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  1. Skeletal Bushi (Minion) p. 206 What to do about these advantages and disadvantages? Not sure what they mean. Advantages: Unholy Strength (Fire) [Martial; Physical, Spiritual], Visage of Death (Water) [Social; Interpersonal, Physical] Disadvantages: Skin and Bones (Earth) [Martial; Physical] But here's my major psychological malfunction, if you're the brand new character, Hida McCrabbyface, with your standard non-sacred weapons how to kill these things: Does Not Bleed (A skeletal bushi ignores all critical strikes inflicted by sources that do not have the Sacred quality.) So how does one kill them? Or can you just not kill them without a spell or weapon with the sacred quality? Furthermore... Does that mean (logically speaking) that skeletons are the Shadowlands secret weapon, because there just aren't enough shugenja or sacred weapons in existence? Or does that mean that the Crab have enough shugenja and sacred weapons to keep them in check? Or does that mean that skeletons are pretty rare? /confused Paige
  2. Geez louise you would not believe how hard I was looking for these. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the links. p
  3. Some of the topics we're talking about now: Tell me about YOUR character: https://www.facebook.com/groups/StarWarsFFG/permalink/153070318528164/ So my DnD group wants to try out playing star wars. They of course want to play a mixed game with some of them being force sensitive and other not. So what should I run for them a module or homebrew something? I should add that I have run this game many many times in the past and have a YouTube channel just for it. And I'm curious what others would do. https://www.facebook.com/groups/StarWarsFFG/permalink/153239651844564/ Art by John Gendall
  4. @Mindless Philosopher, @paranoyd, @Tasha2, @MonCal, I think you were among the folks booted out of the previous facebook group. I wanted to make sure you were personally invited to this one. Paige
  5. If you want to talk about the Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight on Facebook, come join us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/StarWarsFFG/ We are committed to providing a friendly, safe, and open environment for discussion of the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG. By joining this group, you agree to abide by our code of conduct - which is largely based on FFG's card games code of conduct. (We want FFG to be proud of us!) In this group we: • Are respectful of other people. • Do not verbally or sexually harass anyone. • Refrain from hostile, offensive, or demeaning language, gestures, or behavior.
  6. Here you go. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7egkvys5QFocW01by1aek4xRmM
  7. As shorthand in my playtest group, we've been using + ++ * and <3 p
  8. I regret I can't give you every solid example. The layout of this document apparently blows my mind, and the minds of our playtest group. We seriously had five people, with eight college degrees between us flipping pages like fools last night trying to find all the info we needed for a small skirmish between four goblins and four samurai. We kept saying "I know the rule is X, but now I can't find it anywhere..." For instance, we KNOW you dump strife at the end of scenes and after an outburst, but we had real trouble finding that. "At the end of the scene, the character removes strife until their strife is equal to half their composure," occurs under the individual outbursts (where it's repeated multiple times) and NOT in the section under outbursts in general. On the good side, I fully approve of this particular subject/verb disagreement and the use of the singular they so that we have a gender neutral pronoun. For instance, we know that focus and vigilance are important for initiative in skirmishes, but we couldn't find it! We searched all over the section on skirmishes p. 163 for it. That page just mentions the TN1 Tactics check. The focus/vigilance thing is on p.153, but it should also be on p 163 as well. There are a lot of other examples, and my life is too short to detail them all. Suffice to say, the layout and ordering, as a whole, needs some serious work. p
  9. Yep, there was an error. I've fixed it now. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7egkvys5QFoLUUzVmdWSmItNzg/view?usp=sharing
  10. @sidescroller I guess it wasn't clear from the OP, I am running the playtest group. We are talking about the number of disadvantages in the context of about 10 hours of play. Paige
  11. @Stan Fresh and @Degenerate Mind, I beg you, pretty please... I'm begging you on bended knee... please take this to PMs. Or start a different thread. You're threadjacking this one, and I fear that my original point is going to get lost. p
  12. I just wanna say this, in response to a few comments ago. Being mad at ugly sexist or racist jokes isn't "politics". Women players getting made fun of isn't "politics". We have every right to play this game without this BS going on. p
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