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  1. That rule wouldn´t really apply here as there is no characteristics penalty, there is just a penalty to tests and there is a vital difference. Though why it isn´t a penalty to characteristics is another thing. As for the original question, by RAW fatigue does not apply to power rolls, just like you can not use Fate to reroll it. Power rolls are not normal tests.
  2. Personaly I would say no. The Halo devices are party physical so in some ways they could probably affect untouchables, but considering that they (from what I read in RT) seem to draw heavily from the warp I am guessing they would find it very unpleasant to be around untouchables, much like a psycher would.
  3. I can't quote a source since I don't remember where I read it, but I am fairly sure that some book somewhere gives the Eldar point of view on the human soul (or it might have been a comparison between Eldar an humans... anyways). In that text it said that unlike the Eldar, who leave a concious warp presence when they die (a soul), most humans simply lack the willpower and potential for such. Normal human souls are to weak to have sentience and just fade away. Now the souls of psychers, or those of Inquisitors or other people with significantly stronger will than an ordinary hiveworker, they might "survive" death. And if they do, they had better hope that the Emperor finds them first. Considering that the Eldar gods seem to have somehow taken up Eldar souls and protected them (you know, before the gods got themselves eaten during the fall), it is not unreasonable to think that the combined human Faith and the effect it has on the warp might be strong enough that the Emperor indead does protect. At least those worthy.
  4. What Friend of the Dork said. Considering that the word is clearly derived from words such as omniscience it should probably be pronounced in the same way. So no sci-ence in the end, more like see-ens. Besides, this is 40k, science is verboten.
  5. Siranui said: Are you saying that because players should roleplay there shouldn't be rules to encouraging them doing that? Because that's a little like saying that because players shouldn't munchkin, there don't need to be a rigorously designed set of rules that attempt to prevent them from doing so... Not quite, I am saying that this particular rule is imo silly and that more rules is not always better. Also, it has always been my experience that the looser the system the less people will munchkin and the more they will roleplay. When there is a rule that makes it a good idea to do a certain thing, then doing it suddenly becomes more of a mechanics than a roleplaying choice.
  6. Personaly I consider the rule silly. If a character dies I would let the player start a new character with the same amount of xp as the rest of the group, no matter what happend with the glands (though getting the glands back could make a good mission). Playing a character that is way behind the others is just no fun. You might also wonder why the Inquisition paired a rookie DW marine with the elites, squads arn't made at random. You might say that it encurages the players to make sure their characters go out with a bang y if they are going to die. But come one, we are talking about mutant supermen defending the galaxy from evil. If your players need a mechanical excuse to go out in a blaze of glory, you need new players.
  7. About the first question. I give out money based on in-game months. Since each scenario usualy lasts on the magnitude of days this means that money comes in during downtime between missions, and is easy to control. If I think the group has good enough gear already, I could just have their Inquisitior give them a new mission right away. If I think they could do with some new stuff, I just say that two months pass between the missions (usualy with them working undercover somewhere on some minor assingment). That puts the flow of Thrones, and the equipment, directly under your control. Of course, some missions tie together so you can't wait that long between each, but in this case they could just get a cash bonus from the Inquisition so that they can equip properly for the mission.
  8. I think the "badge" comment might just have been a figure of speach. The main thing about using the pull of the Inquisition is imo that it usualy isn't all that sneaky. Sometimes stealth is not an issue, but for Acolytes it often is. In the Edge of Darkness scenario you pretty much instantly fail the mission if you tell people you are from the Inquisition, since the baddies can't know you are coming or they will just flee. Same thing in the first Purge adventure I think. Some people can be trusted with information like that, but if you tell enough people it will get out. And even if they can't or wont just flee, it is still not a good idea to let the enemy know who you are. People fear the Inquisition, and extreme force becomes so much more appealing when you fear your opponent. If they think they are under attack from some random mercenaries they might underestimate you, if they think you are from the Inquisition they might nuke from orbit.
  9. I kind of like the idea of the OP, that you must choose if you dodge or not before you know if the enemy will hit, at least in theory. In practice I see two problems with it. First of all I doubt DH is balanced for that, it might make combat alot more deadly. That is not always a bad thing, just something to be prepared for. Secondly it slows things down. It means that every time you attack someone, before you roll, you have to stop and at least give the person a second to say "i dodge" or stay quiet. Yes, that is a tiny interupption, but I have used systems before that have similar tiny pauses and it gets really annoying really fast. So for the second reason alone I would not do it.
  10. Charmander, you have a point in a way. Yes, the GK and the DW could of course run accross each other on missions, but that is a long way from a GK actually being assigned to work with the DW, or vice versa.
  11. Does it place wounds on the opposite page to weapons? I hate that. I want all information relevant to combat on one page.
  12. In DH I would most likely only allow it between sessions. In some games (like Exalted) I have allowed the use of xp mid session or mid fight, since the over-the-top feel of those games makes it fitting that the hero, when hard pressed by a vicious opponent, suddenly unlocks new powers. In the grim darkness of the far future it would make a lot less sense.
  13. What about a flamer war? Not that effective against Marines I guess...
  14. Adorjin had been gone for so long most of the information about her had been lost. In Purge the Inquisition has no idea of the book, only the Dark Eldar and the Query knows about it. If they had known they would not have sent a couple of lowly acolytes handle it considering it happened just above Scintilla, the HQ of the Inquisition in the sector. The Ordo Maleuss would probably have gone to great length to get it back. Considering how different the GK work from any other chapter, cooperation seems unlikly (and as far as I know there is no mention of it ever happening). And I'm arguing because I'm home sick and have nothing better to do
  15. Don't forget that you get to roll Willpower to resist that power.
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