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  1. darthmax1

    My 2.0 Epic prognostication

    I hope they will offer upgrade packs for those of us who’ve already purchased epic ships. I have all 5. The addition of two more factions doesn’t bode well for it. I’m fine with just playing 1.0 epic for fun but we shall see. If they care about customers and the boatload of money they’ve made off this game I hope the will think about the fact that most who bought the epic ships are their best customers. Don’t **** us and not support epic. Don’t make me buy the same ship again. If you don’t decide to support epic, at least bring out one final 1.0 ship. Larger scum epic Talon Karrde’s Wild karrde with something like 2 z-95s and as a bonus some various 2.0 pilots and upgrades
  2. darthmax1

    Quest instructions 117

    Makes sense. We played it wrong the first two games and I thought it should be played as y’all are saying but one of our group kept insisting that caps are too hard to get to justify spending them on nothing. On another note, when you are reading/fulfilling card effects, if it has you draw loot before a fight, do you in fact draw and keep the loot even if you lose the fight?
  3. darthmax1

    Quest instructions 117

    So this quest, like some others, has me stumped. I know that in order to shop you usually do a settlement action. The 2nd choice on quest 117 has you do a quest action at the raider camp and spend 3 caps. Does the quest action allow you to shop? Are you just giving up the caps for the quest? I’ve seen a few like this and we’ve went to the called for location, drew a settlement card and hopefully shopped and spent the required caps, then you do quest action next turn. Seem like we are doing it wrong.
  4. darthmax1

    Quest 143 "Ouch!" Question

    There are a couple things like this. One of the vaults has you keep cards as “endorsements”. It doesn’t tell you what they are but you find out if you follow that quest line
  5. darthmax1

    Question - Losing Encounter Fights?

    I’m assuming that results are handled left to right. In many cases you draw loot before having to fight the creature. Is this correct? Seems you’d need to win the battle to get the loot, but it doesn’t have you fight first.
  6. darthmax1

    Quest Card Clarification (#85)

    I think it means to kill the only protection in the robot enemy stack. We had a quest pop up to kill the Yao goy,(I know I spelled that wrong but too lazy to look). There’s only one of them in the monster stack as well.
  7. darthmax1

    Agenda scoring clarificaton

    Option 1 is how we play it. I see the argument for option 2 though. One thought I have though is that is the faction agendas can be worth so much apiece, why does it matter if the non factions are worth 4. Seems fair to me
  8. darthmax1

    Entering a vault

    I’m still new to this game but I think I can answer this. If a quest has you go to a vault and perform a quest action, you can do this. But in order to actually have an encounter at a vault and draw a card, another quest must first have you ADD a vault encounter card to the available decks. So you are correct, the vault tile does nothing until the vault deck is started or if a quest has you go to that location to perform a quest action.
  9. darthmax1

    Looking for Clarification on Quest no. 152

    Couldn’t have said it better. We’ve only played 3 games so far and have had only a few questions, some of which have answered themselves through play.
  10. darthmax1

    Is this a good use of Attanni Mindlink?

    Lololololololololololol. It's pretty good KyLOREN, would you mind taking a look at list I made where palpating rides a lambda and supports a couple of imp aces?
  11. darthmax1

    Rotate sector question

    If I cast a wall over the passage between two adjacent sectors and someone plays rotate sector, what happens to the wall? Does it stay? Move with the sector? Become 2 walls? Love this game. Hope they have another expansion up to 6 player.
  12. darthmax1

    2 Differant Rebels squads need input

    I'd go with 4 ships over 2 ships