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  1. I must apologise. It seems that plueschi did an awesome job and already covered some gruesome combos. Thanks to you kind sir Heres a link to his thread on Board Game Geek http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/66685/lord-of-the-rings-combo-compendium Cheers, Broloski
  2. Okay it seems I have found a way too broken combo. You play Sneak Attack and put Gandalf into play and his effect resolves. You did that during the questing phase so you also commit him to a quest. After the whole quest phase he is back in your hand and up for further use and all this for only 1 resource. Sick??? Cheers, Broloski
  3. I dont think this is a problem at all. Because by removing those loyalty cards he got until now you are removing that one cylon which makes no sense. The game is meant to be played with a certain amount of cylons, and it is probably this way because it is the most balanced way. If then the cylon player wants to spend his turn to give his loyalty card to another player, thats fine (although I think it is a waste of time to bluff since you are in a pretty hurry to lower those resources or rip them of their cards). The situation with the human players are the same. The know the certain amount of cylons among them, so this doesnt change a thing. Yes, it is a awkward situation ingame but still not a problematic one.
  4. The problems i have with them (I realize that they are need for game difficulty that keeps you playing, but still...) 1.There is a possibility for a rumor to be drawn on first mythos phase of the game which makes the game a headache. 2.Most of the rumors (at least my gaming group thinks) are just too hard to beat. Which leaves you with:"Yeah it is important, but its too hard, and we dont have that much time". So we just ignore them. 3.Even when you want, you dont have enough time to react. Im thinking about buying the expansions. How are the expansions dealing with rumors?
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