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  1. Does a character receive their innate class bonus without investing in the particular skill? For example, I create an acrobatic warrior, but opt to not invest any DP into the "Style" secondary skill. The class dictates that I receive +10 to the skill at each level. During creation does this automatically add 10 to its ability, thereby negating the -30 that would be associated for that check? Furthermore, if an innate bonus would give you a +5 but the related upper provides a -5 "natural bonus" would the -30 be applied for not having any aptitude, or would you make the roll at zero? Edit* Additional Question. Since the freelance class adds +10 to 5 different secondary abilities, could he only add those bonuses if he invested in 5 different secondary abilities?
  2. I am working through the core rule book, and have come across a potential issue. On pg 112 of the core rulebook, under The Paths and Magic Level section, it says that a character knows spells based on his magic level invested in the path. So if you had 50 magic levels invested in light, you would know the first 25 spells on the light path. However, on pg 117 under spell descriptions it says that "Level: This number represents the magic level characters must invest in order to use the spell. For Example, a spellacaster with a magic level of 40 in a specific path would know all the spells of the path up to that level..." The conflict I am seeing is that with the first case, the first 25 spells in a path, would make those spells around level 60. Could you cast those spells even though the magic invested in the path is only 50? The first section (pg 112) states that you know the first x amount of spells where x is half the invested ML where , where as the second section pg 117 says that you only know all the spells equal to your ML invested. So which is it? Are you able to cast level 60 spells with only 50 ML invested (as would seem indicated in the first section) or are you only ever able to cast spells equal to your ML invested ( as would seem indicated in the second section)? This of course excludes free access spells that have their own rules. What am I missing here? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Thank You! That would make more sense. I appreciate the help.
  4. i am fairly new to the game and am working with the core rule book. I have Dominus Exett but have only read a little bit of it. The issue in question comes from my confusion with the rules on pg 98 of the original core rule book under "Technique Execution" My question is, when is accumulated Ki lost? The specific issue I am thinking of is using multiple techniques in a round. Say a character has accumulated enough ki for two abilities that enhance attack, and a character has multiple attacks. Would all of the accumulated ki be lost in the first attack, even though the attacks occur as a single active action?* * Edit, I already found an answer to this first scenario, It would appear techniques are linked to actions, and therefore you could apply techniques (1 to each attack) before all ki is lost. Another scenario I have a question about is if a character decides he needs to augment his defense with a ki ability, but again has left over accumulated ki, is all of that ki returned to the pool because he actived a dominion ability or can he then, use the rest of his ki for another ability when his turn rolls around, or is Ki accumulation only lost as a result of an active action? I am also not sure i understand the point of declaring which ki ability you plan to use before accumulating Ki. On top of that I am confused about the purpose of declaring multiple techniques before accumulation, because that accumulation will be lost on the first use of he technique. I might just need a better explanation of that ruleset in general, again pg 98 "Technique Execution" Any help would be appreciated. Also if this topic has already been covered, if you wouldn't mind providing a link, I haven't seen any other posts referencing this issue.
  5. Jaecp said: With defense 9 and 5 armor, lets say someone rolls a 10 with a murder attack, Harods 10/9 Thats a 20 hit with 9 damage, so its 11 over and 4 over armor, for 15 total, out of 35 hp on LoS. Would be 17 out of 25 HP on a goethia and 16/35 on a grimorium. Legacy could also have dodged, and keeping the damage in the 10 range. Then, with your azure force in melee contact with a mech, that you didn't kill unless you rolled 2 back to back criticals on a murder attack with 2 different people, you will have an AOE attack causing throw, an AOE attack not causing throw, or a triply target attack coming back at you. Grimorium would take 2 critical murder attacks AND 3 more damage. Goethia, mind, is going to be hard for the azur to get to in the first place as she just needs to be a terrain cheese to never get attacked and just waste time while snipers shoot people. Azur, being very melee, is a pain to use against mechs because, well, even without dodging they still won't die from a nat10 murder attack. Yep that is where my problem is alright. I haven't had a chance so I will have to try a more focused strategy thanks to both of you for your thoughts
  6. Hey everyone. I have just recently started playing and chosen to play Azur Alliance for story reasons. I have been playing predominantly against Weissencraft, and have not been doing well. Now I will admit that some of it is tactical failure, but I can't think of a good way to beat the gears. Azur Alliance contains almost no ranged, however when i try to get close to the gear, specifically legacy of solomon, I get my face taken off. I am already trying to use the piercing weapons advantage to take down his armor, but I'm at best only taking down half of his life before my face gets smashed. I haven't had a chance to play the empire but I think I would encounter a similar problem facing them. I just cannot deal enough damage to pierce their armor, before their critical mastery smashes my face. Any thoughts on how to beat it? I would prefer to stick to an Azur Alliance army.
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