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  1. i would suggest always sneaking the toadifys and randoms into ur pockets , and secretly stockpile cards such as hag and horsetheif and place them on the draw deck when hes not paying attention. b4 you can do anything with him, he must learn to lose. if he doesnt, he will always ruin your fun
  2. lucky charms, weighted dice, orb of destiny, twist of fate
  3. darthmax1

    Enemy dice

    we use multiple colors of six sided dice when we play. i currently have about 60. once weve chosen our character, we choose two dice each. i like the idea of rolling both. it would seem to speed things up and i hate when rolls are made prematurely and someone saves an item or spell that they normally would have used
  4. wow, i never knew there was a one armor limit. we have played without that rule because we didnt know it
  5. ilike the priest. he has won his fair share around here. gotta pray pray pray. turn evil and gain fate, pray some more. it doesnt take long to get free str/crf tokens by praying and then you can venture out and mingle with other characters and other regions elf is my least favorite. very boring
  6. nice characters. both look like they would be fun to play
  7. did u win with the alchemist? he usually does around here.
  8. btw, i think the best feature of the highland is how it lets u beat the eagle king and teleport to any space in mid/outer region. NASTY
  9. we have a group of about 6 players and 4 of them spend 80 % of their time in the highlands...and they are winning. highland has made many characters better. merchant rocks in highland, with all the trinkets. id like to see a new way to spend gold. ive heard that a previous edition city had a way to pay for abilities. this would be cool. learn to be a theif, learn wizardry( always have a spell ),learn to initiate psychic combat. these should be expensive. i would also like to see a way of reducing other characters str and craft tokens.
  10. he decides to use fate when you do, then you both roll again.
  11. wow, definitely some very good ideas here. it would be very easy to make him too powerful he should have to roll a die for all his begging if you want him to be able to use it in multiple places.
  12. with the money available in the highlands region, you can finally afford to be neutral and replenish fate and life for gold
  13. there is also the event card that causes all characters not of evil alignment to lose a turn
  14. NICE !!! I hadnt thought of that. i l ike the swashbuckler and have played him about 4 times. only had him doing well once and made a bad move and got killed. need to play him again....maybe tonight....hmmmmm
  15. Velhart said: Question: does the enchant blade spell stay on the weapon card? so.. the weapon is considered as a magic object during the whole game...? yes, it stays on the weapon
  16. yes, unfortunately, poor wording is the norm for this game...or maybe its not. maybe we should play it exactly as it says. miss ur NEXT turn. ive looked and no other card says NEXT. THEY ALL SAY MISS OR LOSE A TURN. any thoughts on the difference in wording used by the objects rune sword, fate stealer and spellsword versus ice fang , frost razor and the new object in highland ( cant remember the name ) . the first 3 say to cause a loss of life to use the objects ability while the last 3 simply say to CHOOSE to take a life
  18. if this is true, then i guess ive been playing the card wrong,, BUT, we did play it as it is worded. the sad part is that simple stuff like this could be fixed during playtesting. i still wonder why the only 3 cards that are worded this way are cards that deal with cold and cause a loss of turn....as if the weapon freezes an enemy with magical ice. oh well, the game is full of these types of rule questions, but i still love it. i think i will keep playing the cards as we have been, exactly as they are worded. to me , the difference between the words CHOOSE and CAUSE are significantly different, and for a good reason. i dont think it went over the heads of the game developers that it looks as if all u must do is choose to take life rather than actually cause a life to be lostwhy doesnt runesword and fatestealer and spellsword say " if u choose to take a life. im really having a tough time swallowing this one
  19. another idea....whenever your base str or craft doubles, then enemies you encounter will have threir str or craft doubled also example- if im the wizard, when my craft reaches 10 ( just counting my starting craft and any blue counters ) then all craft creatures will double in power.when my craft doubles again ( to 20 points ), then creatures will add their craft again. ie. demon goes from 10 to 20 to 30
  20. ive been thinking about this also. my idea was to allow enemies to roll a die b4 battle/combat. 1 = enemy is +3 str or craft, 2 = enemy is +2 , 3 & 4 = enemy is +1, 5 = no change , 6 = enemy is -1. this could be tweaked a lot, just my initial thoughts
  21. you can always use the fate off of luckstone, rather than your own stockpile.
  22. hello , hello , hello ....is there any body in here? ... just nod if you can hear me ... is there anyone at home?
  23. fast eddy is not signing in to his account, so ill answer his/my question myself. velhart did answer your question. the spells come from the genie so they dont count toward my spell limit. this means that it doesnt matter how many spells i had at the start of the turn you do treat them as though they were cast by me, but that doesnt imply that they should be treated as though they are in my hand.
  24. i forgot to add to the question,,,that the person started the turn with no spells though. the genie says that you should play spells as if they were casted by the character. so i was thinking the player might have to wait till his next turn to play the spells because he didn't start the turn with any spells. that was where there was a question
  25. exactly. all other cards ive seen so far say miss or lose a turn. highlander specifically says NEXT turn. we all know what the word NEXT means, dont we?
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