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  1. Especially on Island Levels Runemaster Thorn with his lign of sight beam ability seams to be a very powerful weapon! Are ther any restrictions for the runemaster in SOB? Thanks for your answers, a desperate Overlord!
  2. Hello, 1 Question: Can the Home Port at any time of the game (after it has started) be changed? Thank you for your answers! BR Dexnus
  3. Hi, When the heroes face the Avatar and their maximum wounds are increased will they restore the wounds to their maximum? Thanks for your thoughts! Greetings, Dexnus
  4. See page 24 in the rulebook: Avatar Upgrades include Avatar improvements, monster upgrades, or lieutnants... It is a generic term for all upgrades.
  5. Hi guys! This forum is of extreme use to our small Descent group, thank you :-) Here comes a new topic for discussion: The overlord has 15 xp to spend on any avatar upgrades in the beginning. Now consider the quite powerful purchase of 2 more lieutnants at the very start of the game: Lord Merick (5 xp, normally 10 xp) and Eliza Farrow (8 xp, normally 11 xp)! I subtracted the discount because Sir Alric is already in play, isn't he? What do you think? Is it legal? Thanks for your thoughts! Greetings, ww
  6. Hi guys, The heroes successfully completed a rumor dungeon! If the heroes kill the special monster at the last rumor level, do they get the reward 4 xp + coins as normal or not? What do you think? If the overlord rolls a miss, does he still get threat for power surges? I believe no, this is just to make sure. Thanks a lot for your answers!! Beste Grüße! ww
  7. Hi Descent Players, Unfortunately we have 2 lieutnants besieging Tamalir. Can the heroes attack both one after the other in ONE GAME WEEK? Greetings, Wolfgang
  8. Hi Descent Fans! One issue about template attacks: If one of the targeted figures has dodge is the new thrown result only valid for this figure or for all targeted figures? Second question which is a little bit more complicated: There is one armor which makes you throw power die for every wound you suffer and cancel one wound for every blank you roll. There is another, I think a rune, which lets you pay one fatigue to cancel one wound. If you have BOTH items the crucial thing is the order of usage: Do you have to decide how many wounds you cancel by spending fatigue FIRST and THEN roll power die for the rest OR roll power die for all wounds and THEN decide how many of the remaining you cancel by spending fatigue? I hope I expressed myself clearly! Greetings from Vienna, WW
  9. Hello Overlords! We are about to enter the silver campaign. So far, it seems, the treachery upgrades are quite too expensive compared to other upgrades like lieutnants or monster upgrades (or avatar upgrades). Why would anyone spend 10 or more points on just a single card? I know that they can also brought into play in a lieutnant encounter but are they really worth it? Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Grüße, Wolfgang
  10. Dear Descent-Fans, Imagine the following situation: The heroes are in a town which is being besieged by a lieutnant. If the lieutnant does not attack the group (because he is afraid of being cut into pieces) and the heroes decide to encounter him what can they do after the encounter? Just visit Tamalir or do a full training? (If the lieutnant attacks it seems clear to me that the heroes have a full week since the overlords turn is first and the heroes' is second) We found that the Caverns of Thuul are a little bit hard for the heroes. We thought of opening all three areas so fewer monsters would appear as he cannot place more figures than he actually has in stock, so to say. What do you think about that? It is a legal strategy isn't it? Please share your thoughts with me! Thank you! Wolfgang
  11. Thanks for this quick response. Just to make sure: If Furr occupies one of the four spaces of a big monster like a giant, can it attack the same big monster?
  12. Hi Guys! I browsed this forum a little bit and found answers to most questions concerning Furr the Spirit Wolf. However, one remained unsolved: As familiars can also move to spaces where monsters or Heroes are can they also attack from these spaces? If Furr can attack from a space containing a monster, what about line of sight to this space containing now 2 characters (this is important as it can only attack if the Hero has a LOS to Furr)? One question about the highest number of power dice: Can a hero roll more than 5 power dice? For example: attack roll with 3 silver dice, 2 black dice, can he add black dice by spending fatigue? One last question (which is probably the easiest): Is the additional black power die from 'Swarm' upgraded to silver and gold when the campaign advances? (my guess: no) Thanks a lot for your comments and fruitful discussion! Wolfgang
  13. Thanks for this One more question that I forgot to post: If a hero starts his turn next to an unactivated glyph is he allowed to enter the town or does he first have to activate it and wait for the next turn. Greetings, Wolfgang
  14. Dear Descent-Fans! We started Road to Legend recently and during our first dungeon a few questions arose: 1 What counts as a new area in a dungeon? Some Power Cards say that the Overlord can place additional monsters. Can the Overlord place them only in new levels or also when the Heroes open a door which has not been opened yet? 2 If the Overlord deck is played through does the Overlord receive experience points (like in the original version)? 3 Does the Overlord keep Power Cards for the whole dungeon or only for the level he played it. Thank you very much! Wolfgang
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