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  1. Tobogan said: I think the question was, at which action window will Shades work and when will he be able to play Invoke Khaine's Wrath. dormouse was replying to another question that had been raised.
  2. dormouse said: The rulebook discusses playing actions only in response to actions and Actions: and a forced effect is neither. Page 15, rulebook, "Actions are denoted by a bold “Action:” trigger on a card." Page 15 Rulebook, "Actions can also be played or triggered in response to other actions." Page 15, rulebook, "Forced effects are denoted by a bold “Forced:” trigger on a card. Forced effects are triggered by specific occurrences throughout a game, and they occur automatically, whether the card’s controller wants them to resolve or not. Forced effects always occur immediately whenever their trigger is met, and they cannot be cancelled or interrupted by other actions." Ok, thks, got it.
  3. Tobogan said: The rulebook says: Scout After combat damage is applied, the controller of any surviving participating unit(s) with the Scout keyword forces his opponent to discard one card at random from his hand for each of his participating units with Scout that survived the combat. So, Invoke's will go. Thanks for the reference, got it.
  4. dormouse said: It should also be noted since keywords are not actions you may not respond to them in anyway. Their initiation may cause a Constant effect to initiate, or even a Forced Effect to trigger, but you may not respond to it yourself with a player action. Can you give me a reference to this ruling? Does it mean only cards played and "Actions:" generate a queue to which a player can add actions/tactics to?
  5. Something that occurred on our last gaming night: Enemy player is attacking with a scout, which will survive, thus making me discard. I have a single card in my hand, "Invoke Khaines Wrath", and enough resources to play it. My question is, can i play it, and what is the proper sequence? When does the scout discard effect kicks in exactly? We ruled that i could play it in response to the scout effect, but im still unsure.
  6. It did, in an indirect way . I know about the "then" requirement, stated it in the first post. However, by going back to the FAQ to re-read the section you mentioned, i noticed the "Warp Lightning Cannon" entry, which says: 'Can be played on an already corrupted unit. The "corrupt that unit" effect is cancelled.' which means that we cannot corrupt an already corrupted unit successfully, thus invalidating both actions of the ChillWind (because of the 'then' clause).
  7. Hate this forum search , cannot limit the search to a sub-forum like this one, so i cannot be certain if this has been answered or not, possibly in the context of Seduced By Darkness. Question: Can i successfully corrupt a corrupted unit, or the effect fizzles? Im asking because of Chillwind, which states "Action: Corrupt one target unit. Then you may restore one corrupted unit." I know that the second effect will only kick in if the first succeeds; my question is if i can use this on an already corrupted unit, and then un-corrupt an unit, or if the first effect is invalid, and thus the second does not kick in.
  8. Thick-Skinned (0+2O) Card text: Attachment Attach to a target Orc unit. Action: Sacrifice this card to redirect any number of combat damage assigned to attached unit to one target unit you control. ---- The question is, if attacking with attached unit and any other unit, and both are assigned letal damage, can i sacrifice the attachment and redirect all initial assigned damage to attached unit to the other unit (which already as enough damage assigned to kill it), thus removing all assigned damage? I know that we cannot assign more indirect damage to a creature than the required to kill it, but we also can assign more combat damage to an enemy unit than necessary to kill it, and the card specifically says assigned combat damage.
  9. Could you add the date of the last update to the first post? It would help greatly, by avoiding to that to scan all the replies.
  10. I have a question on Hydra Blade from "The WarpStone Chronicles" BP: Card Text: Hydra Blade (Unique, Attachment,Relic) - 2+1DE "Attach to a target DE unit. Curropt that unit. Attached unit gets 2H. If attached unit would be destroyed, you may pay 2 resources to (instead of destroying it) leave it in play and remove all Damage from it." --- Does Hydra Blade remains in play if i pay the two resources?
  11. Dam said: Sadly, it's A. "Thanks" to the FAQ ruling on damage with regard to cancelling effects, a single DM + GA combo blocks an infinite amount of uncancellable damage . Didnt you mean "infinite amount of _cancellable_ damage? Thoughness cannot prevent uncancellable damage.
  12. Pedro Ruano said: And with the help of Animosity (which i believe will get a lot more use now with Deathmaster Sniktch), it can get to those pesky support,never attacking/defending units in zones other than the battlefield (like the master). ****, forget the master, its action would make him not able to defend, thus being immune to Animosity.
  13. darkdeal said: Honestly, they are just strictly better than if they had that damage as a hammer because you get to assign it anywhere and before regular damage. It can be used as a way to damage attackers that aren't even attacking the zone the globadiers are in. And with the help of Animosity (which i believe will get a lot more use now with Deathmaster Sniktch), it can get to those pesky support,never attacking/defending units in zones other than the battlefield (like the master).
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