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  1. When you draw the peel at but don't buy anything, do you still roll to move him clockwise around the board
  2. darthmax1


    Does anyone else think that the alchemist is overly powerful from start to finish. We do t use him anymore. When we did he won 9 out of 10 games.
  3. Ok. So two flails would just be redundant. Thanks for clarification. It did seem to me that this would unbalance the warrior a bit
  4. Is it two dice for each flail? Or just two dice total?
  5. Better yet. Warrior has two flails. Obviously he rolls 4 dice in combat. How does his ability to choose the higher dice apply to him using a flail or two, or does it apply at all
  6. What I wanna to know is do you control the whole move with misdirection or just the beginning direction.
  7. Wondering because card says CLAIM TALISMAN LEFT BEHIND. this would suck if there weren't any left.
  8. When u draw the eagles nest and place it on the mountain pass do u also go ahead and place a talisman with it?
  9. Is this the correct method? Warrior is in battle. Roll 2 dice and chooses higher roll, then rolls another die to add to it, then rolls another die for bow? Or rolls two dice for flail then rolls two for bow and chooses highest. My opponent says he doesn't get to choose any rolls at all
  10. That's what I told him. He believes that by evading him he hasn't yet encountered me so is free to encounter the space instead. Anyone else wanna chime in. We've got 10 bucks riding on this. Lol
  11. Yeah, I'd love to hear about it before I buy it. I don't play warhammer because I really don't have the time or money or space but I do play the living card game and I like it.
  12. The is a warhammer board game similar to talisman. Has anyone played it? Is it worth buying? Is it just the same game with a futuristic theme?
  13. Found my answer In another post. Sorry. Should have looked further
  14. I posted the same question today regarding lord of the pit before I saw it here. We've been playing it wrong according to all the answers I've seen. Does anyone agree that the wording on lightning bolt seems to imply that your turn doent end? Why does it give instructions for the remainder of your turn if your turn immediately ends. I guess with so many cards this will always be an issue. I'm cool with it though. LB has been an unfair card in some of my groups opinions and has been key to victory many timeframe the way we have been playing it. I love talisman more than any other game but GOD I hate rules errata
  15. If I cast lightning bolt on my opponent just after he has landed on The Lord of the pit, what happens? Is he still attacked by The Lord? I read some posts about this that say his turn ends immediately but on the spell it says "can do nothing for remainder of turn" seems to me that if the turn ended then the spell card would simply state exactly that. We've always played it before that you would simply be attacked and his strength and roll would happen as usual but that you could not even roll a die. You also couldn't use weapons but could count and strength bonuses from followers and constant items like horns of power and magic rings. Hope to get clarification because this spell has been a major game changer in many games
  16. Im on a field space along with an object and the pool of life. My opponent lands there to battle and I respond by using invisibility potion. Can he then choose to encounter the cards on the space instead since we didn't battle?
  17. The gong of war works pretty much just like the arena, except that it can summon a character from any region. I've seen this happen a couple times
  18. Before the expansion, you had to roll on the chart at the warlocks cave, and you could use a fate to re roll if you got a quest you didn't want. Does anybody play a style where you can use fate to draw a second card that you must take?
  19. I agree with your answer to the first question after reading yourvanserband releasing the spells, it's fairlyneasy to see that hydra spell and reflection wouldn't work the way we thought
  20. If your ready to go to the CoC yourself, TRANSFERENCE is very handy. Cast when you first enter the inner region to switch places with another player in same region. Very nasty!!!
  21. Is there a difference between ATTACK ROLL and ATTACK SCORE?
  22. He is an enemy cultist, str 2, if his attack roll is lower than his strength, roll one die and add it to his attack score. He rolls a 2 for his attack. We are using the blood moon expansion and it is daytime. Do you use the actual die roll or the modified result. If we use the actual die roll of 2, I win the combat, but if we use the modified the 2 becomes a 1 and I lose. I feel it is the actual result rolled before any modifications and opponent thinks it is the modified result. Who is correct?
  23. Ok, I looked and u didn't say they can shuffle things around, but they choose what to ditch of items the can no longer carry. Either way, I think we have decided that in any circumstance, we will play that if u get caught slipping and lose the bag, you lose all objects inside. Period
  24. So, what does the text on BOH mean, when it says" if you lose the bag, you also lose any object stored inside" even if the items aren't destroyed along with the bag, it seems clear that the player must at least ditch any objects that were in the bag. It seems to me that even if the player has room to carry the object, they should still be lost because of the text written on BOH. I know I've asked a number of times but we keep having problems over it. When I previously asked about tricks or treats, one answer stated that the owner of the bag could shuffle his items around before the effect takes place,,,( if I remember correctly )
  25. My opponent casts shatter on my lucky charm, I then play hydra spell to shatter his bag of holding, if he casts reflection, can he then shatter another of my items instead of me shattering one of his? I'm inclined to think I'd be out two items in this situation, but some in our group are undecided Also, if I do shatter his bag of holding, does he have any window of opportunity to move items around? What if I take his bag with tricks or treats? Can he empty the bag before I take it?
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