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  1. Manga: Qwan Suikoden 3 Berserk Basilisk/The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls Clamore Anime: Basilisk possibly El-Hazard Legend of Crystania Berserk Claymore
  2. Looked at the rulebook & them miniatures at the shops & started drooling. My brother & a few people own some minis. His friend Ben & I will likely start A:T after we get a handle on Malifaux first , since we just bought into that game. Skirmish level mini games are going to be my new addiction since I don't buy comics anymore beyond the occasional manga or Star Wars GN. My games of choice will be Malifaux & Anima: Tactics.
  3. My brother has several Wissencraft minis already & a few people at his shop do as well. After I'm finished collecting my current Vikoria's Crew for Malifaux & Dwarves I need for my Warlord army , I plan to save for Anima:Tactics. The shop owner has the book & a guy at another shop has the book so I'll have the ability to read it until I can save for the book & minis. Hopefully we can get more peaople to play. My bro is a wiz at creating terrain which he does for the shop he patrons (for credit). So hopefully we can grow A:T locally.
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