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  1. on the island map, can thge overlord spwn mosters behind the ship, then board the ship, then scuttle the ship on the rocks while the heroes are on the island. what are the spawning rules for the island map?
  2. on the island map, can overlord spawn behind the ship, then board the ship, then scuttle it on the rocks (whilst the heroes are on the island) ? what are the spwening rules for the island maps?
  3. I don't know if this is the correct forum to post in, so appologies up front. does fantasy flight still publish the board game "Doom", if not then what happened? is there anyway of getting a new set of Doom dice, I have checked ebay but seems noone is selling spares for this game. my son has been asking for a while as he lost his and wants to play the game. Thanks.
  4. on a map where part of the dungeon forms a rectangle with 3 spaces on the short side of the rectangle, will the hellhound breath fired at the top wall affect spaces on the bottom of the rectangle, effectively going through empty space. D is dungeon floor, is X safe from breath attack at B fired south? DBDDDD DD DD DXDDDD
  5. does the overlords dodge card mean the attack is a miss, or does it mean that dodge rules apply to the attack. the word "dodge" appears bold on the card so I am assuming that it means the dodge re-roll rules, but its not clear.
  6. Runmaster Thorn's special ability allows him to spend 5 movement points to move to any space within his line of sight does his ability allow him to move through and avoid scything blades (well of darkness). sything blades do not block line of sight.
  7. thanks for all the responses. it seems my thinking was defective when i said "i don't think i'm doing anything stupid" since i had read the rules as giving the OL threat tokens according to the number of players rather than the number of heroes. its always worth re-reading the rules of any game after a few plays. when will i learn? perhaps after i get some glasses. the additional threat token does over burden the heroes in the later game, perhaps this has lead my heroes to ignore caution. I have favoured health potions over fatigue potions, perhaps its time to switch that around and see what happens. thanks again for the useful discussion. I definitely do think that the biggest flaw in the standard rules is a random draw for character cards, the suggested alternative of picking from a drawn selection is much better imo.
  8. do others feel Decent is heavily balanced in favour of the overlord player? Having played most of the levels and 2 expansions (well darkness and altar despair), I've hardly won a level playing 4 heroes. it seems that one bad run of luck and its game over, so it appears one needs good luck to win a level, or one needs to know the level and pick the right heroes for the task. I really don't think I'm doing anything stupid. I would suggest monster cards should be picked according to the number of heroes rather than the number of players, so 4 heroes+overlord = monster numbers 4 rather than 5, also overlord gets threat tokens according to number of heroes, not players. and maybe increasing the 300 coins to start with. any thoughts?
  9. I'm new to these type of games, so what might seem obvious, isn't necessarily obvious to everyone, thanks for your patience.
  10. crikey. I have a master dragon blocked by a bottle imp aurora 2 in a corridor width 2 so I can't get past him without suffering 10 wounds?
  11. is the aura ability only applied once per creature movement or does it apply on every adjacent square that an enemy walks through? in other words can I walk past something with aura and only take the one wound, or will I take 3 wounds by walking past the creature with aura?
  12. blast 1 + blast 1 (2 surges) if 2 surges are rolled, are the blasts cumulative or applied separately? so if I roll 5 hits + 2 surges against creature with armour 4, are the wounds 6? or are the wounds 2 (ie, 5-4 + 5-4) ?
  13. In the "hall of the monkey kings" quest in altar of despair expansion, i was wondering what the purpose of the gold chest was in the last area 7? since there are 4 apes at the end of the corridor, there would be no way of getting to the chest without killing the apes, and killing the apes ends the quest.
  14. I'm new to playing descent. Is the game designed for the same characters to be used from quest to quest? or is it designed to start each quest with new characters and new equipment from the allocated 300 coins? do you take the abilities and equipment, weapons etc into the next quest? or would the characters be too strong? can't find anything in the manual.
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