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  1. Alpha Chaos 13 said: Umbranus said: I forgot about another CON from the balance side: The starting gear is not balanced. How important that is depends on the play style and how easy/often the characters can use influence to get better stuff but for someone who has to buy basic stuff first (because he doesn't get it) it takes longer to get cool gadgets. A bit off topic, but I'm going there anyway. I dislike the starting gear concept as a whole. I don't see why a starting character doesn't get a larger amount of starting money to buy whatever they want. It can be hard enough to make two characters from the same career distinct without them BOTH having a metal staff, tattered robe, etcetera. I think that the concept is only of use to players who are new to the setting, or role-playing in general. Sorry to de-rail the topic, but if your group have a familiarity with the setting you might want to consider this. Once your group gets familiar with the setting there are likely a lot of tweaks and changes you'll make, don't fret about it. I can't think of a single group i've ever played DH with that hasn't had at least a handful of minor changes to make the game better for the group as a whole.
  2. I strongly second/ advise the IH. I would advise holding off on ascension till you have a feel for the game and you know what works in your group. I love the radicals handbook, if not for just the faction information.
  3. Chester said: Ah found it: www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp Page 37, 15 threads per page, at around May 2010, and you'll find all the Ascension rants. I hate to repeat stuff mentioned back then. I hear the OP for that had dashing good looks and a razor sharp wit.
  4. -You're allied with the main villan because he has heretical tech. -The main bad guy is an Inquisitor, your boss is an interrogator -The Noble born scum is the most deadly person, not because of his own abilities, but because he can recruit whole armies. -Your assassin ends up killing an eldar on accident -Your the only member of the party who realizes the biggest threat to mankind is religion.
  5. One of best parts of the game to me is figuring out how to survive being the canary with only a lasgun, some flak armor(or a tattered leather vest) and a lot of careful planning. In my most recent game as a noble born scum I spent no more then 30 throne gelt for an entire mission relying entirely on the fact that I could charm people into getting my group what was needed.
  6. Lynata said: ak-73 said: But there is no "fact", it's a fantasy game, and I might add the fantasy game of a company who is notable for ditching past fantasies for the sake of newers and who has displayed a remarkable inconsistency. You talk about faithful representation - GW isn't all that faithful to itself. It discards old stuff easily if a new interpretation will fit better. Or sometimes change for change's sake (all hail Robert Girlyman). A fantasy game that has a setting, which in turn does have certain rules that determine how the world looks and how it should be represented. If people wouldn't take it serious we would not have 13 pages of discussion about that. I also notice that a large number of my previous posts, suggestions and opinions dealing with this subject have been bashed and ridiculed as supposedly violating the aforementioned rules of this setting - and now that I have provided an official statement that clears it up once and for all, suddenly these very rules become inconvenient and get discussed away as being of no consequence? Because they go against how some people have twisted the Astartes into something they were not supposed to be? So, they did the same thing you did earlier? Is that about what I'm getting here? Either way, I'm done with this thread.
  7. At Last Forgot said: As far as the lethality in these systems, I always thought it was a little too heavy on the prevention and a little light on soak. When something makes it through your armor and toughness, at least at DH levels, it has a very real chance of killing you right then. It seems a little all or nothing: either you shrug it off completely or you're severely wounded. Coupled with a fairly anemic healing system (absent Seal Wounds), it gives the game a particular feel. Either something is laughable or deadly without any real in between. Now maybe that works well with the whole "grimdark of the dark grim" thing, I've never really come to terms with it enough to make a perfect assessment. But if you go the Toughness as Primitive Armour path, you should consider upping wounds by a factor of 1.5 or so. It becomes possible, then, for someone to chip away at your health; not really threatening death at every turn, but also not firing futile shot after futile shot. The thing is, it does work well, not only with the grimdark aspect, but also the "That's a gun and will kill you" aspect which is woefully absent in some games. I enjoy it, but I'm a fan of tedious set ups meant to disable the enemy in one turn with as little fighting as possible. Also, single shot and sniper weapons take a huge hit in a soak games.
  8. What I've more or less gotten from you Lynata is that you want things to be the way you want them to be, constantly provided proof be damned(Don't bother responding I really don't value your opinions since you've refused to admit you even might be wrong on a few matters that are pretty huge). Two issues here, one the RPG is canon in the RPG realm, don't like it? House rule it. Two, you seem to think this game somehow caters to the minority, it does not. And from what I've seen so far, the majority is not in agreement with you, at least on the topic of weapon damage/useability.
  9. Personally I wouldn't even go so far as to try and resolve the situation, let the players puzzle it out. If the tech-priest doesn't want to, make the non sneaky way much more costly for the group to give the rest of the players incentive to push the tech-priest in the direction you want. Or have him delivered as a vending machine to the enemy, then spring when they least expect it.
  10. Any human being with the proper amount of adrenaline pumping through their veins will start to lose the pain sensation. Though this is closer in effect to morphine then actually losing feeling(you still feel pain on morphine, you just don't care)
  11. I also agree with the wounds thing as the most realistic downside, its not "feel nothing and be permanently numb" its "feel no pain" a big difference there.
  12. Kevlar is pretty useless without plates to begin with, it stretches. No plate means a regular round will pretty much just push it through the hole it makes, at best it will stop it from going all the way in, but it will still kinds all kinds of damage without a plate or pad.
  13. 2 words, force codpiece. Trust me.
  14. At Last Forgot said: This thread is to request or discuss clarification of the talent Resistance (Psychic Powers) and to a lesser extent Strong Minded, in relation to Perils of the Warp and other psychic phenomena. Sorry if this has already been discussed, a cursory examination of the forums revealed nothing and my own previous thread went uncommented on. Would Resistance (Psychic Powers) apply on tests to avoid or resist certain Perils, considering that they are in every way thematically identical to Psychic Powers? I'm guessing it would. Primarily, my rationale is not based on RAW but more on theory. Perils of the Warp are in effect Psychic Powers, they simply lack a conscious psyker mind which manifests and directs them. They are still concentrated and focused intrusion of the Warp into realspace and as such I would imagine this talent affects them. The number of Perils which actually allow for a roll is quite small so this clarification would not unbalance this talent to a great degree. For that matter, what about Possession attacks and Resistance (Psychic Powers) or Strong Minded? I could see Resistance not working on them, but I'd have to imagine something like Strong Minded would. Or Psychic Phenomena and effects in general? Thanks for input in advance. I bolded the reason that it wouldn't work, this isn't just a psyker doing it, it is the warp itself, and short of being the emperor it's not likely you're going to be able to tell that to stay out of your head or shrug it off.
  15. My character tends to be a sacrifice a lot, but always manages to walk away(and only once through gm intervention), once he jumped a mutant in a bar full of people to give a guardsman a chance to escape(the guardsman ended up killing everyone else and burning the place to the ground), I took both a bullet , and later an axe wielded by a giant mutant to the face for our interrogator, pushed another player out of the way of a melta bomb, another out of the way of an exploding assassin, and took a nuclear weapon to the face to save a few innocent nobodies. Only the last one actually "killed me" but the gm rewarded me with a second chance at living. No one else in my group comes so close to death nearly so often.
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