction -albeit more of a Euro/Celtic flavored one- but never got it, so I think I understand your pain despite not being a BL2 collector.
  3. Yes, yes FFG please do release a co-op app! I own the 2004 edition and it's expansion and have no intention of buying this edition, so free apps are always great. I wouldn't even mind if I had to change some rules on the fly to compensate for differences in the newer edition. Heck I'd even pay a nominal fee for said app. Bottom line, anything would be an improvement over the unbalanced 1VsMany of the original.
  4. Since no one replied yet, I will despite it being weeks later - no unfortunately there isn't a Vassal module. I really wish there was as I'd love to play with wargaming buddies that no longer live near me. I've always been surprised that no one has created one; perhaps the publisher has blocked it in the past. Don
  5. myrm said: I always assumed it was related to the exploits of Cadwallon ap Cadfan - he essentially managed to take over Bernicia and Deira.... Yup, that was always my guess as to why that high VP bonus for the Welsh existed.
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