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  1. I live in Canada... what are the best online places to buy singles?
  2. As the title says I'm wondering where to go from here. Important things to note: - I'm not after every card from every set. - I prefer heroes, but still want some villain decks - I enjoy strong casual game play (does this make sense?) - There is a regular gaming group in my neighborhood, I haven't gone yet. Should i play with them every week (or when I can) to get boosters and trade up? Any suggestions on how to maximize purchasing for someone who is on a budget? Thanks
  3. I'm also going to head to my local board game shop and see if any of the regulars would sell me some commons & uncommons. Are there any resources and or links that are helpful to learn this game?
  4. You're right... I'm going to get two 2 Player sets tommorow. This game look like too much fun not to play.
  5. 2 copies of the starter sets set would provide me with 1 deck with Kylo Ren and 1 deck with Rey? which would probably suffice for a while but I feel would perhaps get stale after a while. It would be hard for me to drop $100 and not be sure as to what I am getting, thus making hard to create decks with any synergy to them.
  6. This game looks like so much fun. I love the dice, the cards, the mechanics of the game and most importantly the world itself. I just can't justify the money that would required to have even a few mediocre decks. I'm so disappointed... oh well, I guess I will spend my money elsewhere. Still, the game looks awesome.
  7. for me it's a perfect blend of my favorite two races... mostly elf with just the right amount of dwarf spashed in.
  8. Here's a link on how it is used http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/thelordoftherings/the-lord-of-the-rings-decks/_/lord-of-the-rings-submitted-decks/unexpected-allies-r238
  9. This has been a blast to play and it's so powerful on it's own but taken to another level if you team it up with a solid dwarf deck featuring Dain. Deck Created with CardGameDB.com The Lord of the Rings Deckbuilder Total Cards: (50) Hero: (3) 1x Bifur (Khazad-dum) 1x Elrond (Shadow and Flame) 1x Glorfindel (Foundations of Stone) Ally: (20) 3x Warden of Healing (The Long Dark) 3x Erebor Hammersmith (Core Set) 3x Rivendell Minstrel (The Hunt for Gollum) 2x Miner of the Iron Hills (Core Set) 3x Gandalf (Core Set) 2x Arwen Undomiel (The Watcher in the Water) 3x Imladris Stargazer (Foundations of Stone) 1x Gildor Inglorion (The Hills of Emyn Muil) Attachment: (15) 3x Light of Valinor (Foundations of Stone) 3x Vilya (Shadow and Flame) 2x Protector of Lorien (Core Set) 2x A Burning Brand (Conflict at the Carrock) 2x Asfaloth (Foundations of Stone) 2x Unexpected Courage (Core Set) 1x Song of Travel (The Hills of Emyn Muil) Event: (15) 2x The Galadhrim's Greeting (Core Set) 3x Elrond's Counsel (The Watcher in the Water) 3x A Test of Will (Core Set) 2x Dwarven Tomb (Core Set) 2x Secret Paths (Core Set) 3x Mithrandir's Advice (The Steward's Fear) Side Quest: (0)
  10. I just wanted to state the obvious... those nightmare decks look awesome and I will definately pick them up as soon as possible... Conflict at the Carrock is my favorite adventure thus far and I am very glad it is getting a redo in the nightmare fashion... Thanks to FFG for keeeping this wonderful game going for a few years now... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the regulars here on the forum...
  11. I'm a huge tactics fan ad so far I'm loving what I'm seeing... I also want to see a killer Gondor deck soon... any of you great deck makers have any Ideas for a strong Gondor deck by looking at the new cards?
  12. Hey there everyone, My name is Pat... I live in Canada... Ottawa to be exact... I love Tolkien and his wonderful world... I started gaming when I was 8, playing D&D and any board game I could get my hands on... I play games with a bunch of friends every week... we play Descent, Smallworld, Blood Bowl Team Manger and many more... when we all (5 of us) can't get together we usually play LotR which none of us really mind of course... LotR LCG is my favorite game by far... I love the theme and cooperative nature to the game... I scour this forum probably every day for Ideas... Thanks to everyone posting there decks/ ideas...
  13. Here's the deck I've been using with great success... I find these Heroes are super powerful and quite capable of dispatching of most scenarios... I like to pair this deck with a mono tactics fighting deck of which I will post at a later date... Heroes: Elrond Aragorn (Lore) Glorfindel (Spirit) Allies: Arwen x2 Stargazer x3 Northern Tracker x3 Gleowine x2 Warden of healing x2 Master of the Forge x2 Beorn x1 (Core) Gildor x1 Haldir x1 Gandalf (Core) x3 Attachments: Light of Valinor x3 Unexpected Courage x2 Ranger Spikes x3 Burning Brand x2 Asfaloth x2 Vilya x3 Events: Elrond's Counsel x3 Test of Will x3 Dwarves Tomb x2 Galadhrim's Greeting x2 Mithrandir's Advice x3 Secret Path x2
  14. Yes, this game is great solo... I would highly recommend picking it up... I got this game to tide me over until I get together with the guys for our regular gaming sessions... It's my favorite game by far... solo or with others it is so much fun..
  15. Hey all, I've just used the above mentioned hero's for most of Khazad-dum and I must say they are quite powerful... anyone else have tremendous success with them as well? Elrond and Vilya are so good... Strider and Glorfindel aren't too shabby either : )
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