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  1. Personally I dont see it being the big win you are all saying it would be as it relies too much on my opponent and what I have available on the board at a specific period of time. Step 1 - rely on my opponent to invest a bunch of spare fate on one specific character who also needs to have a military score low enough that I can bash him/her over the head with my Jade Tetsubo. Personally I have seen a lot of play that focuses more on spreading the fate out and not dumping it on one guy (unless of course that guy has a good strategic reason to keep them around for more than a couple rounds) and when they do they tend to have a rather high military score. Step 2 - drop Embrace the Void on that tasty target if I have a shugenja in play. Step 3 - Drop Jade Tetsubo on someone that has enough base military to use its printed ability against said tasty target. Step 4 - get the conflict action off without it getting canceled or redirected somehow. Seems like a lot of work, luck, dedicated deck space and stupidity by your opponent to get off what equates to some fate denial and a one time pay off (transfering the lost fate to your own pile). I appreciate you pointing this out (to be honest I had not considered it) but I don't see it as the power game breaking combo that I need to overly concern myself with.
  2. I don't mind the game, it actually kind of cool from what I have seen and experience but until I see a complete core book and not just this beta I am withholding judgement. The big problem I have and this is a big one is the d6 and d12 custom dice. I dont mind the custom dice, it will actually most likely speed up the dice rolling part of the game. What I hate is the idea of d6s and d12s. I want a system that uses custom d10, full stop, no negotiation. Can we please crunch some numbers and just adjust for a d10 system the way God intended L5R RPG to be played?
  3. Thank you so much. I cannot believe I missed that, its rather clearly stated.
  4. I find that interesting coming from a scorpion player. IMHO Scorpion are paying a fortune for their conflict cards. I have never seen so many high cost cards. I know they have a holding that reduces the price by 1 but its not enough based on what I have observed specially when you consider how many cards or abilities just cancel or redirect actions. I play with as much low cost stuff as I can because I feel that I just dont have enough Fate to do anything unless I pack my conflict deck with 0 cost cards.
  5. Wish list: A political version of Captive Audience that turns military conflicts into political one's. A political version of Banzai! that would give you +2 political up to twice a turn (gifting your opponent 1 honor or gaining them one from the pool), a political version of Charge! that lets you rush in a personality from your dynasty deck to aid in a political conflict. Actions / attachments that create duels (preferably political ones), Doji Reju (winning ties), Kakita Toshimoko (built in duel), Daidoji Uji, Doji Kuwanan. Other than that I want to see more cards that straight gain you honor, allowing Honor victories to be realistically achievable but doesn't break the game by making it too easy to win.
  6. I couldn't find this mentioned specifically anywhere else so my apologies if it has been. Can a deck be constructed that utilizes multiple copies of the same province? If I was allowed to select 2 void provinces for example could I have 2 of the same void province or am I limited to selecting two separate and differing provinces with the void trait?
  7. I agree. Out of the box Dragon seems very good to me too. Splashed and influenced with who though? I am thinking Phoenix...
  8. The title says it all. I am asking you all who you see as the best faction to play if you are playing at an event or within a community that only is allowing 1 core set at this time. Discuss...
  9. Malta will be hosting its first ever L5R tournament (LCG or otherwise) on the 13th of December during the National Holiday. As the community is very new to the Island we are limiting play to 1 single Core Set and none of the expansions at this time.
  10. Yes open a thread in the RPG section so we can start with our wild speculation! On a side note, Im stoked that my in depth knowledge of pre-coup and clan wars era knowledge will be put to good use.
  11. Cannot wait! Card game looks cool. Will buy everything anyway, Ive been an L5R fanboy for 22 years.
  12. Not only did they gender swap Hoturi but they misspelled his name. "Hotaru"???
  13. Personally I have played Crane since Imperial edition. It was the first starter I ever bought for the game. I have always played Crane. I have experimented with a few other clans over the years but I always end up back at Crane.
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