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  1. It still makes sense. At the start of the turn the area is held by the enemy, therefore to move into it you need to initiate an Attack order. Until the combat is resolved (and presumably you won) then it remains an enemy territory. You can only then move into it after you've cleared out the opponent's models. Attack -> win -> move into the now-vacant area.
  2. My characters are at the top end of the career scale (pre-ascension) and I don't do any money stuff at all. They should be at the stage where they can simply requisition stuff. As GM though, I tell them when they're being unreasonable or not. I have always hated the cash-flow thing in RPGs. It slows the whole thing down. Yes it's nice to save up for a funky kit, but when you have characters looting bodies for every dime available, the system isn't working (unless you're playing scavengers, at which point it's perfect!). Try the Rogue Trader ruleset. I found that to be ok for getting stuff.
  3. Does anyone think there would be a problem using Deathwatch (or RT) creatures in a game of DH? Mostly the stats are the same (comparing DW Genestealers to their Creatures Anathaema counterparts for instance), but with a few tweaks. Characters are level 8, preparing to ascend.
  4. I'm doing something even more free-form than that, though similar. The Acolytes (at a higher level) can simply request equipment. As GM, I will tell them whether it happens or not. It makes people give good justification for what they want instead of just "I have the cash/influence, so end up getting one". It also allows me to very easily ban Storm Bolters, which are broken beyond belief.
  5. Urgh. I hate Blanche's artwork. Interesting concept though.
  6. This is a great guide, thanks. I will certainly be putting it to use.
  7. Isn't Lightning Attack a full action, meaning you'd have to do the Aim action in the prior round? I prefer the Broken Chains method but think that there needs to be some form of limitation. Maybe make it that Lightning Attack can be taken multiple times, giving the character more potential hits (first, 2 hits; second, 4; third 6 etc)?
  8. unnownrelic said: The position of it can be changed? This is news to me. Where would I find that? To get the + sign to display on the header row, go into the Data menu, click the small icon at the bottom right of the Outline group, and deselect the two options shown there. Don't do anything with the Automatic Styles though.
  9. The new Access runs suspiciously similar to the old version, but as usual, all the menus are screwed up. It took me a while before I admitted that Excel wasn't the worst thing ever, and it's the same with Access. A downloadable XML file and reader is the way to go, as not everyone has Access. Unfortunately I have no idea on how the former one gets put together. The Grouping function defaults to the + being at the bottom (and/or right) of the grouped items. In my opinion, it's stupid and I always change the settings (which must be done for each worksheet in each workbook you've got).
  10. Just a helpful tip for those that use Office 2007 (and probably 2010): To get the + sign to display on the header row, go into the Data menu, click the small icon at the bottom right of the Outline group, and deselect the two options shown there. Don't do anything with the Automatic Styles though. For 2003 versions, from memory it's Data -> Grouping ->Group Options. Don't hold me to it, as it's been a while since I've used the old version. If I'm wrong it should at least give you an idea where to start. It would be possible to use autofilters with very little changes. You would need to create a new column (to the far left probably), highlight the first row (the frozen one at the top), and go to the Data tab then select the Filter option. For those who use 2003 versions it's nowhere near as good as the later one, but it is compatible and useable. unnownrelic: Thanks for putting this together. A very handy reference. As for putting it into a database, what sort were you thinking of? A web (XML or similar) thing, or Access?
  11. I'm not a big fan of the career restricted advancements either. I think it was on these forums that I was made aware of the fact that a Guardsman can't get Climb until level 4. Whilst probably not a big issue, it does highlight that sometimes things are just wrong. What if said Guardsman's early life was climbing cliffs, or if he spends his down time rock climbing? Putting it as an Elite advancement is an awful idea - it costs twice (or more) as much as normal. It then becomes not about the skill itself, but about what skills you can't take because of it. My suggestion may end up being a lot more GM-heavy, but essentially goes that any advancement is available as long as the characters can demonstrate that they have had the chance to improve it. This may be as simple as saying that the character works out between missions (Strength increase) or can shoot better due to the previous session being combat heavy, or may be as involved as petitioning someone for proper training/enhancements in the case of some Talents. Career path specific Talents remain restricted as per the rule book, to allow for delineation between the ranks. If you end up getting cheesy characters (like a BS70+ assassin for example) at relatively low levels, as GM the campaign can be structured to focus more on the less tooled guys. It's a pretty large deviation from the rule set, but allows for more interesting characters all up. It also removes the problem of an RT game I played previously, where I had to take unwanted skills/Talents, simply because there was nothing I actually did want, but still wanted to reach the next level.
  12. I can only imagine that your group has problems with cohesiveness in other games/systems and possibly even in real life? Based on your examples given on the previous page, I'd say your antagonist is being a ******. If you've spoken to him OOC and he hides behind "but that's my character!" when there's obviously so much more than that, and your GM won't bring him into line, then it's time to start making him hurt. A number of the previous methods would work fine however I'd go with the one rayze suggested where you simply stop helping that character. If he pulls you up on it, claim that you're too scared of his suspicion and accusations to act on things. Be more than helpful with the other characters so he can't try and convince them that you're not being productive. If however, you're a group of close friends and don't want to risk falling out over a game, then it's a lot more difficult and having an anonymous on teh intarwebz tell you how to handle that sort of thing is pointless.
  13. Darth Smeg said: Well, size has to matter, otherwise it would protect against a charging enemy as well, considering his whole bodymass as a "projectile". Or not, considering he wouldn't be moving all that fast... I think size would have to come into the equation. Imagine a Rosarius trying to stop the round from a Vulcan Mega-Cannon! Likewise a rock from a trebuchet, or a charging enemy (if he's fast enough) would be too large to be stopped by the field. I doubt there is any fluff about it, but I'd run with the Rosarius having a rudimentary 'overload protection', where if the volume/mass of an incoming projectile is too large then it automatically shuts down for the briefest moment of time rather than just burning out immediately. It's complete conjecture (insofar as a fantasy setting allows) but something that makes sense within the context of the universe.
  14. I found the reference. Page 189 of the Inquisitor's Handbook. It explains "the Rosarius' conversion field is generated some distance away from the wearer and so has no effect against blows struck in close combat." Given that, I'd say that a ranged attack less than 1m away would ignore the Rosarius. It's inside the area of effect. To answer the original question, I'd say that anything coming from outside the conversion field at a fast enough velocity to damage a person, would count as an attack. Be it from falling rocks or whatever. Conversely, and mainly because I'm evil, anyone trying to assist the character by (for example) throwing a weapon his way would probably fail in the attempt as the weapon would simply *spang* against the field and fall to the ground.
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