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  1. is the genie able to use the spells if let say you draw it on the ruins and teleport using icequeens palace????? and use spells on a character or creature you encounter from the icequeens palace teleport ability???
  2. okay so lets say you draw a strength creature and an object while playing the Highlander character,,and you use his ability to charge and add 2 to your strength and miss your next turn. are you able to encounter the other card and take the object,,,or does missing the encounter count as your lost turn??
  3. okay so lets say you draw a dragon and you lose to him on the ruins. the other card on the ruins is a rune gate. are you able to still teleport to any rune gate or rune space even if you lost to the dragon??
  4. it seems obvious to me that they do. these cards are from the same expansion so its not a matter of cards being worded differently from expansion to expansion as some have previously said.
  5. the concealed pouch says you dont have to count it or the object in it. we played it that if i put the lodestone in it, it still counted as one object
  6. here we go again. ice sceptre is a magic object that states " if u defeat a character in battle or psychic combat and CHOOSE to take a life, that character also misses their next turn" it is worded just like icefang and frostrazor. (IF YOU CHOOSE). spellsword says "when u use the spellsword in psychic combat to defeat a character,AND CAUSE THEM TO LOSE A LIFE, gain a spell if your craft allows" it is worded just like runesword and fatestealer. so, what is the reason for these cards repeatedly being worded this way. does icy sceptre , frostrazor, and icefang do their ability regardless of whether the defender prevents damage. i think so. i think its perfectly clear.. these 2 new cards from the same set are worded differently because the work differently. we need real clarification on this since there are now 3 items (all related to cold ) that are worded this way and it comes up all the time.damage prevention will save you verses the runesword, fate stealer and spellsword,,,but your ass outta luck if someone uses a cold based weapon on u and chooses to take a life. you can still prevent it, but u will still lose a turn
  7. when you are hit w/ gust of wind, i believe you need to roll the bag of holding or carrying first. if you lose the bag , then you lose all items in it so its a waste of time rolling for the items first. THEY ARE GONE IF THE BAG IS GONE if the bag survives, then u still must roll for each item still in the bag.
  8. the lodestone is a new " cursed object "from highlands. it counts as 2 objects. what happens if you put it in the concealed pouch?
  9. i dont realy understand what ur saying here. not very clear
  10. this question is actually being asked by my friend, fast eddy...not sure why he doesnt sign into his account. what i think hes asking is this. before battle, he uses the wand. roll a die and add craft. lets say he is the priest. does he just add 4 craft ( his starting value) ? other things that could be added would include followers and objects that add to craft. such as psychic crystal or the maiden im fairly positive that he would not add craft bonuses that are only active during psychic combat, but what about the maiden and other things that give a constant bonus to your craft. what about your accumulated craft tokens? that said, the final score is applied against my strength. same question here. what is my str equal to? start value?, counters? cards that give constant bonus( magic belt)? or ones that help in battle only ( again, im about positive that colossus and others and weapons wont help)
  11. umm i don't think you are understanding the question,,,,the wand of dragonfire encounters the opponent before battle
  12. i think there should be clarification on this topic,,we always play that the sage has full range,,and can look at all cards of all decks
  13. can the thief meet you in the crown of command ,,and on his turn ,,steal an item from you,,and this count as his turn??? or does he have to attack?? i am thinking the thief,,can meet an opponent there,,and for his turn,,steal an item,,and do this as many times as he wants in the CoC,,unless an opponent can evade him there,,or has protection( Bag of Holding). I think this is definitely an advantage for the thief.
  14. does the wand of dragonfire affect the character without all his added bonuses during combat??? such as lets say opponent has a colussus and tunnelfighter and is encountered in the dungeon,,,,does your total die roll plus your craft have to be higher than the opponents base strength,,,or does the die roll plus craft have to be higher than the opponent's strength plus his opponents bonuses such as the colussus and tunnelfighter for the fireball to do one damage???? so i guess the question is does the wand of dragonfire go against an opponent's regular strength or an opponents strength during battle???
  15. may i cast this spell even if im not near the river
  16. darthmax said: i think you can reroll the dice for dice with death???!! no i dont!!! sign into ur account fasteddie. : )
  17. i'm pretty sure vortex can be used on someone in the crown of command
  18. can you use the shatter spell to destroy the bag of holding??
  19. so this one is pretty simple,,,can you use shatter to destroy the bag of holding?
  20. okay so how does gust of wind work in the inner region?? you can go two seperate ways in the inner region,,so i'm wandering what happens on both seperate sides???
  21. i think you can reroll the dice for dice with death???!!
  22. i think the 5 is negated,,because as soon as you visit the tavern and roll,,,you are immediately teleported
  23. how do you go about finding a real answer to a question. isnt there someone here that is or was a playtester. id like to ask him if this ever came up.
  24. darthmax said: Velhart said: I should say that if the life is prevented somehow by a spell, or armour etc, then he will not lose his next turn. Only if you can really take that life, (by choosing for it) then he will miss his next turn But if he can prevent it, nothing happens..... ( bad choice then) btw, i understand your interpretation of the card, but thats what it is in my opinion, an interpretation. the card is definately not as clear as it should have been, or perhaps it is,,, if you do exactly what it says to do without adding to it. it doesnt say, "only if you really take a life" on frosty and icy, although it does on fate and rune (minus the really ) your changing this cards text to match anothers and so is my friend.
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