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  1. I've found lollygagging behind a wall of obstacles and waiting for your opponents to come through to get you works well for the s/f. You have to be fairly confident in your timing ability, but this might work great with Debris Gambit builds. Edit: Perhaps two Omega s/f teamed with Swarm leader "Blackout" might perform well as a hammer/scalpel combination?
  2. Can't perform the same action more than once per round, thus cannot Coordinate for a focus action after taking a focus action. Or am I missing something?
  3. Having flown five Strikers for a couple months, I've decided to try five TIE/ln in a dispersed swarm. Maybe I'm overconfident, but sharing synergy combinations with at least three others in the swarm (toting some sparse yet creative upgrades), I think many opponents simply can't wrap their brains around 4+ lists. I mean, I lose one fairly early, but after that my opponents tend to waffle on choosing their next target, making odd maneuver choices and poor targeting priorities, and sometimes making wierd action choices. This often is enough to put some hurt on one of their ships fairly early. It's definitely a long-game strategy of patience, though.
  4. Alekzanter

    Viktor Hel

    Edited my post. Ya know, 'cause vitriol.
  5. Alekzanter

    Viktor Hel

    Next week I plan to fly my first S&V list using Vik... Intensity, Cloaking Device, Stealth Device, Stygium Particle Accelerator, Engine Upgrade. Competitive? No. Fun jank? Yes.
  6. Keyan Farlander w/ B-E2, Hera, and Determination don't carr about ISYTDS!
  7. I've found it's hard for my opponents to focus their fire on the same ships from turn to turn, so I'm thinking "Countdown" w/ Adaptive Ailerons as a swap. I used him in an Escalation tourney and I was pleased with the amount of frustration he caused (not the NPE kind). Taking LWF on him isn't necessary, his special ability more than makes up for its absence. I simply took a focus action every time I could and kept him at range 2/3, and he worked well as a distracting sniper. He's also an excellent blocker in a pinch. I have a quick question about his ability vs TLT... Would the results be cancelled after both sets of dice have been rolled? I can check the timing chart, again, but I'm thinking this makes lists with single TLT carriers less effective against "Countdown". EDIT: I just checked the timing chart, and I think I'm correct in my interpretation: I could choose to use his ability after both sets of attack/defrnse dice have been rolled. Yes? As an aside, I think the next 200-point Epic game I play will pair these five Strikers with four Zeta s/f, each with SpecOps Title and FCS. Should be interesting counter-styles to pair, eh?
  8. Played another game with five last night against two Star Vipers and an ordinance-heavy Nym kitted with Clusters and Synched Turret. Bumped Nym twice in a row, and he followed that by rolling up on some debris...WOOT! Okay, calming down now. My dice were meh, and I literally nibbled my opponent's whole list for 1or 2 hits the whole game. Plink, plink, plink. I won though, another 100-20 game. That makes me 3-1 (three 100-20, and 76-100). I'm not really having too much difficulty being stressed for one, maybe two turns. I just think having even a passive EPT like Outmaneuver will make me fly dumb, try to set up differently, so I think I'll fly five a half-dozen more times to lock in the flying mindset before changing it up. A spectator of last night's game said he spent most of the game trying to predict where my Strikers would go/end up, and said he gave up after several turns. Heh, at one point I got target locked by a Viper, but that Striker ended up so far away from that Viper after two turns that he moved the lock to a different ship. I. Love. Strikers!
  9. I've put five Strikers on the table and had an absolute blast! They're squirrelly, and most opponents blunder into a wide PS3 killbox. But, I'm thinking of using four Black Squadron Scouts with AA, LWF, and Outmaneuver, and Pure Sabbaac (sp) with AA, LWF, and Crackshot. The trade of that fifth ship worries me, though. People will gun hard for Sabby, and plopping a PS7 into a mini-swarm of PS4 mucks with the blunder box... Anyone have experience with something like this? I know Outmaneuver will hit hard, so maybe I'm worrying for nothing.
  10. Several of the different FFG prize rulers are one-sixteenth inch short when compared to the boxed set's card ruler. Stock parts rule! (pun intended)
  11. Expert Level: Five TIE Strykers with Adaptive Ailerons. Talk about a long planning phase. Sheesh.
  12. Sooooo fragile the Strikers are. But sooooo fun.
  13. Watch Nathan Eide fly an A-Wing, then try to justify "stale". I have to say, ships are only as good as the pilot. "Git gud" should be everyone's goal. Fly what gets you pumped, and be the best at it.
  14. This is of interest to me, particularly flying three Upsilon and four Lambda. But the prisoner transport list looks fun, too.
  15. I've been mulling the idea of flying 4 Black Squadron Scout TIE Strikers, each w/ Adaptive Ailerons, Engine Uprade, and Lightning reflexes...perform the white 1 AA maneuver, flip 180°, perform a green maneuver and shed stress, then boost (squirrelly). Their fragile, but could be practically anywhere unexpected. Any strategy or named pilot suggetions?
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