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  1. Maybe if i Have more time i do a Star Tannhauser Wars (miah999 have good idea), two factions Rebels and Imperator Forces, full pack of Heroes, many more laser cannons and LIGHT SABERS , and it will be good to do a Death Star map. Why stop on II WW, someone like "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away"
  2. Looks Great, did someone dont have too much free time
  3. Did if we really nice please maybe ffg send us few figures. I agree that for some of us that painted SOME (in my case was a whole Army of Tyranids and SM) figures in life, Painting Tannhauser Minis would be great!
  4. If someone know, that dedalus with two maps will be available in Poland, Dedalus map is one of the best and outpost look great, it is sad for me if Daedalus will not come out in Poland .
  5. ***Angel***


    Figures are most like soft plastic, not like Games Workshop, GW minis are real Hard, Tannhauser minis are more flexible
  6. thats right, it is no impossible to make solo rules (my idea is to make color dices that determine movement but this is just stupid idea - to easy and too much dependence on dice rolls) but it is a hard thing. Tannhauser is one on one game other various player number modifications, i played 3 Union Marines each for one player and 3 Obscura (each for one) and game was not bad. None less this is game typical for one on one. If someone want to make solo game rules i don't know if it helps but let take look to Deathwing Expansion for Space Hulk ( I thing) at automated Genestealer movement.
  7. ***Angel***

    Map Layout

    OK... I see almost all maps, but where is Daedalus (I don't have my Daedalus copy, hlip, why that expansion don't come out in Poland), ok, but enough crying. I found on bgg foto of Daedalus board and make come paths, you will judge it is good... This is not masterpiece, so don't expect too much. Don't know how to make image visible, if is no visible please follow the image link.
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