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  1. Velhart said: I should say that if the life is prevented somehow by a spell, or armour etc, then he will not lose his next turn. Only if you can really take that life, (by choosing for it) then he will miss his next turn But if he can prevent it, nothing happens..... ( bad choice then) btw, i understand your interpretation of the card, but thats what it is in my opinion, an interpretation. the card is definately not as clear as it should have been, or perhaps it is,,, if you do exactly what it says to do without adding to it.
  2. Velhart said: I should say that if the life is prevented somehow by a spell, or armour etc, then he will not lose his next turn. Only if you can really take that life, (by choosing for it) then he will miss his next turn But if he can prevent it, nothing happens..... ( bad choice then) this is exactly what my friend says happens also. heres my problem. if that is true, why not say "...if you take a life, they lose a turn",,,just like fatestealer and runesword ( if you take a life, gain a fate/life ) the key words here are IF and CHOOSE. I think the distiction between the two is obvious, and there is no way it went unnoticed in play testing. it was left that way because the requirements for ice fang and frost razor are different than those of fate stealer and rune sword.someone answer this. does the text alone on these cards indicate that they work their abilities differently, or am i just crazy?
  3. i hope someone has an answer for this question. frostrazor simply says that if you " CHOOSE to take a life, that character loses a turn", thats it. nothing else. no distinction of whether the damage gets prevented or is succesfully dealt. to fulfill the swords requirement to cause a turn loss, you must simply CHOOSE TO TAKE A LIFE. THE GHOUL has a similar ability. when you defeat someone in psychic combat and choose to take a life, add it to your own. initially, i thought this was the same thing as frostrazor and icefang, but its not. even though youve fulfilled the requirement to gain that life, you cant take it if it was prevented somehow. preventing the life loss does keep you from gaining the life. its not there for you to take. not so with frostrazor. if they prevent the loss of life somehow, it doesnt keep them from losing life. so, does anyone know if there is something official on this? i asked this once before and most of the responses said the same. ffg needs to be more clear,and that most of them just play the sword just like fate stealer because they think everything should be uniform. hell, i want uniformity too, but that doesnt mean 2 different swords cant work differently. i dont want to play based on someones opinion of what they think the card means when it says CHOOSE, or a simplified version. i think the difference was put there for a reason. playtesters would certainly have noticed the difference and changed it if it wasnt meant to be there. i did have one response that agreed with me. he said he would take the card literally. thats what i want to do with all cards. play them exactly as they are written. use common sense. you cant take a life that was never lost, so the ghoul gets nothing when his damage is prevented, but if you are struck by frostrazor or icefang, you can heal, prevent armor all you want,,, youll still be froze up for a turn if your opponent CHOOSES to take a life. any and all responses needed and greatly appreciated
  4. if i defeat someone with phychic combat, do i gain the life even if they use armor to prevent the damage ( mirror sheild in this case)
  5. so if you die on your first move of temporal warp,,,are you able take your two other turns with your new character???
  6. okay so if you kill the hydra with a fireball,,is the hydra able to regenerate??? and are you able to take the hydra as a trophy? my guess is no and no,,but lets see what the pros say!!
  7. okay so i play mesmerism and go from my opponents Genie. My opponent has hydra spell in his hand,,,and plays it on me.. so what happens here??? is hydra spell a valid target??? and can my opponent take back his Genie???
  8. thats great news. i hope my copy arrives soon.
  9. we always put it back on the space and it is handled again the next time someone lands there to attack it, charm it, or whatever.
  10. is buying a new game the only way to get more gold and craft / strength / life counter cones? im missing 3 gold and about 3 small counters.
  11. yeah, i guess it would depend on the monster too.
  12. do you still lose a life in the desert if you encounter a character there instead of the space?
  13. the minstrel chooses which animals and/or dragons he doesnt wish to fight, then fights the rest,,,unless he takes an animal for a follower, in which case he can add its str to whatever battle is left. i want to know which is the next battle to satisfy dominations text
  14. kinda interesting. i think it might make better sense that animals wont attack you, monsters probably like the taste of leprosy.
  15. if i encounter 2 creatures on a space and i play dominate on the bigger one, do i have to use it to battle the other creature?. it says to use in your next battle. i can see this one going either way since technically youve began the process of encountering the cards, but you havent battled yet.
  16. so are you able to play weakness on the lord of darkness??? it is casted on a creature??? same thing with spell which doesn't allow creature to roll a dice for attack roll??
  17. i would also say the necromancer too,,,its very important to get him high in craft as quickly as possible,,so you can start pounding other characters in psychic combat,,,but i would agree that he is probably the weakest character. My favorite character is the Leprechaun. His ability to teleport on a 6 is the best ability in the game ,,next to the Gypsy's ability to gain spells off the discard pile. but all the characters are good!! you have to play each character differently for sure. sometimes you just have to focus on staying alive for the first hour,,and then go after other characters!! i thought the Priest was the weakest,,until i beat down the Ogre Chieftain!!! I think you have to stick around the Temple with the Priest and Knight! And for the Knight,,I think he is top notch!! FastEddy23
  18. hes not me least favorite, but ive had the least luck with him. the swashbuckler. i cant seem to keep him alive past gaining 1 0r 2 counters.
  19. havent thought it out much at all lets see str 2 crf 5 gold 3 fate 0 alignment neutral start city you may never have , collect, or use fate. it has abandoned you. whenever you land on a player, you may beg for 1 gold, if they have it you may pay 1 gold less per item bought at the village you may heal up to your life total for free at the city and village , but you miss one turn if a character lands on you, you may pay them 1 gold, and beg for your life to keep them from choosing to take life when they win in battle or psychic combat against you maybey too much? let me know
  20. if the new expansion has an inside like the one in the dungeon box, im going to use it and the dungeons , to make my own tower.
  21. talisman is a very fast game, for its type. also try the silver line game CITADELS as a fast and extremely fun game for 2 to 7 players.
  22. if some some card or spell such as the trickster causes you to lose your bag of holding, or similar item, do the items in it drop to your space, or does the bag come fully loaded to the person that beat the trickster. the bag just says you lose any items that were in the bag. lose to who though? the space, or the player? also, what about gust of wind and whirlwind. do you choose the order of your rolls? do you even roll for items in the bag, or just roll for the bag?
  23. darthmax1

    Raft movement

    ive wondered about this b4, but never asked about it. weve always played " 1 space, directly across the river" i think it would be fun to try it the other way. ive always assumed it was just one space you could go to, but it would be cool to draw the raft, or buy it, at the ruins, and raft to the temple
  24. i think by destroying the tinker imp, i have avoided the encounter, and it needs to be encountered in order to use its ability
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