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  1. Why is no one discussing this yet? http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4041 for those who haven't yet seen it. I think the allies aspect is very interesting. I like how they make you choose, and how they can be taken from your heroes and convertred to the dark side by a cunning and cruel overlord . I also rather like the map/quest layout from a narrative standpoint. I find it interesting that unlike the Shadow Rune, none of the Act II quests here are locked out based on player performence. I wonder if the stakes will be higher to reflect that? Anyways, hopefully this gets some discussion going, and I'm very much looking forward to the next preview. Good to be back after a long dry spell of not posting here. Cheers!
  2. Cyan_of_Doma

    Grisban the Thirsty - Worst hero?

    Sounds like you've had a bit of bad luck running him then. I had no problems playing him (as a Berserker) at Realms of Terrinoth, and the OL there clearly knew what he was doing. I did a lot of what KingLz said as well, burning fatigue to move, and resting to get it all back. OL only managed to tripwire me three times, and we played all the way through the interlude. Hopefully you have better luck with him, but he is in no way the "worst hero", if such a thing really exists.
  3. Cyan_of_Doma

    Am I the only one who hates the new artwork?

    I certainly don't hate the new art style (far from it), but I definitely prefer the art in 1e. It's got the old-school fantasy feel I grew up with.
  4. Cyan_of_Doma

    Mortal Kombat!

    Guilty ! In fact, the other night at one of our sessions, I had the song queued up in my ipod, so that the first time I said "Test your might" that evening all I had to do was press play and the speakers blared "MORTAL KOMBAT!" A good laugh was had by all.
  5. Cyan_of_Doma

    Overlord Winning Before Heroes Can React?

    KristoffStark said: Losman2001 said: Well your thief, instead of running for treasures as you stated, could be chasing down and killing the 2 hp goblin archers. Surely he could put out enough damage for that. If you were using fatigue to move grisban (who plenty of people stated is pretty awful due to his low movement speed), the overlord could not legally use tripwire, as that requires a move action, not just a move. I would say use grisban and your runemaster as your top damage dealers to clear out the damage soaking blockers, and the thief and spiritspeaker to run around and chase the objective chasers. I would also recommend killing the objective seekers instead of running around and wasting precious actions on searching if your party is having their tail end handed to them that quickly. You don't have time to waste on a search, and can do that after you are no longer in danger of losing. If you were to go back and change your party, I would recommend tossing grisban, use syndrael instead, toss your hobbit for jain, and use the wildlander class. Switch runemaster for a necromancer for extra damage. I think your party composition is pretty slow and it is hurting your overall movement, which may be contributing to the overlord winning anything that has to do with race to win. Unfortunately, if playing by the rules, characters/classes may not be swapped out once a campaign has started. That being said, it may be worth going back to the beginning and redesigning the party. I have seen Gisban be very effective, but the 3 movement can create more problems than his ability solves. I can confirm Grisban is quite nasty when played effectively. I played him the entire duration at Realms of Terrinoth, and did very well, and one of my hero players is currently using him in our campaign and consistently being a major thorn in my side. Just saying.
  6. Cyan_of_Doma

    What race is Ashrian?

    I just had another thought. I was looking through my 1e monster cards a little while ago and it came to me. Could Ashrian be a Deep Elf? Given the similarities in garb and markings…also it is stated in her flavour text that she has no memory of who she really is or where she came from, so perhaps it could be possible she was once among the minions of the Overlord. Maybe cast-out, left for dead, something along those lines. As I said, just a thought.
  7. Cyan_of_Doma


    CitanTim said: I really like this. Let me know how it goes… I honestly have no idea what effect it would have on the balance or mechanics, but considering the point of this thread, it may just work out. Yeah, I knew it was considered a familiar, I was just referencing the terms as found outside the game in other fantasy settings and systems. I'm not really 'making an argument' more like talking "out-loud" because I'm bored at work. 0:-) Ah, I know what you mean. I talk things "out-loud" all the time, and frequently in games. I will report my findings on this, though it may be a little while, as we just started a campaign and the mage decided to be a Runemaster. I might just have to do a one-off quest to see how it works.
  8. Cyan_of_Doma


    CitanTim said: Cyan_of_Doma said: However, since George the Re-Animate doesn't die when his Necromancer is knocked out, we walk more of a slippery slope. Can a summoned creature act independent of it's masters will? As an OL, I would allow it, especially given that the creature can't stand it's master up, effectively giving him his/her turn. Also, I find myself wanting to make a sandwich for some reason. Curse you, Antistone, you and your delicious analogy . I would definitely side with you on this view if we were talking about companions, familiars, etc. But a summoned creature could easily be considered different in this regard. Obviously I'm aware that we're outside the scope of realism or even standard fantasy canon, and at this point we can just borrow from our favorite fantasy literature with regards to how summoning works. So… I'll do just that. I'd like to think that a summoned monster/creature/whatever would either all together lose the power that has summoned it, or at least lose direction. As a follow-up, I most definitely side with you on wanting to make a sandwich. Cajun Turkey on wheat with colby jack, here I come! FYI, Bindlespin, you just cracked me up. Now, without intending to, you've given me an interesting idea for a houserule. Say that when George's Necro falls in battle, he "loses direction" as you said. Instead of just standing there and drooling on himself (or whatever it is re-animates do when they're idleing), George loses his focus and just goes wild, shambling towards and attacking whatever may be closest at the time, be it hero or monster. I may just have to try that out. Though, to address something else you said, the Re-Animate is considered a "familiar" per the rules, if that makes any difference to your arguement. Cheers!
  9. Cyan_of_Doma

    What race is Ashrian?

    I'm with you, in that I think she's a feral elf. Until FFG comes out and says otherwise, that's what I'll continue going with.
  10. Cyan_of_Doma

    Monster traits.

    I assume you've paged through the quest guide and noticed most quests let the OL chhose one or more "open groups" for his monsters. What you may not have noticed is that each encounter also has a few of those trait icons listed, denoting what monsters are legal choices for those open groups. That's what the traits are for.
  11. Cyan_of_Doma

    2nd Edition Overlord too weak?

    Royaldoy said: The more apt question after a night of playing…Is the Overlord utterly boring to play? Answer, yes. Is his deck of cards streamilned for efficiency? Yes. Does that translate into fun play? No After a few hours of playing the Overlord, I got to add 2 cards to my deck. Let me assure you for those who have not played, those 2 cards were not enough for me to go "Wow, my whole experience just got better". As a fan of the "epic feeling" first edition, second edition falls absolutely flat. Nothing about our session had me truly excited. The game has become all about how to limit the Overlord and shorten gameplay. As that is what FFG has set out to do, they have accomplished it nicely. It staggers me to think that they could take a gem (albeit a flawed one) like Descent V1 and alienate so many people who enjoyed the first game for it's scope and depth and think that Descent V2 can fill the same shoes. Descent V2 is just another game sitting on my shelf that we can pull out and play for a short romp,which is fine. Unfortunately everyone in my group including myself feels that it would be such a waste of time to play such a watered down version of a greater game. I'm not trying to sound bitter or show my fanboyism for V1 but the reality is I wanted to like this and I just couldn't. Maybe if I play as a hero I might feel differently but woe be to the OL and his mighty deck of 15. No offence intended sir, but I can't help but disagree with..well, just about every single thing you just said (the lone exception being our shared love for Descent 1e). I have had an absolute blast playing OL in 2e, and being forced to actually use my tactical mind aids in that. In 1e, I could usually easily win (and piss off my players) by saving up threat and just laying down entire hands of cards at a time. Conversely, as soon as heroes got gold equipment (in non-campaign play), it was over for me in seconds. There is NOTHING even remotely "epic" about that in the slightest, on either side of the coin. Oftentimes, it just left one or more people not wanting to play the game anymore (not a good thing, I think you would agree). Don't delude yourself with rose-tinted glasses. 1e was fun as hell (most of the time), but horribly balanced. In no way have I ever felt limited as an OL in 2e. On the contrary, with the smaller deck size I find I can pull off what I want to do far more often than I could in 1e. That's a huge plus when I need just the right card for my scheme to work. In summary: Do I find the 2e OL too weak? Not at all. Limited or boring? Nope. Harder to win with? Absolutely not, I just have to actually think to win. In just about every game I've played thus far (ignoring First Blood), the quest has come down to the wire as to who would win, with all players huddled over the table, some practically nail-biting, in anticipation of how the last few turns will play out. That, sir, is what EPIC really feels like, and 2e does it marvelously.
  12. Cyan_of_Doma


    Just adding my two cents. It seems to me (and my hero players) that when one stands themselves up, their turn ends right there. No wiggle room for doing non-action things and such. However, since George the Re-Animate doesn't die when his Necromancer is knocked out, we walk more of a slippery slope. Can a summoned creature act independent of it's masters will? As an OL, I would allow it, especially given that the creature can't stand it's master up, effectively giving him his/her turn. Also, I find myself wanting to make a sandwich for some reason. Curse you, Antistone, you and your delicious analogy .
  13. Cyan_of_Doma

    heros dieing?

    I'm in agreement with Steve-O on this, even though I almost always wear the Overlord mantle. Implementing such a house rule would severely skew the balance of the game towards the OL, and I don't see how that could be any fun for a group of intrepid heroes (I know mine would never want to play the game again, that's for certain. If you do it, please do report back. I want to hear the outcome of this, though in my opinion it seems a fool's errand.
  14. Cyan_of_Doma

    2nd Edition Overlord too weak?

    jjcole said: hooliganj said: So for now my conclusion is that overlord players will need to relearn their role in the game. It's no longer about killing the intrepid heroes, because they're now more intrepid than ever. With the limited pool of resources, the overlord needs to spend those resources accomplishing their goal, or they will eventually fail and the heroes will win. In my opinion this makes playing the overlord more of a game than before, and I had a lot of fun when I sat in that chair - more than I ever really had overlording in 1e. Well said, I've played a few Act I quests now and I agree, now the Overlord feels more like playing the game to win rather than just trying to make the heroes lose. I concur. Everything about the way the overlord acts in 2e seems to make it more fun for the whole table, and as an added bonus your hero players don't vehemently hate you by the end of the night .
  15. Cyan_of_Doma

    Additional Dice

    I'm in for at least one, but most likely two. One for the OL and two that the heroes can share. Did the same thing with 1st Ed.