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  1. Exactly what I thought, but I wasn't playing when it happened so I didn't argue, but it's something I'm sure will come up again in different ways. You choose what bonuses you want to use before die rolls, then u may use fate to reroll if necessary, using the same stats. I think the only changes you might make would be to use a lucky charm or twist of fate,,,something that manipulates the die roll, but u can't change weapons, cast spells or use items to roll an extra die or anything else of that sort to change the base stats of the battle that is already in progress. U made ur choices on what to use for the battle and ur stuck with it.
  2. We've always played that this is one of the very few ways to remove someone from the coc
  3. Screw the rules, use common sense. The theory behind werewolves and the wolf man, as far back as the legend goes, is that a person bitten becomes a bloodthirsty uncontrollabe monster. It shouldn't matter if its a knight or any other character. Go with the flavor of what a werewolf really is
  4. Once you begin a battle and lose, can you decide to use fate, and at that time decide to use your mercenary, or is the fate roll just a reroll of the original battle?
  5. So if you use the torch to roll 2 dice, are you able to add 1 to either of the die rolls?? You would have 4 separate totals to choose from if you allow this? Or do you have to roll one dice in order to use the walking stick's ability??
  6. So if you use the torch to roll 2 dice, are you able to add 1 to either of the die rolls?? You would have 4 separate totals to choose from if you allow this? Or do you have to roll one dice in order to use the walking stick's ability??
  7. I disagree,, I think the Dreadknight's ability to gain spells is awesome and he has had strong showings so far. Of course no one competes with the Philosopher hahahahaha
  8. So does the tricks and treat card able to give the character the ability to take away the Bag of Carrying??
  9. In the beginning, to get a warlock quest you would go to the warlocks cave and roll a die there on the chart printed on the space. If you didn't like the quest, you could use fate to reroll. Obviously you can't roll a die the get a quest from a deck now that they've added the new quests and quest rewards, so does that mean you are now stuck with the card drew, or can you use a fate to draw another card and keep it
  10. Characters with special ability to take it??? Their steal, merchant trade, the sorceress and vampiress
  11. Btw, tricks and treats TAT is a new object outta blood moon. It say "if you land on another character, you may take one object of your choice from him and then give him this card. This counts for your encounter this turn". Bag of holding Says if someone beat you, they can't take either the bag or any items in it. It also cant be taken by any spell or any characters special ability. We are disagreeing on wether or not I can do this. He argues that using the TAT is a characters special ability since it uses the word "you" when describing its self to the reader and owner of the spell, and because you will be the one using the item that gives the special ability. I get what he's saying but BOH specifys - character special ability-. To me, the object switch is an ability of the object. The character cards all have the heading" special abilitie " above their respective lists of things they do.
  12. Can the object, tricks and treats, take th bag of holding from another character
  13. ok, if im running dwarves and elves, and i use the dwarf board, how does my first elf come out with no elf loyalty icons on the table? besides alliance , that is. my cards are base,elves, and skavenblight 1 - 6.
  14. well, you can almost make a whole deck out of " neutral " skaven cards. they should add the brets in a large quantity to counter the skaven. and they should make a wood elf faction. : )
  15. what about the bretonnians and beastmen and wood elves? any plans on bringing them into the mix?
  16. by "both factions cards" i mean do i have both cities out and use all 6 zones?
  17. ok, i have the alliance cards but i dont see how to use them in the instructions. do i use both factions cards? if not, then is one faction the major and minor partner? is there some ratio i should follow? can an orc go on a chaos quest?.......i can think of 20 more questions becauser i have no clue as to how the alliance cards work, or how to legally build a deck using two factions. please help
  18. actually both. id like to know how to play any 3 and 4 player variants, as well as needing an understanding of how to make a deck with two factions, such as a chaos / dark elf deck
  19. ive played 7 or 8 games with basic decks. then added 20 cards each faction fron elf set and the 6 skaven packs. have 6 70 card decks just learning the in and outs. we will redistribute the neutral cards every so often also. want to learn the game b4 building our own decks. mu question is thius. how do the alliances work. which race board do u use? do u have to have the alliance out ? what if it is destroyed?
  20. soon my apprentice, we will crush these jedi hiding in these forums and i shall bring forth my empire.
  21. it was a little easier to understand that time.
  22. so i just got the core set , the elf set and all 6 skaven boosters. core set hasnt arrived yet so i havent played yet. dont even know how, but ive looked at some of the decks here. am i to understand that even though its a limited formatto keep decks equal, that you would need to buy 3 of each product if u wanted to have 3 copies of the best cards?
  23. what if it my turn and i attack another character. as combat begins, can i use it against them to keep them from rolling dice?
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