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  1. IN the Rebel Base, yes. But once the Rebel Base is revealed no units can be placed there; they have to be placed in the system that contains the Rebel Base. If the system is Remote, no units can be placed there. -Will
  2. They could show up in future expansions, but the argument that at the strategic level there isn't enough to differentiate them is also sound. I mean, the X-wing and the TIE Fighter are already the same except for X-wing can move itself. And this is ok, since at a strategic level the primary difference between Rebel and Imperial fighter operations is that the Rebel Fighters have strategic mobility. Then throw in the Y-wing to show the Rebel emphasis on anti-shipping fighter attacks and you pretty much have what Rebel Fighter Command is up to nailed down. Adding A-wings and B-wings (and Z-95s and K-Wings and etc) doesn't really change that fundamental strategic balance. -Will
  3. Correct, you can move your forces into the space containing the Rebel Base without moving into the Base itself. -Will
  4. Oh man, almost overlooked that! Yes, ALSO very important! -Will
  5. 6 hours also seems like an excessively long time; my first game ended in round 9(?) after about 3 hours of play. 6 hours for 5 rounds seems like an extremely long first game. The early rebel objectives can be challenging, but again deception plays a roll here as well; you need to convince the Imperial player that you hold different cards than you do, or even use the threat that you hold a certain card against him. For example, spread out your forces so it looks like you're going for the 'have forces in six different systems' card, and then surprise concentrate on an isolated SD to get the 'blow up a Star Destroyer' objective instead. -Will
  6. I believe if you are unable to add a leader to a combad than you don't receive a starting hand of tactic cards. You still fight combat by rolling dice for your forces and can still draw tactic cards whenever lightsabers are rolled. Correct; you don't NEED to have a leader if you are the defender (the initiating player had to use one to get his units into the system, obviously; the only penalty is that you don't start with Tactics cards. -Will
  7. Yea, I don't think either case is unclear. The Mission involves getting the units into the system. Once the mission is over, if there are Imperial units, you resolve a combat. Very clear from the rules as written. As for the other questions: 1. Remember all of the combat is really simultaneous; troops are landing as the space battle is occurring. Would be more realistic to have a chance that destroying the transporting unit would also destroy the ground forces? Probably. But the unit density of the game is low enough I don't think this adds anything. And it is clear in the rules as written. 2. Loyalty represents the support of the system's population; it doesn't mean that all Imperial forces would automatically be destroyed or driven off. You'll need military forces for that. 3. No; Subjugation is not available to the Rebels, so the planet would remain Loyal to the Empire. But your forces still occupy it, so my understanding is that the Empire can't use the resources on the planet or place units there; so haven't you accomplished the same thing?
  8. This would be particularly sweet if you had the objective card that gave you points for destroying a Death Star as well.
  9. Yes, I would not underestimate the difficulty that FFG might have to navigate now that Disney holds the license and the old EU was relegated to 'Legends'. It's made their entire development job a lot trickier I think. -Will
  10. Ah very interesting details. 18 months makes sense from a development standpoint. I think it's also true that the LSG can probably simply give a thumbs up to any 'old EU' material as they wish, bringing it into the current canon. But as you say, we don't really have enough to do more than speculate, and I've done quite enough of this at this point. -Will
  11. Totally true, the latest X-wing, Armada and IA stuff all have 'old EU' stuff appearing. I'm not sure what the design cycle for any of the Star Wars stuff is, but I suspect the lead time for the minis-centric stuff is pretty long, so maybe these were all started long enough before the 'old/new EU' divide was set in stone that they were grandfathered in. Anyway, I don't pretend to know all of the details. I just know that FFG's job got a lot more complicated. -Will
  12. That was under the old LFL licensing though; the new Disney contract could specify that products have to fall into the new Disney continuity (currently the movies, the two cartoon series, and a handful of other sources) rather than the 'old' EU. That would explain some of the choices. -Will
  13. Yea, the whole 'old EU is gone, until a newer source reintroduces it' aspect probably fouled up development and choosing which planets would be included quite a bit. I agree that there are 'better' choices out in there old EU, but it seems like they could not be included under the new Star Wars rules. -Will
  14. Which would actually speed up the collapse of the empire as all those competing factions start fighting among themselves. Eventually. But to start with there's a lot of military hardware out there in the hands of ambitious men willing to use it. It would take years and years to mop up every petty tyrant with a Star Destroyer and one planet he's terrorizing. -Will
  15. Haha! But actually good point. One thing I think the old EU *and* the new movie got right is that the Empire wouldn't just fold up once the Emperor was dead and gone; there would plenty of Imperial leaders with intact military forces who would now go 'hey, *I* could be Emperor'. -Will
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