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  1. Unfortunately, even if we would all like it sometimes - we cannot discard cards freely. As for the limit of cards on the table: the only limit is all the cards you have in your deck (and possibly some of your opponents' cards if you're crafty enough ) - in short there's no card limit in both hand and in play.
  2. imanfasil said: The other ladder is put out by one of the clues. Where it is located will be based on the choices the keeper made - sorry not in front of my books. We played scenario 3 twice the other day and did not run into any issues. There is a room that is impassible to characters, but that is as intended. Monsters can move through it to get to the altars and players have to go another way - the ladder. I understand that it is supposed to be put forward by a clue and that the door in the Furnace Room is not passable to characters BUT in this particular combination (1c, 2b, 3b, 4a, 5a) the clue 5 just gives you a zombie in the patio and clue 4 just talks about a brass key and the folded piece of paper. It could be that I have not read something properly, as this was the first time I played it - but the ladder just didn't show up and the number 3 clue remained unreachable as it was in the Cave 2 area (which you don't have access to, without the ladder). This made our game really frustrating for a number of turns, after we realized that there is nothing we can do anymore, we were just running around, trying not to let any monster "sample" us.
  3. Ok, I've played my first game of MoM and I really liked almost everything about it. HOWEVER: We played Scenario 3 (1c, 2b, 3b, 4a, 5a combination) and we have encountered a big problem of being stuck for the rest of the game, not being able to open the door to see clues 3, 2 and 1. Good thing was the Keeper did not win as well This happened because when you open the lock with the crowbar (PATIO - clue 4a) you get the brass key and the only accessible lock left on the map is the one that is opened by a magic phrase - which is found in CAVE 2 area. SOLUTION: In order to be able to finish this scenario (in this combination) you need to put the ladder in the GRAVEYARD (presumably in the little fenced area, or somewhere else on the tile -> this makes most sense as you finish underground + it's a solid walking distance) as the only part of the ladder in the setup phase is placed in the CAVE 2 area.
  4. Unfortunately, no one has mentioned the HS resin card yet
  5. USAF214 said: Many attachments are "kneel this attachment to do blah blah blah, many save the character from being killed" I'm guessing you're thinking of Lightbringer (Response: Kneel Lightbringer to save attached character from being killed.). You kneel each of them separately (character and the attachment(s)). Also, even though your character is knelt already, you are still able to save him by kneeling the sword.
  6. I agree that some of them can backfire, leaving you empty handed. Good thing is you can play this plot in the opening round, making your opponent unable to kill Also, if you find them to be Illogical in joust, you can make a gentleman agreement that all plots with "choose another player...you and that player.." or similar don't work (their text box is considered blank). In this way you may also avoid those turns where you are not allowed to have 2 types of challenges (military and power for example).
  7. I agree with ktom on this one, as it looks like a no-brainer. I believe that overcomplicating the rules can be tedious when playing card games and tend to leave thing as simple as they can be. However, legally speaking, if we were to go all technical on this issue, having a house card that says "you have no house affiliation" does make neutral cards "house affiliated" in a way. (your affiliation becomes the non-affiliation, making all your characters affiliated to "other" houses [those you would pay gold penalty on] non-house affiliated) Playing a character/location belonging to another house(s) will put you in a position that those cards are not your house affiliated, thus making them vulnerable to the said card. This is sort of a philosophical explanation, but theoretically correct.
  8. If I remember properly, you are have the right to go through enemy's dead pile/discard pile at any moment, as they are stacked face up... I can't recall the exact place where I read such a thing, but I'm quite certain
  9. jhaelen said: GrumpyBatman said: The minis are definitely in the 25mm to 28mm range. I know none of them are 42mm for sure. I think the scale was mentioned in the initial announcement article when they still planned to sell them in monthly installments with two minis per installment. IIRC, they said the scale was 30mm. I agree, it was stated that they will be approx. 30mm (with some characters varying due to different stance).
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