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  1. each gold or card in the game is significant, i think, and losing any hurts, so i think the beggar wins all around, he doesnt have to pick and hope he gets someone, its automatic, and he doubles up on ties i see your point w/ the illusionist. i like your idea of duplicates not counting towards the 8, but duplicates ,while a nuisance, hardly offer enough of a problem to justify a character whose only power is with them. maybe get gold for purple, and build duplicates with your limitations noone gets gold for yellow, just like the alchemist. anarchist loots 2 items instead maybe add that the paladin is also immune to the false prophet. we use the witch as often as any other card tycoon gets no action phase (draw/gold ) doppleganger just choose a character and plays with that characters abilities. it doesnt matter what the player who had that character did on their turn. if someone played the architect, then you may choose him and play him as you like thanks for the feedback
  2. Ok, heres my list of custom characters. any feedback would be appreciated. note- when I refer to an "item", that is either one gold, or one card. 1 Sabotuer- Choose a character to sabotage. that character may not take an action or have a build phase, he may still use special abilities. 2 Beggar- receive one gold from the player with the most, or one card from the player with the most. in the case of a tie, both players must donate 3 Illusionist- May build duplicate districts. receives one gold per purple district and/or duplicate district. 4 Anarchist- There is no king counter for the round. the order of picking is determined by die roll, highest roll picks first and so on. at end of round, the player that picks last receives the king counter for the next round. the anarchist may loot any 2 items from any combination of players. 5 Paladin- paladin cannot be bewitched. red, blue, and yellow districts cost one less to build. ( must always at least pay one gold for a district ) 6 Tycoon- Tycoon gets no action, he may sell one district card from his hand to the bank for its gold value. 7- Imposter- choose a color. receive gold equal to the number of districts you control of the chosen color + 1 8- False Prophet- pay gold equal to i/2 the cost of chosen enemy district ( round up ). place a marker there. if the marker is there at end of game, you receive 1/2 the points for that district ( round down ) 9- Doppleganger- Choose a character that played this round. imitate that characters turn fully, except that you may not receive the king counter, assasinate, bewitch, or steal. well, there they are. let me know what you think
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