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  1. Yeah, especially when the capmaign was added latter. In your opinion all mini capaign's shouldn't be played? Because it was our first mini capaign and i have all other expansions so i am thinking now about next capaign. We will play Labyrinth of Ruin and i am thinking maybe to add some of the small expansions also. What are the oppinions, how should i add the smaller expansions ( The Trollfens , Manor of Ravens, Mists of Bilehall, The Chains That Rust)?
  2. Yesterday we finished the campaing, i played as overlord and as i thought i had zero chance to win it. I even didn't have a chance to kill a hero or do something :D. Lair of the Wyrm campaign against two heroes are just broken especialy if there is Wildlander in play, because after he buys Danger Sense skill which makes overlord to discard one overlord card the overlord mostly plays without his overlord deck, because it's impossible to make combos and just sometimes you can play one random overlord card. We all were very disappointed of the balance of capaign, and at this moment we put it to the bottom of the Descent campaign list.
  3. Heroes before this quest will be able to buy Act II equipment or am i wrong? Yeah it's two encounters, but this won't help me a lot this time because Jane Fairwood (Wildlander) have a skill to discard one overlord card for 2 stamina, so i won't have opportunity to save ovelord cards.
  4. Hey everyone. I am getting ready for final quest "At the forge" of the Lair of The Wyrm mini campaign. I am the overlord and i am playing against two of my friends. This mini campaign against two heroes is almost impossible for overlord, because all quests execpt the finale have only one encounter, and in my opininion for overlord it's a big problem because i usually would save overlord cards for second encounter which is the most important for wining the quest. But the finale is two encounter quest and i want to get ready as maximum as possible. I am playing against two heroes: Jain Fairwood (Wildlander) - this hero have Aurium Mail Grisban the Thirsty (Berserker) - this hero have Valyndra's Bane The Overlord can use Ryan Oliven Lieutenant with Inner Corruption plot deck. Any advices for overlord? Thank you for your toughts and sorry for my bad english.
  5. I got the answer from FFG: Hi Dovydas, No, he cannot search. His actions are still limited to those that he can normally perform. Thanks! Nathan Hajek Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games nhajek@fantasyflightgames.com
  6. But in the quest book is written that "Belthir may perform 1 move action and 1 other action", it's not written that Belthir can move and attack, when u have allies or familiars there is exactly written what actions they can do. So what those other actions are that Belthir can do and what actions he can't do?
  7. So we were playing The Wyrm Turns quest, Encounter 1. In this quest Heroes control Belthir, and in the rule book is written that: "Treat Belthir as a hero figure during this encounter. Belthir may perform 1 move action and 1 other action." So Heroes started this quest by slaying overlord monsters, and it should be the easiest encounter 1 for them, but when they were sure that they will win, they started to take search tokens, and then overlord reminded to them, that they can search with Belthir also, because he is like a hero, they didn't thought about that. So they did that, moved with Belthir near the seach token and searched. And then overlord played Uthuk Demon Trap, a card about they were forgotten, the Belthir took strenght test, and failed to pass it, and died. So the overlord won this Encounter. But to make sure i want to ask, was everything legal? Btw it was so funny, because overlord just stole victory from heroes, and it was such a stupid mistake from heroes...
  8. I have one more question, about The Ritual of Shadows quest, the thing is about Staff of Shadows relic, we didn't played The Cardinals Plight quest so Overlord doesn't have this relic, but by the rules Overlord won this quest, buy how i understand he doesn't get any rewards from that quest it's just rules that other quests could be available in ACT II. So Lord Merick Farrow is equiped with Staff of Shadows relic in The Ritual of Shadows quest, but if Overlord wins that quest what happens then? Will he keeps the relic? I searched few topics, and some people says that it does some that it doesn't, is there clarification from FFG?
  9. Yeah... Heroes used they're Heroic Feats every turn, not once per encounter, that changes a lot...
  10. Hello, i am in the middle of The Shadow Rune campaign, and i want to tell you my experience and maybe you will give me (Overlord) some tips against heroes i am playing. So we are playing Overlord vs 2 Heroes (Syndrael - Knight and Leoric of the Book - Necromancer). The situation we are now is like this, we just finished interlude and now we will play Act II. We played these quests: 1) Introduction - Heroes won 2) Castle Daerion - OL won 3) The Masquerade Ball - OL Won 4) Death on the Wing - Heroes Won 5) Interlude The Overlord Revealed - Heroes Won So OL has Bones of Woe, heroes has Shadow Rune (Leoric) and Shield of the Dark God (Syndrael). So they synergy is that they move a lot, because of the Syndrael special ability. Also Syndrael who is Knight also have Advance skill so after killing a monster it moves again and attacks, the other skills are Deffend and Defence Training, also as i mentioned Syndrael has Shield of the Dark God, so for me to kill this hero is mostly impossible i just ignore it. Leoric of the Book - Necromancer is weak in his defense so he is my target, but he can relocate damage to his Reanimate and vice versa so it's also not so easy to kill it, Reanimate at this moment is like a hero, because of Necromancers skills, now it rolls 3 dices (blue, red and yellow) and it slays my monsters mostly in one hit. The best working tactics for me is to stop them by playing cards which stops they're movement, Web Trap is the diamond in my deck. Allso they are weak in Willpower so everything which tests they Willpower are effective, and poison on Leoric is also a perfect thing, because he only has 1 strength. So the most problems that i have, are that they move a lot, and if i don't get movement stopping cards in time it's just impossible to win for me, so i mostly try to not play cards in Encounter 1 at all, to maximize my chance of winning the quest in Encounter 2. The second thing is that my open group which is put in the nearest room of where the heroes start is slayed in the first turn and i just don't get to act with them, but i think nothing u can do about that. As i think, my main thing should be to separate heroes from each other, that they would lost they're ability to both get additional move action because of Syndrael ability. I know that my monster in Act II will be stronger, but when i saw Shadow Rune that heroes got, it looks that it will auto kill my monster. What tips and advices you would give for Overlord? It's our first campaign so we are not using any expansions at the moment. Thank you for you opinions. I read "Poor Overlord (heroes OP?)" topic, so i am interested for tips against exactly these heroes and they abilities. Maybe u will have to tell me something from your own experience against them.
  11. What if there is no lieutenant in Encounter 1 but it appears in Encounter 2? Same thing?
  12. Hello, i have question about using Bones of Woe relic. So when i start to use it's ability, if my lieutenant enters to the game in the middle of quest, for example when portal is closed in Interlude 2? We played that overlord can use Bones of Woe ability when the lieutenant is put on the map, are we correct? Or overlord can use this relic regardless of lieutenant is on the map or not?
  13. Cards which could stop heroes movement would help me a lot, but i didn't had them, so maybe it's not so bad, but u need to think in advance in first encounter, to keep those cards which stops movement for second encounter.
  14. Hello, i had strange experience with Death on the Wing Scenario Encounter 2, because heroes won before overlord had opportunity to act. We are playing 2 Heroes vs Overlord. Heroes are Leoric of the Book and Syndrael. They needed to defeat Belthir. Overlord lost first encounter so heroes didn't skipped first turn. And on they first turn they easily reached Blethir by using their abilities and stamina and killed him in first round before overlord had opportunity to act. I understand that Overlord lost first encounter and heroes now have advantage, but it shouldn't be auto win for heroes, both sides didn't had any pleasure playing this encounter. It looked that this encounter wasn't even tested, or maybe we missed something? We are new players so maybe everything depends on first encounter? Which would be not interesting at all... Thank you for your opinion.
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