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  1. When can we expect the 2nd printing of the Fury of Dracula 3rd edition? (I have waited enough for this game, I can wait a couple of months more to get error free rules)
  2. His hands remind me of Mr. Burns ("Excellent"). Will this game have player elimination?
  3. Will there be a reprint of Middle Earth Quest or is it out of print?
  4. Who do I contact in Fantasy Flight Games in order to ask about rule clarifications? (what email)
  5. Some encounter cards give you an option of prevent damage by discarding cards with shield icons. For example, Fornost's "Deadmen's Dike" card deals 4 damage to your hero, but you can prevent that damage and if you do you get 2 favor and receive training. What will happen if you have no cards in your life pool, and by discarding cards from your hand to prevent the damage you will end up with 0 cards? Are you defeated and you don't get the favor and training? Can you get the training and remain undefeated (since you got 1 card in hand now)? In case the hero does get the reward and is defeated: What happens if he had no favor or item? Does he lose a favor / item from the reward? Does he keep any received skill cards in hand from the reward, or he is required to shuffle it into the life pool?
  6. 2. Units that were routed before the battle cannot retreat and will be destroyed when they need to retreat. Units that were routed during the battle can retreat with the rest of the standing units, and then they all become routed in the area they retreated into. 3. If the neutral units are not allied to anyone, the player to the left of the current player must choose an empty or uncontrolled (can have other neutral units) area for them to retreat into. If no such area exist, they are destroyed. If they are allied to a player, that player must choose a friendly or empty area for them to retreat into. If no such area exist, they are destroyed. If they were retreated into an empty area they are now not allied with that player.
  7. I wrote a reply but this forum won't let me post it. something to do with you posting again while I was writing. I can't even copy-paste from there...
  8. Hello, I have just received my Runewars game, which is the first game I've bought from FFG. I noticed that some of the miniatures are bent (compared to the ones from pictures on the web) and one of them is even broken. I am not talking about a little angle - some of them are clearly bent more than 45 degrees. Is there anything I can do about it? Can FFG replace my miniatures with new ones?
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