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  1. Marcus Jamberg + Dimension Rift is a combo. Despite that, it's easy to get into motion with a Yog recursion deck.
  2. There is nothing wrong with Agency. Sure, it's a great support faction. THE END. It used to be a great main faction, but it's not that anymore. I have a great Agency/Silver Twilight deck that competes very well. Tom's Worlds deck has a lot of things to thwart what are seen as Agency's new tricks (OMG ATTACHMENTS!) but there are some cards from the Core Set that are still extremely powerful and are great cards to this day: A Small Price to Pay, Paul Lemond, and Shotgun Blast stand out quite a bit. My favorite OMG card is Intervention, and it's Agency. The TL;DR version - What's the problem with Agency? People don't know how to use it :-P
  3. You can still play surprise defenders, however. Surprise attackers/defenders after all have been declared is a different story though.
  4. I had the same situation arise yesterday. We decided that Shii-Cho specifies participating units, so I couldn't divide up all of Luke's damage amongst non-participating units, due to the wording of the card. It was pretty straightforward.
  5. I'd just like to point out that I'm colorblind (well, red-green color-deficient) and I've only once confused the Focus and Damage tokens. Don't know what's the matter with all you "full visible spectrum" people
  6. In that case, there would be no surviving attackers. Can't do damage if there are no attackers
  7. You can most definitely declare an attack on an Objective. Even without the Replica Droid (awesome card! <3 it) you would get the uncontested bonus of 1 damage to the Objective.
  8. caedus89 said: I have a question about an objective's ability. It reads, "You may ignore resource match requirements when playing cards from your hand," so does that mean you are able to put cards for free down from your hand or only cards that have the same building cost as the objective resource? Thanks in advance. You still have to pay for the cards, but you don't have to worry about one of the resources coming from the correct faction. For instance, if you had Heart of the Empire (Sith resource) as your only available resource generator, you could use it to pay for Admiral Motti (an Imperial Navy unit).
  9. Call of Cthulhu has had variants of characters as well. However, not just the artwork varied; the cards' abilities (and sometimes factions) also varied. I hope to see variants like this popping up in Star Wars as well. I'd love to see a young Obi-Wan, for instance, because he was slightly more reckless than old Obi-Wan.
  10. Page 18 of the rules, 2nd column under 4. Fight Edge Battle says: "A player must control at least one participating unit ot place cads in the edge battle." So, if the attacking player has no characters AFTER the Edge Battle, then the defending player can actually resolve strikes, from what I can tell. If the attacking player loses all characters prior to the Edge Battle, then they cannot participate in the Edge Battle. Don't know that that really clears things up though…
  11. My wife and I have played 2 games thus far, and I have to say they go by pretty quick. I'm used to the pacing of Call of Cthulhu, and this was much quicker than I was expecting. I really like it though! I've enjoyed myself (as has my wife) and we're looking forward to doing some custom deckbuilding soon.
  12. Yes, it would be driven insane first before its Response could be triggered.
  13. I would love to see something resembling Fog from MtG. Agency (2 cost) Smoke Bomb Event Play during a story phase. Action: No icon struggles take place until the end of the phase.
  14. I'm fine with all of that. My Yog sac deck with Jamburg/DS recursion will easily handle a Nug. Sure, big guys are likely to resurface very easily with a deck that let's you get resources stacked like that, but boy would they have trouble keeping those guys in play
  15. While 2 Beings of Ib + AO really sucks to face, it requires a lot of cards to set up. A lot of things can be done to those BoI after they're played. They're very easily taken out with a 1 cost Catastrophic Explosion, 0 cost Shotgun Blast or DoA, exhausted with a 1 cost Panic, destroyed with a Calling Down the Ancients or Twilight Gate + Many Angled Thing for 2 cost, etc.
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